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Two hundred years.

Two hundred years to the day since they had officially married.

His kingdom was secure, and he bowed to no one. He ruled supreme and there was a peace between humans and vampires that unprecedented in all of history. The Cross family, the descendants of Kien, served as liaisons and Aidou's son had taken Takuma's place long ago as second in command.

There were many who wondered, in this time of peace and prosperity, when the king and queen were known for their stern but fair, and never cruel methods of ruling…

Why was there a dungeon in the basement? A dungeon with every conceivable form of torture and restraint device?

No one had ever seen this dungeon, but the rumors of it's existence were too substantial to ignore.

No one had ever heard of the Kuran family taking a prisoner, but the servants whispered in the halls that none-the-less there was a sub-basement to house, directly below where the King and Queen chose to sleep that held a most fearsome sound-proof room indeed.

There were a few rumors that the queen had a few… tendencies… and that her sweet submissive nature carried over into the bedroom. Some thought her fearsome and powerful brother and husband took full advantage of her desire to please him…

If only they knew….


"Tadaima." Kaname entered the private living room of the suite he shared with Yuuki. He was loaded down with shopping bags and his coat was heavy with rain. His wavy dark hair was plastered to his forehead, and his eyes were heavy with fatigue.

Yuuki, on the other hand was the picture of simple beauty. Clothed in a flimsy white negligee, with spaghetti straps and an empire neckline and waist; she was something out of a portrait. Her hair was left free, dancing about her shoulders and her face was free of make-up. The queen was seated in a wingback red velvet covered chair, casually reading a manga of some sort and nibbling on a stick of pocky.

Shiki-san has been here. Kaname quickly deduced, judging by her snack.

Without bothering to look up, Yuuki moved her feet from the floor to a matching ottoman, and shifted her weight to the side, stretching her legs to give a nice view of the curve of her thighs and evenly intoned, "You are late."

Kaname gulped, and lowered his gaze. He was late… on their anniversary; and a centennial anniversary at that. He had been held up while shopping for the perfect gift and the rain had delayed him even further.

Yuuki finally deigned to look up at her wayward King, through narrowed eyes, deigning to speak in that cool tone once more, "I have been waiting."

Immediately, Kaname dropped the packages in his hands, and remorse and regret flooded through him. She deserved so much better than him. He'd failed her so much, and so often. He always tried to be a perfect husband, a perfect mate; attempting to make up for all she had been through in early days, all he had put her through… However, while he was a proficient politician, he remained forever unworthy of the light, bright hime-sama he was married to. "Forgive me." Kaname glanced up through his wild black bangs to see her reaction.

Her aura flared and mischievous smirk curled those delicate pink lips upwards while cinnamon eyes flashed to red for the briefest of moments. When her tongue peaked out to wet her lips, and Kaname felt himself shiver.

He knew exactly what that look meant.

He would have to earn her forgiveness.

Pay for wasting her time… Pay with blood and sweat and pain… Pay with humiliation and (if was lucky) by making it up to her…

"Perhaps, Onii-sama should earn forgiveness…" Yuuki purred and leaned back, finally setting her book and snack down on the table next to her and playfully toying with a long wild lock of her hair. Suddenly she stilled and looked contemplative… Kaname watched her contemplate his "punishment" and felt the stir of excitement and butterflies in his stomach. He wanted to know what she would make him do, was eager to begin his atonement for his many sins and he relished the moment when her razor sharp voice finally issued a clear command, "Beg for it."

Kaname hit his knees and leaned forward in a deep bow, pressing his hands and forehead to the floor. "I humbly beg the forgiveness of my most revered and honored wife. I will happily accept any punishment you deem fitting, mistress."

While Kaname never spoke impolitely, (he was not one to toss around kisama or even teme, without good reason)hearing him speak in such a manner, with such politeness in his speech, as though he were lower than another - to address someone as if he were a servant - and they above him… It should be unthinkable…

This great and terrible king of Vampires should stand taller than all others, bow to no one and address no one as his superior… In theory.

