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Happiness from Unexpected Source

Chapter 3

Hadrian laid on his bed in one of the guestrooms in the Blood Pledge Castle. He felt so bored. Everyone had became overprotective over him since his last crazy adventure (really, that was not his fault. It was the mirror's!) and implicitly told him not to leave his room lest he found more trouble. He even could not use his patented puppy-dog-eyes to escape.

Fortunately, at the point when Hadrian wanted to just jumped out of the window, his bedroom door opened and came the infamous couple of Shin Makoku followed by the equally infamous Great Sage.

"Yo, Hadrian, how are you?" the boisterous Sage approached him with his usual smile plastered on his face.

"Bored." came the usual reply Hadrian had nowadays. Really, did anyone ever get the hint?

"Well, we have a good news for you," the black haired Maou joined in with his innocent smile, "We will get you out for a while!"


"Of course it is. Oh… we will have so much fun," Yuuri said dreamily.

"Cut it out, Wimp. No one here has the same interest in that dirty sport as you do, you know."

"Wolf!" Yuuri said with horror etched on his face, "How could you say that? Of course Hadrian loves baseball. Right, Ri?"

"Of course." Hadrian answered with straight face. Honestly, what else could you answer that question without having Yuuri cried a river?

"Tch," the blond-haired prince muttered behind his fiancé back.

"Saa… don't fight now." The ever peaceful looking Murata (You wish!) placated them," I think we should get out now, let Hadrian change and all."

"Right. We will wait outside. Don't take too long!" Then the trio left Hadrian alone once more.

"Somehow, I wish to have my quiet back," Hadrian muttered while changing.


The trip outside was nice. After all, cooped for days in dusty old room (in Hadrian's mind) was enough to make even the most outside-hating people wish for fresh air. The game was not even that bad in Hadrian's opinion. Sure, the players were a bit sloppy and the game was a bit uncoordinated, but it was still exciting nonetheless. Of course, having Yuuri screamed on top of his lungs, cheering for the player was quite influential too.

"It was fun. We should go watch it again someday," Hadrian commented.

"Yeah! Definitely so!" Yuuri exclaimed, punching his fist upward.

"Wimp," Wolfram muttered at his fiancé, exasperated at his obsession on Baseball, yet still found it cute tough.

Honestly, why couldn't the blond said that he loved Yuuri so much, even when he acted so childish and wimpy, and then they could make out on their bedroom (as Wolfram looked like he really need to get some) and left the others free from their repressed hormones.


Well, one could not get anything, and he must content himself with watching those two flirted/bickering. The chuckling beside him told him that the Great Sage found this amusing and he seemed like the type to make it worse. (Typical!)

"Well, I think this is where we must parted, von Grantz-san. I hope you enjoy your time in that room," the sage said cheerily when they arrived in Hadrian's room. The glint on his eyes, though, told Hadrian that he should be wary with whatever the other boy had in mind.

"Yeah, see ya later!" and he quickly got inside, hoping to escape from whatever evil plan Murata had in store for him.

"Bye, Rian!" Yuuri waved at his retreating back.


Back in this room was certainly not as bad as before. It turned out that fresh air really helped. He must thank the trio again later.

Now, as he sat on his bed, reading a book about Fire Magic, his mind came back to the previous days. What a weird encounter, he mussed, clearly thinking about the green eyed boy that he met through the mirror.

Would he get a chance to meet him again? He really wanted to make sure that the boy was alright and not abused anymore. Maybe, if I somehow find a way, I will take those relatives of his to father and let him have his fun. Hadrian snickered to himself as he imagined what his father would do to those nasty people. Skin them alive, most likely.

Yeah, Hadrian really had a vivid imagination when it came to torturing bad people.

Hey, he may inherit his mother goodness, but he still his father son through and through. So, a little bad thought here and there were allowed sometimes.

Hadrian was still imagining the nasty ways to punish those people he met when something hard hit him on the head.

"Owwie…" he rubbed his abused head and looked around to find the evil something that dared to attack him. (Real mature, Rian)

"I don't believe it!" Hadrian exclaimed in surprise when he saw what had hit him. It was the mirror. The same mirror that transport him to that foreign place with its weird light.

Thank God, it does not shine this time.

Well, it seemed like this mirror could hear what Hadrian was thinking, because as soon as Hadrian thought that, the mirror started to shine.

Uh oh…

The von Grantz heir felt the telltale sucking sensation and before he could react, he was sucked into that creepy black hole.

Not agaiiiin!


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