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Chapter Five

I'm Uchiha Sasuke. There's no such thing as 'butterflies in stomach'.

Business was blooming as usual at the Uchiha Towers despite it being the last night of the weekend. Different people were scattered around and about in the hotel's luxurious restaurant – tourists conversing loudly, couples having dinner. No one seemed to mind a lone man sitting at the bar, glaring broodingly at his untouched glass of liquor.

The bartender kept on glancing at the man in concern. It was a known fact that Uchiha Sasuke has a nasty temper. And the way the Uchiha was sitting, giving off the aura of a pissed man, it might be dangerous for anyone to approach him. This was mainly the reason why a lot of people had been avoiding going to the bar.

The bartender sighed in relief as he spotted a familiar man approach.

"You've been staring at it for fifteen minutes," he drawled, leaning against the bar. "If you're unsure whether to drink it or not then don't. There's a reason for hesitating."

"Fuck off," answered Sasuke, not taking his eyes off of the glass.

"Oh, I will," the man said in amusement. "She's still busy signing autographs."

Sasuke turned to look at his brother and Itachi pointed out the direction. A glamorous woman was signing an autograph for a little girl while a few were hovering for some pictures.

Sasuke snorted in disgust. "This is not a motel."

"Foolish little brother," Itachi chided gently. "Imagine the scandal it would create if we're caught gallivanting in a motel."

The woman looked up, smiled at Itachi and glared at Sasuke before returning her attention to her admirers. How Itachi liked that pesky reporter, I'll never know.

"Have you thought about it?" Itachi asked.

"I'll have to consult with Kakashi first."

"What for? It's not like you're busy all the time. What have you been doing these days? Flaunting your body for the women and men to feast on? Is that what you call as a job?"

"Dammit, Itachi! What's this, a lecture?"

"I just don't understand why you still can't make up your mind,"

"I don't want to do that stupid interview, ok?" Sasuke burst out angrily. Especially not for your girlfriend.

Itachi narrowed his eyes. "You know how I rarely ask you for some favour, right?"

Sasuke gulped. Itachi gripped his shoulders rather painfully and the younger Uchiha flinched.

"Do I still have to wait for another three months to hear your answer or do I get to hear it now?" Itachi asked sinisterly.

Translation: if you don't say yes now, you'll be hospitalized for three months. Grudgingly, Sasuke nodded. Itachi went back to his usual gentle and pleasant self. My brother's a psychopath.

"That's good," he said, smiling in triumph. "How's Hinata-chan, by the way? She must be the reason for this."

Sasuke didn't answer and went back to glaring at his drinks. Itachi watched him closely. "You won't be in this dilemma if you just told her already that you love her."

Sasuke stiffened and Itachi chuckled knowingly. "So that's how it is."

"What?" Sasuke snapped defensively.

"You're nervous," Itachi straightened up and patted Sasuke on the back. "Good luck on your mighty quest for true love, little brother. I'll be in my suite… just in case."

Sasuke watched Itachi and his girlfriend strode away, holding hands. He didn't get those two. Both of them were aware that they were using each other – that woman for Itachi's connections and Itachi for that woman's body. And yet, they seemed so in love. Is it because they were honest with each other since the beginning? Sasuke cringed for he was there to witness those two's meeting.

The Uchiha brothers were at a bar when they first saw her. She was a popular news anchor at that time and it didn't hurt that she was drop-dead gorgeous too. Itachi was attracted to her immediately and the feeling was mutual. It didn't surprise the two brothers when she was the first to make a move.

"The Uchiha Group of Companies is rumoured to be the financier of the Yakuzas. Will you grant me an interview to clear these issues?" she asked bluntly.

"Will you sleep with me?" Itachi returned suavely.

"Sure," the woman smiled.

It's been over a year and they were still together. The family liked her. She and Sasuke got along just fine until three months ago when she said she wanted to have Sasuke as a special guest on her own television talk show. If Sasuke avoided premieres and any form of public appearances, the idea of a television talk show was a definite no. Itachi understood but that woman just won't take no for an answer. And to make things worse, she put up Itachi to convince Sasuke to do that interview.

