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OK…that sounds wrong…

It's nearly time…

Twenty years has passed since Gon took the Hunter Exam. And now, he was a proud father of one. He caressed the cheek of the twelve-year old sleeping form. Although night had fallen hours ago, he stayed up, and let his thoughts wander with the wispy clouds.

Father…it's time to meet him. No matter how far you run, he will find you.

With one more hopeful look at his son, he left the room.

Morning rose; the sun was partly hidden behind the horizon, and the sky still tinged with a light orange tint. The light was so warm that Gon couldn't help but sleep even deeper. He had practically stayed up the whole night. What more would he want, but a long and comfortable sleep?

"Dad! Wake up!"

"Mmph…" Gon's eyelids were still heavy with slumber and was unwilling to wake up. "Five more minutes…"

"No! Dad, I'm excited! Don't disappoint me after all those years of your adventure-story-telling!"

True…Gon opened one of his eyes and saw a juvenile boy grinning widely at him. He has adopted a significant amount of his younger appearance; the dark hazel eyes, the spiky black hair, the innocent smile...He was pretty much like a replica. They were most similar in their buoyancy and their close bonds with nature. When the boy touched his father's fishing rod for the first time, he mastered his fishing skills within moments.

Gon suddenly jumped out from his bed and cried out cheerily to his son, "Then what are you waiting for? Hurry, Gen, and pack your things up, then I'll race you to the port!"

He had wanted to make his son's departing as happy and memorable as possible. Although his past was not as pleasant, he wanted to make life easier and enjoyable for his son. While Gen dashed to his room, he headed towards the kitchen to wait.

"He's just like you; bright, naïve and stubborn," Mito-san teased him. His old aunt no longer has the fiery red hair and the young features on her. Instead, her head was close to white, and had acquired more wrinkles since the time he last counted. Gon furrowed his eyebrows and placed his hand on his chin as he recounted, yet again, the number of wrinkles on his aunt's face.

His grand-aunt, unfortunately, was not there to see her great-grand nephew. She had passed away not long after Gon and Killua fought the chimera ants.

Few minutes passed by before Gen finally appeared in the kitchen, with Gon's old backpack, his fishing rod, and wearing a green shirt topped with a dark blue vest, matching green shorts and brown boots. He hugged his grand-aunt, and received a kiss on the forehead, then, walked to the front yard with Gon.

"Ready? Set…Go!"

Father and son raced towards the finish line. They ran through grass fields, the town square, and many townspeople who considered them silly and impractical. Although Gon had deliberately taken a few moments to lag so his son could catch up, he was first to reach the ship to Dole. He sighed and looked up at the familiar ship. There was someone waving up there, an old chubby man with a smoking pipe protruding out from his mouth. Ahh! The captain! Gon waved back.

"Who are you waving to?" his son was puffing softly by his side.

"Oh…someone you're going to meet soon," Gon smiled at him.

"Eh? Who is it? Who is it?"

"Gen…" The man bent down on his knees so that he was eye-levelled with his son. "You'll see when you get there. And some last words before you leave; your grandfather is not an easy person, even though he's as ancient as your grand-aunt. Um...and I'm sure you'll meet some friends along the way. Oh yes, I remember. Don't forget about that raw egg over rice recipe that I taught you."

"Don't worry! I'm gonna make you proud of me! Err...why do I have to remember that?"

"You'll see." Gon smiled at his son, "Well…your ship's leaving. Don't want to miss your chance, do you?"

"No way!" Gen hugged his father then hurried off towards the ship. While running along the wooden platform, he waved at Gon, "Dad! I'll promise that I will find Ging! And I promise that I will definitely make you proud! I'll be back as hunter. Just you wait Dad!"

Gon felt tears begin to prickle his eyes, but he could not cry at such a happy moment. He stood rooted in the same spot, waving to his son until the tiny, black speck disappeared in the horizon. Before he headed back home, he stood a little longer to savour the cool morning breeze.

