Hey my beloved readers! The sequel's a little detained but it's been months since I finished the story but I'm still getting reviews and being favourited. So, as a present to my lovely lovely readers and reviewers, I decided to make a one shot of a glimpse into David's mind now that Lily's a vampire. It's not much but I thought it was the least I could do. Enjoy and review!

She was his.

That was the one certainty David knew as he shifted comfortably in the hammock. It swung side to side dangerously, but then again, Lily could sleep through a nuclear war if she wanted.

That was one of the billions upon billions of things he loved about her.

Her small frame shifted so her back was to him, snuggling her back into his chest. He liked how her shoulders fit perfectly between his, just like two puzzle pieces joining together.

She didn't talk much since she changed. Then again, she never did before. Things hadn't been that different, other than being temporarily crippled left her with addled legs and a terrible limp.

David rolled over onto his back, his arms behind his head, thinking about that evening when he stopped being a fool and realized the truth about Lily.

He shifted slightly and looked at her from across the room.

She laughed, "You've got to admit, that's a really funny thought."

His head cocked to the side. Now or never, David. DO IT! "What is?"

"You and me, all that sort of stuff." He could smell the tension off of her as she turned to look at him, trying to keep her face neutral. She was beautiful in her tight jeans and Red t-shirt.

He took a step forward. "Why's that funny? What's wrong about you and me?"

She, Lily, took a deep shaky breath when she saw him take another step forward. "It's just that….you-you're just…perfect," Another step forward. "Handsome," Another step, "Smart," Another step, "Sexy," Another step, "Sweet," Another step, his eyes glued on hers. "You're not afraid of anything," another step, "And you're so hot, I'm surprised things down burst into flames when you look at them."

He ,David, had to smirk at that last one. He never knew that he had that much of an impact on her. It was….endearing to say the least.

"That all sounds very nice but what about you? What's so bad about you that we can't be together?"

He didn't even listen. She turned away, her shoulders slumped over in defeat. Out of her mouth came the most pessimistic noise that he had ever heard. He knew that she wasn't raised to think that way.

He had to change that.

He didn't listen to one word she said. He bolted across the room to stand right behind her. She tried to duck out of his reach but he used all his vampiric speed to press her against the wall.

She struggled against him, fought him, actually believing that she wasn't good enough for him. That they weren't destined to be the moment he looked inside that tiny blanket to see two perfect rubies looking back at him.

Their lips met as he murmured the truth to her. He loved her, that was the only truth he knew. That was the only certainty in the world

He looked over to her sleeping form and touched her silky, silvery, white hair. She rolled on her back at his touch. He leaned over her body, one hand on either side of her head. He was close enough, to the point that their lips brushed gently. He breathed in her heady scent of a combination of oranges, roses, vanilla, and honey as her eyes flickered open slowly.

Her perfect rubies met his sapphires. That was all the permission he needed as the two became one.

She was his.