A/N: Last little chapter for Sagakure-san.

Warnings: BLOOD TENTACLES and more BLOOD-COMING GIRL!COCK/futanari… D/s to the extreme, Anal, consumption of blood, mindfuck.

"I love you."

The pureblood princess smiled softly, taking in the crouched form her husband, naked and bent over on all fours, with his ass end in the air; just ready for her taking.

Without yet responding, Yuuki insinuated herself between legs, her new member bumping enticingly against the cleft of Kaname's rear end. With a gentle movement Yuuki leaned over, grazing her fangs against his back and sliding up to purr softly into his ear like a cat, "I know."

He shuddered, and felt the sharp bite of even sharper nails (that he himself had manicured to pointed perfection) tear down his back, leaving deep gashes that healed all to quickly, but left enticing rivulets of blood tickling along his sides.

The soft warm tongue he felt lapping up the blood-trails made his back arch, and his thighs trembled under the slow caress of that hot, wet little muscle.

Further and further down Yuuki trailed her tongue, leaving some of the blood to contrast against Kaname's pale flesh… She was interested in something completely different from his blood, right now.

Kaname fought to remain totally still, fearing even a hitch in breathe would earn punishment, but it was oh-so-very-difficult when he felt the slither of Yuuki's wet tongue come into contact with, and slide down the crack of his ass. The cool air against the tight hole excited every nerve ending, and when he felt her lick him there… He couldn't contain the soft moan any longer, or the abrupt cry of pleasure, "Ah!"

Yuuki totally ignored his cries of pleasure, instead working up as much saliva as she could to wet his opening… She knew it would not nearly be enough lubrication, but she wanted it to hurt, just as much as she wanted it to pleasure.

What greater violation was there, for a man? What deeper form of submission could there be, then to willing to give themselves over to a woman this way? In what better way could she claim ownership and… care… of Kaname then to use him in such a manner?

She spread him wide, dug her sharp nails into his firm, pale cheeks, and moved up to grip her cock. Yuuki swirled the tip around, gathering the moisture that was there, and slowly but surely, she began to push inside of his ass.

Kaname grit his teeth, feeling the sharp sting of being stretched wide, the unfamiliar warmth and pulse of a phallus that was not a toy being shoved so deeply… He lowered his head, pressed his forehead to the ground and closed his eyes, breathing hard with every centimeter she gained inside him. "Itai," He gasped quietly, more to himself than to Yuuki.

But she heard it.

She heard his words and rewarded him for them by gripping the back of his hair tight between her long, lean fingers and tugging, forcing Kaname to bow his back and shove his ass a little higher.

"Are you… complaining?" Yuuki asked with false-charm, a wicked smile twisted on her beautiful lips, making her look very much the cruel mistress Kaname so craved… Unfortunately the sight was lost on him, as he dared not glance over his shoulder to answer her.

"No!" He quickly answered in a pained voice.

"No…what?" She snapped, shoving herself deeper and fighting off her own groan as she was swallowed whole by that tight, hot ass of his.

"No, mistress." He corrected himself, an errant fang biting his lip when the pain of her forcing deeper within him made Kaname want to buck… But he didn't. He held on, for her and for… himself.

"Didn't think so, niisan." She tormented, knowing full well how much the title gulled him, especially as it reminded him that it wasn't even all that fitting, if she meant it to be familial.

Suddenly, with no warning Yuuki let go of his hair, and the quick release made him fall flat on his face again. A warm hand smoothed up his back and a hot, thick cock made its way deeper and deeper until it could go no further, reach no deeper, and violate him no more.

Yuuki was awash with power… This was so much more than simply using a toy to penetrate him. It was intimate, it was meaningful and by the gods, it was good.

He was constricting around her with such force, she knew it would be difficult to even move as she wanted; he was strangling that throbbing heat between her legs with exquisite friction, making her toes curl and her teeth worry her lower lip while she fought for control.

Her nails raked down his back once more, and he tightened around her further in reflexive action to the sharp pain.

"Kaname…" She called his name, only his name for moments like this, when their hearts beat in time as one.

"Yuuki," he responded, his brows knit and sweat drops rolling off his temple and down his face.

With a growl, Yuuki pulled back, and raised up as high as she could to angle downward, wanting to feel his tight channel shudder around her when she pushed back again.

"Move with me!" She commanded, "assist in your own destruction…" she thought.

"Yes!" His whispered answer was followed by a curl of his hips and his weight rocking back on his knees, while she moved forward.

She wanted to embrace him… Curl around him as he did her, but she was too small, to short, against his long, lean frame… But, an idea came to her. A wicked idea.

Shiki-san could do it, and he was a cousin, so could she…?

Yuuki pricked all ten of her fingertips, and watched the blood flow, before she concentrated the way she had to make the penis, and formed what amounted to thin tentacles extending from her fingertips.

