Title: Characteristics of the Wolverine.
Author: Lateo
Rating: PG
Summery: Characteristics of the Wolverine by Jubilation Lee
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Comment: This is inspired by Terri's plotbunny asking for a fic based
on the information about Wolverines at Discovery I also added
wolverine info from other sources. This is basicly just a silly
little ficlet. English is not my first language.

Characteristics of the Wolverine by Jubilation Lee

The wolverine is known for its vicious nature and willingness to take
on all comers - a kind of unbeatable junkyard dog of the wild. But
what is it? Everyone knows the name but few people have ever seen
one, wild or not. I am going to get close to one subject in order to
crack the mysteries of wolverine behaviour.

The Wolverine or Gulo gulo, Skunk Bear is the largest land-dwelling
member of the family Mustelidae. Wolverine fur is typically a thick,
glossy dark brown. Some have a light, silvery facial mask witch is
obvious in some individuals with a pale buff stripe running from the
shoulders along the animal's side and crossing the rump just above a
long, bushy tail.

Needing to investigate this fact and under great personal risk I
entered it's habitat at the time, also known as the men's showers at
Xavier's school for the gifted.

There I found the subject grooming its fur. I was not able to detect
any white stripes or a tail but it does have a great ass and when it
discovered my presence (at that point I chose to retreat so not to
scare the animal) I was also able to establish that wolverines does
in fact have sharp teeth and three retractable and very sharp claws
on each paw.

Because of the stripes along the wolverine's body it is sometimes
called a skunk bear. It is neither a skunk nor a bear but it is a
relative of the skunk. That doesn't mean that our wolverine stinks, I
talked with its mate, the Rogue, who claimed that it has a nice smell
and bathe frequently.

Wolverines use there scent to mark their territory and not as a
defence measure. Their defence is to attack you with their sharp
claws and teeth. When I asked the subject if it often marked its
territory it responded by growling and showing its teeth. It also
accused this researcher of being a brat and finally it fled the
habitat and was later seen driving away with its mate the Rogue.

Typically, Wolverines drive animals away from food by baring teeth,
raising hair on their back, sticking up their bushy tail, and making
a low growl. This is very true, while investigating whether or not it
is true that a wolverine's keen nose can smell food under snow. I hid
the last can of beer from the subject. Its response was as predicted
and when it finally found the beer in the snow and discovered it was
frozen. It also washed this resourcers face with snow and accused her
of immaturity. Fur traders now consider wolverines an endangered
animal due to the destruction of their habitat and over hunting. But
this investigator feels that we are lucky only to have one on the

This might change soon, even though it is believed that the mating
system of the wolverine is polygamous which means mating with more
than one of the opposite sex. And this was also the case with this
subject until its partial taming by the Rogue. Now it only mates with
the Rogue and does so repeatable. This will eventually lead to cubs
and so the circle of life continues.