I'm Sorry, Amber

Wilson stared after Cuddy's retreating back, his mind running in circles. All around Amber's still body laying there, cold and lifeless, each breath filling her lungs only because of the machine she was hooked into.

He couldn't leave her like that. There had to be a way.

And there was one.

He turned on his heel, heading back towards the Diagnostics office, stepping hesitantly inside.

He entered the room with the decision to ask House to do the DBS. There was an answer and it was locked away inside the other's brain. He needed to find it.


He stared at the other man's form, slumped over his desk. He looked liked a puppet with its strings cut. As lifeless as Amber.



Almost having died that same day.

He must've made a sound, because suddenly House sat up, blue eyes staring at him blearily before they focused on him.

"Wilson? What're you doing back here?"

The oncologist's mouth closed, the words dying on his tongue.

The other frowned at him in confusion. "Wilson?" A pause. "You want me to do the DBS, right?"

Swallowing thickly, Wilson shook his head, walking over to his friend.

He leaned over the diagnostician, wrapping him in a tight hug. "No, House." he murmured, tears fighting their way from under his lids. "I don't want you to do that."

"But..." the confusion was almost painful to hear. "But it might-"

I'm sorry, Amber.

I'm sorry, House.

"No." The softest kiss to his temple. "You did enough."

I'm sorry, House.

I'm sorry, Amber.

"I'm so glad you're alive." More tears.

I'm sorry, Amber.

I'm sorry, House.


"Don't you worry." Wilson shushed him, pulling away to give him a reassuring smile. The effect was destroyed by his tears. "You rest now." He pulled the older man back into his arms, petting the soft locks soothingly. "You rest now. I'm proud of how you tried to help me. But it's enough now."

"But... I can still..."

"No more." No more pain, no more suffering, no more risking. At least for you. "Please, House. Promise me – never again try hurting yourself so much."

I won't survive if I lose you both.


"Okay. You're okay. We're okay." I'm sorry, Amber. "I'll be okay."

Just don't leave me too, House.

"Rest now. You did enough."

I'm sorry, Amber. I can't break him any more.

I can't.

Not even for you.