They slithered and trailed all over Kaname's body, reaching down to encircle his own hard cock, and up to tickle their tips at his nipples, and one even wrapped around his neck.

His body was covered in thin blood tentacles, and they were probing him everywhere at once, heightening the stimulation and sending him into erotic overdrive. "Kuso." He cursed under his breath, feeling the tentacle wrap more firmly around his neck, working to nearly but not quite cut off his oxygen supply.

Kaname's head swam from lack of oxygen, and his hips began to move of their own accord as the tentacle around his member began to twist and writhe up and down and over his cock, squeezing and pulsing.

The scent of blood was everywhere and the beast within him roared to be let free… But he stomped it down and chained it, just as he sometimes wished he could chain his beautiful dark-haired butterfly… Pin her wings to a board and keep her as his own little treasure, for only him to admire… But to keep the butterfly, you also had to kill it, and he could not lose her again… especially to a monster such as himself.

Now that Yuuki could wrap blood tentacles around his hips, she could guide him on her own, in just the rhythm she wanted, and so… she did. The dark-haired beauty found a pleasing rhythm, and began to pump into her husband in earnest, taking as much pleasure as she could from his body, and noting how he shook beneath her like a leaf.

Her climax was building rapidly, and she knew she couldn't hold out against the pull of his body rubbing against her member for long... The beat of her hips against his ass echoed in the dark basement of horrors, as she claimed and dominated him again and again with each and every plunge.

He was fluttering around her, and she knew, he too must be close.

"Don't you dare come yet," She warned, and Kaname fought with everything he had to obey her… The tentacles, the way his head was dizzy and he felt light and warm and his constriction on both his throat and his cock was not making it… easy.

Yuuki drove herself harder into and out of him, scratching and clawing his back and ass and wishing she could bend forward to bite into that pale ass of his… But she was going to erupt…

When the moment came, she pitched deeply, shoving hard and sending hot, sticky blood, deep into Kaname… And she felt his aura become riled at the smell of it.

"Come… now." She ordered, and with a grateful groan she felt him shudder around her, giving her shivers around her hyper-sensitive post-orgasm pseudo-cock.

When she pulled her wilting member from between his cheeks, the blood droplets dripping to the cold stone floor gave her yet another wicked idea. She retracted the tentacles, so he could move on his own.

She got up off her knees, and came around to his head, using her toes, she tipped his chin up to look at her. "Sit-up, Kaname… On your knees."

He moved to seiza position, and Yuuki ordered him to spread his legs further apart, and then… "Spread your ass cheeks!" She commanded.

A completely humiliated Kaname, already sitting in his own come, reached back behind him and spread his own pale hindquarters, wincing and coloring red when he felt the blood from her nakadashi trickle from his asshole.

Yuuki laughed menacingly, "Push it all out, Kaname… Every drop…" She pet his face, marveling once again at how incredibly beautiful he was when he showed signs of shame… lowered eyes and red cheeks. "Good boy, now…" Yuuki leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Turn around… and lick it up."

Kaname's eyes snapped open, and he felt himself inhale sharply, she was going to make him…?

Oh god, yes…

Kaname turned, and looked down at the puddle of blood on the ground… The blood that had been in his ass only a moment previous… But it was her blood, none-the-less.

He watched her move back around, and seat herself back in the 'service chair', ready to enjoy the show.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he raised his eyes, but lowered his head and opened his mouth. Kaname tongue poked out, and he took a tentative lick of the blood-covered floor.

Yuuki nodded her approval, and so, Kaname continued licking the blood off the floor slowly, savoring the blood, the humiliation, the way he was forced to submit to even her most devious desires… He lowered his eyes to the floor in front of him, trying to see how far he was from being finished with his 'meal'.

He wasn't watching… wasn't paying attention…

Suddenly a foot hit the back of his head and pressed, and his face was smashed into the remains of the bloody puddle… and he heard… laughing from Yuuki.

As soon as she removed her foot, he looked up at her, hopelessly devoted all the same.

"Oh, but you are dirty, aren't you?" She teased, admiring her handiwork, smeared all over his face.

"Yes, Mistress…" He nodded and bowed.

"Happy Anniversary, my love…" She teased, settling back in the chair from earlier.

But now, it is my fault… You are 'dirty' too…

The never ending cycle… He needed her harsh treatment, but in getting what he wanted from her, in making her treat him cruelly… He was feeding the darkness in her as well.

He truly had taken her with him, to very darkest depths…

He truly was a monster.

"Hurt me more, Yuuki." He pleaded, and he knew… He knew without a doubt, not only would she hurt him, she would enjoy it.

I am truly sorry, Yuuki… To drag you back to this tainted world of blood… These cruel fangs; they may just yet devour you from the inside out.