Gen, I'm already proud of you…

On the ship were several obnoxious-looking faces. The ship was pretty much horded with tough looking men, sea-sick men, quiet and serious men...you name it, there was a variety of men. Gen scanned his surroundings, his eyes laid upon an empty spot on the nose of the ship. He walked then sat down, made himself comfortable, before throwing out his fishing line into the deep sea. He heard a sigh behind him, and twisted around to see a short, round man puffing away on his pipe.

"Just like you father, and your grandpa. Bet'cha gonna catch a fish soon," the old man chuckled.

Gen looked up at him with interest, "You think?"

"Why not? It always happened whenever I encounter a twelve-year old boy with a fishing rod in his possession!"

Indeed, Gen's fishing rod began to wriggle and squirm. He had to stand up and lean his whole weight backwards in order to pull up the heavy 'creature'. With one final tug, he landed a fish as huge as the one his father described to him, the scale-less one with whiskers.

The captain nodded at the boy with acknowledgement and left. Without looking back at him, he called out, "It could supply you food for a week!"

Nah…you don't deserve to be food…

Gen heaved the struggling fish then threw it out to sea. He watched the massive giant swim away frantically, deeper into the sea until the ripples on the surface was not as violent.

"Oi! You shouldn't have chucked that fish out! Such a waste!"

A tall boy much older than him walked towards Gen. When he was by his side, he stared at the water and tutted, "That would've costed millions of zennies! Gosh, don't you know it's a rare fish?"

Gen shook his head and grinned sheepishly, "But that's where it belongs…you can't kill an innocent life…"

The boy stared at him in utter disbelief, "Dude! It's a fish! Not a human! You eat animals everyday and now you're complaining? You are the strangest boy I've ever met…"

"Well it's too late now…" Gen shrugged.

The boy was about to turn back and leave, when Gen ran to catch up and caught his shoulder. "Umm…excuse me, but, what's your name?" he asked shyly.

"Hmm? Oh…Pietoro!" he smiled and pointed two fingers up in a 'peace' fashion.

Gen watched the lively boy chatter and boast for what seemed like hours. At times he would listen attentively, but soon would drift off into his own thoughts. Pietoro…now where have I heard that name…?

He looked at the tall boy and surveyed him from head to toe. Jet black, spiky hair just like mine. Orange Hawaiian shirt, black pants, hmm…his suitcase doesn't match his outfit quite well…

"Oh by the way, I haven't got your name yet," Pietoro interrupted his thoughts.

"I'm Gen."

"Gen…huh, an even stranger name!"

The smaller boy sighed.

The sky darkened considerably, but the lamps hanging on posts by the side of the ship helped the men make their way across. Most had already gone to sleep, some still lying drunk around the deck, and others prefer staying up late. Gen wanted to enjoy the night air, so Pietoro joined him too.

"Dad never lets me stay up this late. He says it's bad for your health. I don't get all these health stuff he rambles on about all the time…"

"Same here," agreed Gen.

For a minute, there was silence between them. It was not long before something caught Pietoro's interest. "Hey! Gen! Look over there…" he whispered to his companion.

Gen followed the direction to which Pietoro was pointing with his finger. His gaze landed on a young girl near the side of the ship, her chin propped on her hands, staring out towards the distance…

"I thought the males were only brave enough to take the exam…" Gen trailed off.

"Who cares! A hot girl like her sparks up the exam A LOT! Gen, although you're young, you can learn a lot from me. Just watch and learn…"

The boy protested, "Pietoro! Aren't you too young…?"

"I'm only nineteen. I'm old enough to court girls, dude!"

Pietoro walked casually and slowly approached his target. He stood by the girl and stared out to sea, waiting for her to speak up. But she didn't seem to notice him. She remained looking wistful, the night breeze playing around with her blonde ponytail, and the silver earring dangling on her left ear. He pretended to cough, but she remained in the same position, perhaps ignoring him. Growing impatient, Pietoro spoke up.

"Hey there! So watcha doin'?" he asked coolly.

"What do you want? It's none of your business," the girl demanded, but her face was calm.

"Well you're such a pretty gal, it's kinda impossible to not fall for me," he added to his statement by brushing his hair backward and flashing her a toothy grin.