In practice the king of the vampires considered himself as existing merely to serve his queen. He was her servant, and it was his pride to serve her. He would do her bidding or die accomplishing the task. It was really quite simple…

Kaname existed for Yuuki.

Without Yuuki, Kaname's life was meaningless and much like the samurai of olden days he spent his entire life in and pledged his entire strength in service to her. Her command over him was absolute and if she were to order him to fall upon a blade; rip out his own heart and feed it to her on a silver platter, lay down and die… He would do so.

Without hesitation or reserve, without fear and without stopping to ask her 'why' , he would end his existence if she so wished it. His continued life was merely her whim.

Everything he did he did for her. Everything he did not do – he did for her. Everything he wished to do and everything he ever planned to do… Was for his precious girl.


He ruled – for her. To maintain Kuran power was to maintain her comfort and safety.

He would kill– for her. To instill fear in others and mete out justice to criminals was only a way of creating a just and perfect world for her to live in.

He lived for her, and, He would diefor her. His life had no meaning, if she were not in it. He refused to live alone again.

For Yuuki, he would destroy the heavens and build them up again more perfectly than before; place the stars in the alignment she desired. He would present to her the head of a god on a platter, if she so desired it.

He would accept anything she gave him. Kindness, cruelty, love, hate, affection or punishment. It did not matter. Any scrap of attention she threw his way was more than his cold black monstrous heart deserved, and he would cherish it for the gift it was.

"Please…" He whispered, "Punish me…"

Yuuki watched her husband cower before her and was filled with a love so strong and burning so bright that she felt her heart could not hold it all.

This was what he wanted… What he needed.

He lived his life as a master of all, constantly catered to, constantly in control and with the ever-present pressure of people looking to him for guidance. His word was law, and with great power, came the crushing weight of terrible responsibility.

Only with her, when they played these marital 'games' of dominance and submission, where they toyed with and defined their kunshin style relationship, could he ever find the freedom to acquiesce to the desires of another. Only here was there someone who could make his decisions for him.

He did not have to think. He did not have to plot and plan and he did not have to worry… He could give himself over the care of his wife, trusting her to reign over him and he could find freedom in his slavery.

He could find happiness in his physical pain, and freedom in his ultimate slavery and submission to the only person who loved him for him.

His subjects loved him as a king. The nobles loved him as their leader.

Yuuki loved him as a man… As merely 'Kaname'.

"Come to me," she beckoned, more softly this time… Bracing herself before allowing the 'character' of 'dominatrix' to take over.

In order to become what he needed, Yuuki had only to access the violent fangs of her nature and unleash them on the only person who could withstand them and not only live to tell about it – but enjoy it… It was something she rarely allowed herself to be… The feral creature who thrived on the pain and blood of others, but it was also something that she needed to keep her sanity.

It had been awhile since the last time she had let go the tight reigns of social pressure and learned behavior, and uncollared its cruel nature and she could feel the feral she-beast lurking below the surface, ready to pounce.

She needed this opportunity to 'vent' her frustrations as much as he needed to feel the freedom of bearing the brunt of them.

Tonight was going to be an interesting night…

He made to rise but an invisible force shoved him back to the ground and caused pain to prickle along his skin as though lightning were caressing his nerve endings; every hair stood on end. He shook beneath the weight of it and smiled to himself.

She has finally mastered the powers of a pureblood…

It had taken Yuuki nearly 100 years to become anything close to 'proficient' with the use of her powers and still only recently had she mastered the control that was necessary to perform this kind of 'controlled attack'. She now had several forms, wolf, bat, owl, and occasionally panther. She and Kaname were truly animals… But the worst of their violent natures always found the most expression when they were humanoid.

Pride surged through him. His little girl had grown up so well, despite her setbacks.

"Say 'please'…" She taunted lightly, watching as he struggled beneath the crushing aura she had surrounded him with. True, if he were to fight back he could easily escape, but he never resisted her, no matter what she did to him.

