12 years later.

Tsukune and Ruby watched their little three year old daughter Yui run around in sunflower field. Waving the wand she had just been given. The little girl resembled her mother a lot but she did have her father's eye and his innocence.

Ruby smiled as her daughter tried to cast a small spell that she had taught her. She let her mind wander back to their academy days.

She smiled as she remembered when she and Tsukune had returned to the Academy after their night at the Witches Knoll. She could remember the shocked looks on the group's faces when they had told them and how the Chairman had yelled at her when he had learned she had used one of his spells. But she no longer cared. For she had achieved her goal. Tsukune was now hers and hers alone.

It had taken awhile for the others to accept the fact that Tsukune had made his choice. But eventually especially after the birth of Yui they had accepted it.

Yukari took it upon herself to teach Yui herself. Kurumu wanted to take her flying; and also to give her tips on how to attract men. Mizore showed Yui the art of cooking and stalking. And Moka was the grumpy but grudgingly proud godmother.

This was the life that Ruby had wanted all along.

Tsukune put his arm around his wife and pulled her close. "She really does love this spot."

Ruby smiled at her Husband. "She should its where you and I got married, and it's she was conceived." Tsukune gave a small laugh and kissed his wife.

"Yui; Come on sweet-heart it's time to go home." Ruby called to her Daughter.

"K momma." The little witch replied as she ran to her parents. She ran over to her parents who each took one of their daughters hands as they started to walk away. Behind them the sunflowers moved in the breeze. Ruby looked over her shoulder and gave a smile. There was something else that she loved about this field. It was something that only she alone knew. Like the Snow-whites in the Yuki-onni village; the sunflowers here had been enchanted with a special spell that caused greats amounts of emotions to come forth. Mainly emotions of love and desire; kind of like and anesthetic. And best of all no one but her knew this.

These sunflowers had played a key role in allowing her to allure Tsukune and allowed her to claim him. But No one knew and no one ever would know. She turned her head back around and smiled down at her daughter and then at her husband. As they left they left the Witches Knoll and the sunflower field.

A Witches love conclusion by ~Knight-BIshop