Gen watched them by a distance, listening to every word the hot-headed boy said. He could sense the girl was growing uncomfortable, but he continued to amuse at the scene.

She growled at him, "I'm not going to fall for anyone!"

Without another word she left. Pietoro was obviously dazed by her words, and quite dumbfounded. Gen walked towards him, waving his face in front of his face.

"Uh…Pietoro? I've learnt a lot from you…"


Upon hearing the call, Pietoro finally snapped out if his reverie. He and Gen spotted smoke billowing from the storeroom under the ship. Men were rushing out like ants, and grabbing floatation rings each before jumping into the sea, which by now, were creating giant waves caused by the howling wind. Amidst the crowd of cowards was the girl, dashing back and forth while carrying a barrel of water, her ponytail swishing everywhere. One moment she disappeared under the ship, the next she came up to refill the barrel with drinking water.

"We must help her!" Gen raced to a nearby empty barrel and began to fill it up with water. Pietoro followed his process.

"YOU BLASTED TIN-HEADS COME BACK HERE OR YOU WILL PAY!" The voice of the captain boomed over the howls of the wind, the red spot on his nose turning scarlet. Nevertheless the men paid no heed to his angry commands. Soon, the red and white rings had run out. The rest of the men panicked and stumbled on the deck. The waves were making the ship difficult to control.

However, that did not stop the three people, determined to extinguish the fire. Although flames lick their arms and legs, they ignored the cramp in their limbs and kept on working. They've all got a goal; to become hunters. They don't want to drown and die now. A mere fire would not stop their road to success.

Suddenly, it started to rain heavily. Miraculous raindrops scattered across the deck, which seeped onto the deck and into the little storeroom. It was at last, when Gen and the other two poured in their last barrel of water, the fire admitted defeat.

With ashened faces, they sighed in relief. Gen coughed at the smoke while Pietoro flopped down to rest. "Oh God…what a day…"

"Wine and cigarettes," the girl shook her head in dismay. "A few men must have been smoking while drinking wine. When they were drunk, they might've accidentally dropped their cigars into spilt wine, thus emblazing the storeroom."

"Hey girl, we've just gone through so much…and now you're wasting your strength explaining something that nobody will be bothered to listen to?" Pietoro groaned.

"I'm telling you nothing but the truth. And excuse me, old man, but I've got a name," she glared at him.

"I'm Gen. Nice to meet you!"

The girl shifted her attention to the little boy and smiled sweetly, "I'm Karuhi. And for a young boy like you, you've done a great job. I would be happy to make your acquaintance."

"Why not?" Gen exclaimed joyfully, glad to have found another friend.

"Hmph…old man…why is she being nice to you? Girl…" Pietoro mumbled to Gen.

"I heard that!" Karuhi called out as she climbed out of the storeroom.

"Tch, serves them right. I told them they would pay but they won't listen."

Several men were flailing in the sea stuck in their flotation rings, begging the captain and other survivors on the ship for help. On the other hand, the captain enjoyed mocking them and sniggering. The sky was brightening.

"I would like to help ya but the water's too cold for this old man! HA HA HA!" he shouted gleefully.

He turned to face the three saviours and bowed his head. "I must thank ya guys for saving me lady last night. You guys are one of a kind, just like them!"

"Them? Who?" Karuhi perked up. She shivered at her slightly wet clothes, which consisted of a white skirt and her father's red long-sleeved shirt.

The captain snickered mysteriously while the three exchanged suspicious glances. "Ahh…you don't know? You guys will see for yourselves someday. I will reward you with a shortcut to the hunter exam centre. When we arrive at the port, go up to the hill in which you will see a huge tree on top. There you will find what you need. Well, must go back to 'drive' the ship…Good luck!"

He shuffled to the steering wheel and began to sing a sailor's tune. The others sat down comfortably by the side, and waited patiently for the ship to stop at Dole.

The hunter exam has already begun.

btw it's quite easy to guess who's is who's kid yeah? Killua's one will be introduced in chapter 3!

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