Kaname was her play thing… Wanted to be her plaything… Wanted to let her have sovereignty over his every movement, his every action…

Kaname felt the pressure on the back of his skull slowly increase and the bridge of his aristocratic nose was pressed to the floor so hard he thought it would break. The thrill of helplessness surged through him and he waited until the last possible moment before he choked out, "Mistress, please!"

The pressure eased, and Yuuki settled back into the chair with a satisfied smirk, "Crawl, to me, Kaname…" She spoke his name mockingly. His very name insisted he was the center of it all – he was that which all else hinged upon, and she made him into nothing more than her slave in carnal pleasure.

He loved it.

"Hai, kaka-ue" The odd use of 'kaka' and 'ue' together was something he'd come up with on his own. To refer to his 'wife' and add the 'ue' on the end of it, to signify that she was 'above' him in ranking was a play on language he'd invented for these moments.

Without daring to raise his eyes, Kaname followed the planks of the floor to where she sat in her light sleeping robe.

Using her perfectly manicured toes (also his doing) to gently lift his chin, she tilted that beautiful face upwards. Yuuki swept her hair to one side, exposing her neck as she tilted her head. She watched in satisfaction as Kaname's eyes glowed an eerie red as he stared at the cool expanse of skin and watched her pulse throb in the jugular there.

Without thinking too much about it he yielded easily when she pushed her largest toe into his mouth and he began to suck and swirl his tongue around the sensitive digit. He brought his palm up to cradle her delicate ankle and continued to worship her feet with his kisses, drawing each individual toe into his mouth and when he was done planting soft wet kisses along the side of her foot to her ankle.

He was pleased to hear small sounds of pleasure emenateing from her throat and an increase in heart rate as her scent became laced with desire. Her body temperature increased with each kiss he planted higher and higher until he reached her knee.

He did not dare travel higher, under the hem of her nightgown, without permission. He lingered there, running his warm wet tongue over her skin and waiting for a command.

He looked up when he felt her small hands twine themselves in his hair and he sucked in a shocked breathe when she yanked his head back painfully and roughly – pulling his hair by the roots.

"Pleasure me." Yuuki chocked out, no longer embarrassed to demand the services he so freely offered.

"Thank you, Mistress." He responded gruffly, sliding his hands up her smooth pale thighs and watching as she adjusted so her ass was on the edge of the chair and her knees were spread wide. She briefly let go his hair and lifted her bottom to pull the nightdress over he head, revealing she was wearing nothing underneath.

Kaname stared at the delishious picture she presented. She sat completely nude with her legs parted and her pink wet sex glistening and exposed to him. Her small soft breasts were tipped with lightly tanned nipples, which were budded with her anticipation and desire. Her trim stomach and tapered waist accentuated the curve of her hips and the dip of her hip bones, made even more pronounced as she tilted forward and offered her center up for his oral delight.

"God, Yuuki… You're beautiful…" He complimented, in awe as he always was when he looked upon his little sister's nude body. She was any and everything he could possibly want in a mate.

The response he got was for her to move nearly faster than his eyes could see and slap him across the face. The stinging pain exploded across his mind and burned away the feelings of guilt he harbored… The inadequacy was atoned for, if only for a moment.

"Are you hungry, Kaname?" Yuuki whispered seductively, trailing the same fingertips she had used to slap him down the column of her slender throat, as she re-adjusted her position to make herself available for him once more.

"Yes, Mistress." Kaname bowed his head, not entire sure what he'd done wrong, but willing to accept the consequence of her displeasure without questioning it.

"Then perhaps you should shut-up…" She whispered, reaching down and grabbing his hair in a death grip once more, yanking hard on the roots, before shoving his face between her long lean thighs and forcing his mouth into contact with the dripping lips of her sex, "… and eat…" She finished.

