this is the sequel to Coincidence or Fate? it's your choice if you want to read that or not.

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Chapter One

I never liked the light

Hinata heaved a contented sigh, picking her cup of tea to take a sip. Everything is so peaceful today, she thought serenely. The sight Hinata presented as she sat delicately on the black leather couch was picture perfect even though she totally looked out of place in the midst of the manly living room. The sun shining through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows had cast Hinata into a glorious creature emitting an ethereal glow. She smiled softly as she placed the cup on the custom-made center table. She was gazing out at the magnificent view of Tokyo before her. It was rare that the curtains in the living room were not drawn in daylight. Uchiha Sasuke, her boss, hated the sun and its brightness.

"Why is it so bright here?" a gruff voice from behind her asked.

Speak of the devil, she thought with a start. She turned on her seat to face her boss. Her eyes widened fractionally. Uchiha Sasuke was standing a few feet away – as still as a sculpture. He was only wearing a drawstring pants. His arm was shielding his eyes from the glare of the light. He looked like he was posing for the camera or that he just stepped out of a magazine. She has been working and living with Sasuke for six months and yet the sight of him, barefoot and bare-chested, still gave Hinata the urge to hide under a rock for thinking that her boss was indeed the sexiest man alive.

Hinata could feel her face burning.

"Draw the curtains," he ordered in a pained voice. "I have a hangover."

"Sorry," Hinata apologized, hasting to do as he said. "Rough night?"


The moment that the whole room was dimmed, Sasuke plonked himself on the couch where Hinata was sitting a few seconds ago. He noticed Hinata hesitating for a while before deciding to take the opposite chair – away from him. The already present scowl on his face intensified. She was driving him insane. That's why he's been in bars constantly. His brows furrowed further. He could not remember anything from last night. He was so wasted.

"How did I come home?"

"Kakashi-san brought you," she replied softly.

At least I got rid of that awful stuttering. Sasuke supposed that despite her obvious discomfort around him, she was at ease enough with him that her stuttering was reduced to nothingness. He was puzzled by her discomfort, though. They've been working together for a long time already and her still not being used to seeing him without a shirt was just weird.

"Would you like some lunch?" she enquired, her eyes darting around the room.


"It's past two in the afternoon,"

He grunted. "I take it I have no appointment today. You didn't wake me up."

"You're free the whole day," Hinata stated smilingly, "But we have to read those scripts." She pointed at the huge pile at the desk in the far corner of the room.

"Fine. Prepare my lunch first. We'll sort those after I eat."

He stood up and strode out lazily. Hinata followed next but in the opposite direction towards the kitchen.

They have a lot of scripts to read. Movie offers for Sasuke has been pouring in ever since the release of his movie, The Serpent's Apprentice, a month ago. Hinata smiled as she took out the food from the refrigerator. She was proud to be part of the movie even if she worked as Sasuke's assistant. She still could not believe the new sides of Sasuke that she witnessed during the filming. Sasuke was as rude as usual but he did as he was told by the director without complaints, except maybe an insult here and there but still, he was very professional.

Hinata put the food on the microwave and heard Sasuke drumming his hangover away. He always did that. Hinata had no idea if it was even advisable for a person suffering from a hangover to play the drums but it seemed to work wonders for Sasuke. Playing the drums was also one of Sasuke's many workouts. In an ordinary day (if he didn't have hangover), he would wake up at four in the morning to jog in the park and do a walk-a-thon around Tokyo. By eight, he was already in the apartment to eat breakfast. After that, he would go swimming in the indoor Olympic-sized pool inside the penthouse. Hinata was amazed when she saw it. She couldn't believe that a huge thing like that was on the top floor. When Sasuke got tired of swimming, he would work out on the gym or do something as equally gruelling as possible.

No wonder he was very fit. Ah, those mouth-watering abs! Hinata's face became as red as the tomato she was slicing. I should stop thinking about that, she chided herself.

Hinata paused in what she was doing when she recognized the piece that Sasuke was playing. It was the song that he was working on with Naruto a few days ago. Gaara wrote it and Naruto came to Sasuke to help him with the arrangements.

The soft smile lingering on Hinata's lips widened. Naruto rushed through Sasuke's apartment in a whirlwind when he heard that Hinata was Sasuke's new assistant. He demanded to know everything at once. After Hinata's explanation, he threatened Sasuke to behave nicely around her. Sasuke was unperturbed, which only rattled Naruto more. He asked for Sasuke to leave them alone for awhile but for some reason, Sasuke refused to leave and remained seated stubbornly. Naruto gave a dramatic sigh and told Hinata to call him if she needed rescuing from her bastardly boss. All the while Sasuke was staring with narrowed eyes at the ex-couple.

Hinata was very happy that she and Naruto continued being good friends after their break-up before graduation.

"Can I eat now?" an impatient voice asked.

"Just a minute," Hinata responded softly.

Sasuke sat on the stool by the kitchen island. He rarely ate at the dining table. Hinata set down the plate of food in front of him. He was still shirtless but there was a towel slung around his neck.

Sasuke watched as Hinata moved around the kitchen to prepare his food and refreshments. In the months that she worked for him, she never questioned nor complained about the fact that cooking for him was clearly not one of the job descriptions. But Sasuke surmised that that was just typical of Hinata – to take care of the people around her.

He smirked as he remembered Hinata telling him that she wanted to be a chef. Of course he thought that she aspired to broaden her culinary skills but the thought that she knew very little about cooking never crossed his mind. Her knowledge was so limited in fact that she almost burned the whole Uchiha Tower.

Because of the long hours of filming and other modelling appointments that Sasuke had, she was not able to attend a cooking school. Instead, Sasuke hired a private teacher for her so that she could learn how to cook while performing her duties as his assistant as well. And he must say it paid off really well. Sasuke preferred to eat home-cooked meals now rather than take-outs. His favourite, of course, are tomato-based dishes that Hinata perfected by his request (demand).

Not a single word was shared while Sasuke ate. The silence was not unsettling but soothing – just the way they both liked it.

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