Kaname groaned as his nostrils were immediately filled with the tangy clean scent of her wet sex. He snaked his tongue out to taste her and lapped gently at the plump lips of her sex, before burying that warm muscle deep between those lips and twards the wet center of her opening, tasting her liquid desire for him. He drug his tongue upwards, spreading that molten liquid higher and higher until he could use his tip to circle the swollen bud at the apex of her thighs and take pride in the moan he could hear, and the twitching of her thigh muscles that accompanied it.

Yuuki effortlessly moved her legs further apart and hooked her knees over the arm-rests of the wingback chair, spreading herself impossibly wide and making his access even easier. She felt each twitch of his tongue over her pleasure center and could feel her own moisture beginning to drip down following the curve of her behind.

One of his hands came up and he used his fingers to part her lips and fully display the proud pink pearl that was throbbing and aching as the starbursts of pleasure began to unfurl in her stomach and the aching pressure demanded he provide thickness to fill her center to compliment his oral efforts.

"Your… Fingers… Fuck me with your fingers!" She gasped, shoving her hips forward demandingly.

Kaname's pants were strained around his rock hard erection now, and it was an ache that was bodering on pain. He groaned in tortured agony when he felt himself pulse at her dirty words.

Yuuki and he had been together for exactly 200 years today, and long ago both had gotten over any sort of 'embaressment' when it came to sex. Sometimes they made love, with gentle kisses and sweet words and candles, and euphamisms… But some nights… These nights… They would fuck like the wild beasts they truly were beneath the human façade.

Kaname growled and roughly shoved two fingers into the wet opening his little sister and mate. He felt her shudder and contact around him and spasming more wildly when he curled those digits to press into the rough raised place within her. His tongue continued to dance over her pleasure bud teasingly and occasionally he shook his head from side to side roughly, like a dog with a bone.

"Ung…" Yuuki groaned and gyrated her hips in time with the hard pumping of his fingers, but managed to reach down and dig her sharp nails into the sensitive skin of his neck.

Kaname whimpered as the pain shot down his spine.

"You forgot something!" Yuuki cried out, sounding annoyed. She moved a single hand to part her nether lips for him, leaving his hand now free.

Kaname understood and nodded as he continued to work both his fingers within her tight wet sheathe and his tongue and lips over her clit. Kaname pulled the two fingers buried within her tight pussy out, and replaced them with fingers from his recently freed hand. The two dripping digits from her pussy were now burrowed between the pale firm cheeks of her ass and he slowly pushed them into her tight puckered rear opening; filling Yuuki in both places at once.

"Oh god, yes… Fuck! Good boy, Kaname… Good boooooy…" Yuuki praised, still holding her lips open to expose her clit with one hand and gripping his head with the other. She felt completely filled, totally stretched and the pinch of her rear opening being penetrated and the added pressure has her right on the edge of orgasm. The pressure in her belly was nearly more than she could bear and Yuuki's fangs were long and her eyes were bright-red as she shoved his head down harder onto her. "Suck!" She ordered, "Suck!" and made sure to dig her nails into her older brother's scalp and yank his hair so hard that if he were human she would have yanked it out by the roots.

Gods, she was so very good at this game now. Hurt me more… Kaname silently begged. Outwardly he whined like a love-starved puppy and wrapped his lips around her swollen jewel and sucked lightly while continuing to co-ordinate the pumping of his fingers in both of her tight passage ways.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!" Yuuki screamed and threw her head back and her hips forward to ride his fingers even more roughly as the white-hot pleasure coiled in her gut and exploded in a clench of muscles and a gush of fluid into his eager mouth, and, when she yanked him back slightly out of hyper-sensitivity, a secondary gush all over his face, which he received eagerly.

When she had calmed her breathing and Kaname had removed his fingers from her body he sat before her, waiting to see if his performance was worthy of his lover's praise… He was rock hard, and his member was straining so hard against his pants that he was beginning to feel slightly sick to his stomach; overwhelming need for stimulation and release made his body shake and he waited long moments for her to recover.

Yuuki almost laughed at how he looked like a puppy eager for a treat or a pat on the head. She gestured him to come up closer to her and he put his elbows on the chair and looked into her eyes while she wrapped her arms around his slender shoulders and soothed him with strokes to his hair.

The young queen leaned forward a bit more and trailed a hand down between their bodies, over his chest and lean stomach and down to where she knew he would be hard for her. She stroked him lightly over his pants, cradled his large arousal in her small palm felt how he shook with the effort of keeping himself from pressing into her hand.

"Good." She purred, leaning down and running her wet tongue over the shell of his ear, and he shivered in response.

She held back the need to rip into him, instead allowing her small fingers to come to his belt and work the metal buckle and leather free.

Without warning, Yuuki captured the cartilage of his ear between her blunt front teeth and bit down, feeling the spongy flesh between her teeth and hearing his hiss of pain, and the rise in his heart rate was delicious.

"Oh god, Yuuki… Please… please…" He was near to tears with his frustration, and that's exactly where she wanted him.

Begging on his knees.

This was her outlet. Never would Yuuki allow the vampiric beast inside her to harm another… except for Kaname. She squeezed his member more firmly and she heard his deep growl of appreciation.

That caged animal within needed an outlet, and Kaname was the perfect person to provide her with a way to sate the vampire that craved blood, power, and violence. He was probably the only person on earth strong enough to withstand her when she allowed the sadistic side of her psyche to take over, and, he enjoyed being hurt by her.

Yuuki removed his belt and set it aside… Perhaps she might need it later…

She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, pushing both the pants and his boxer-briefs down with both hands as she moved to nick his neck with her sharp teeth, coming around his neck to his other ear, as she fought to keep herself from digging deeply into his flesh with her fangs, while her throat fought off sudden dryness.

Kaname could feel the sudden tension in her, the aura of her desire to hurt him was thick in the air around them. Only rarely did Yuuki need to 'blow of steam', usually their games were more for his benefit than hers, but tonight it was clear she was thirsting to punish him… And thirsting for him.

She wanted his blood… And he wanted to give it to her.

"Mistress…" He groaned as she worried his cartilage between her blunt teeth, "Are you… in need of me?"

Without responding Yuuki pulled back and slapped him so hard she drew blood from his lip and nose. "Do not question me."

She rose and walked to the nightstand, removing a collar and leash from the drawer as Kaname righted himself on his knees. He kept his eyes trained on the ground and felt her approach him, "Stand, and strip." She ordered.

Kaname rose to his full height, but kept his gaze submissively on the ground as he pushed his pants and boxer-briefs from his knees to his ankles and stepped out of them, then removed his shirt, and finally, his socks.

He stood before her bare as the day this body was born, as she circled him like a predator circling prey.

He felt a hard kick to the back of his knee and he didn't fight the urge to fall to his knees once again. Yuuki smiled a small smile at how his arousal strained to reach his belly button, and bounced slightly when he fell, only to spring back upwards, this time leaking a bead of pre-cum.

Her small breasts hung in his face as she leaned forward and secured the collar tightly to his neck and took hold of the end of the leash firmly. "On all fours." She insisted, and he instantly complied.

She 'walked' him over to the book case in their bedroom and tipped a copy of 'Justine' by the Marquis De Sade at just the perfect angle, watching as what appeared to be a wall moved slightly, becoming a shoji door she could slide to the side and she stepped in to the elevator, which would take them to their 'play room'.

"Come Kaname… I'm hardly done with my Onii-sama." He took his place on all fours next to her in the elevator and shivered at the cold metal on his palms and knees. He smiled slightly though when she ran a small hand through his hair and over his shoulder and back, coming all the way down to his rounded ass and pausing to squeeze his cheek.

"I have something new to show you…" She whispered as the elevator door closed and the carriage began it's descent. One of her fingers lightly traced his rear opening and he fought to keep from thrusting back against the warm finger teasing him, but he could not help the way he tilted his hips and arched his back to make his backside more available for her plundering.

"Oh yes… I think you'll enjoy this, Onii-sama…"