He's getting impatient, alright. Sasuke knew that he's a match against Itachi but his older brother was still stronger than he was. The last time the brothers had a brawl, Sasuke ended up with two broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder blade. Their mother was always worried, naturally. Their father, on the other hand, was always brimming with pride every time Itachi and Sasuke had a brotherly boxing match.

Sasuke was willing to fight Itachi anytime, judging by his mood these days. However, the possibility of him losing to Itachi was quite high. Ergo, Sasuke must agree to that dreaded interview.

If things don't work out with Hinata tonight I'll go to Africa. I heard there are a lot of weasels there. It's fortunate that Itachi is scared of weasels.


"T-thank you for the ride, Kankuro-san," Hinata mumbled.

"Don't mention it!" Kankuro exclaimed loudly.

Hinata turned to the quiet man beside her. "T-thank y-you for a w-wonderful dinner, Gaara-kun."

"It was nothing," Gaara replied nonchalantly.

"I'll go in now. Have a g-good night," Hinata waved at them smilingly before climbing out of the car.

"Hey!" yelled Kankuro as the door shut close. "You're supposed to walk her inside! That's what men do after their dates!!"

"Kankuro, I am a man," Gaara muttered quietly. "But I am not on a date."

Kankuro growled in frustration and drove off.

Gaara glanced behind at the Uchiha Tower, remembering Hinata's eyes blazing with determination earlier. I wish you well, Hinata.


Loud blast of music greeted Hinata when the elevator door opened. She frowned. It was dark and Sasuke was playing Everybody Hurts. She made her way towards the living room slowly. Now that I'm here I totally forgot what I was supposed to say. But I do hope he's wearing a shirt.

She stopped short as she spotted Sasuke's silhouette by the window. He was gazing out at the night view of Tokyo below them. Hinata teetered behind a huge vase, unsure of what to do next. At least he was wearing a sweatshirt. She braced herself as the song ended and turned on the lights. She saw Sasuke tense but didn't move. Turning off the music player, she faced him.

"It… it wasn't a date," she uttered. "Gaara-kun… said so."

Sasuke didn't respond. Hinata gulped. Come on, say it. Just say it! "D-did dinner eat you? I-I mean, did you eat your dinner?"

Hinata could feel her face burning. What a stupid thing to say!

"I-if y-y-you haven't maybe y-y-you would like to eat me. N-no! I-I m-mean maybe I c-could cook s-something f-for you…"

Hinata sighed dejectedly. I couldn't do it…

"Do you like him?" Sasuke suddenly asked.

Hinata, still reeling from nerves and embarrassment, thought that Sasuke asked her if she liked him.

She nodded, blushing furiously. "Y-yes! I… hope you don't mind."

Sasuke let out a mirthless laugh and turned to face Hinata. "You're really one of a kind."

"Eh?" Hinata frowned.

"First, it was Naruto. Now, it's Gaara?" he burst out in disbelief. "What exactly is it that you see in them that you don't see in me? Why can't you like me too?"

"Sasuke?" she asked in confusion. I thought he just… asked me if I… oh, no. Did I get it wrong? She stared in horror as Sasuke continued.

"What do you want me to do? Do you want me to dye my hair blond and go around shouting 'believe it' stupidly and grinning moronically like Naruto? Or maybe you'd like me to be as sensitive and eloquent as Gaara who would say stuff like 'you brighten up my day with your exquisite smile that you only bestow upon me'? Well, sorry! The only words I know are fuck this and fuck that!"

"S-Sasuke –,"

He stared at her sadly for awhile before sighing in defeat. "I think I'll go to bed now." Looks like I'm going to Africa.

He walked away but Hinata followed after him. "Wait, Sasuke. What do you mean?"

Without stopping or even glancing behind Sasuke admitted, "I like you. I… I love you."

They reached Sasuke's bedroom door and they remained standing in front of it silently. Hinata looked up at him in wonder. He likes me. He loves me. She touched her heart. It feels great.

"But, I understand," Sasuke spoke again. "You like Gaara. It's okay."

Sasuke moved forward and was about to open the door when Hinata grabbed onto the back of his sweatshirt refusing to let go. "Wait, please. About that… I think I misheard you earlier."

He looked at her in confusion and Hinata smiled. He's so cute. "I… thought you asked me if… I like you."

Hinata hid her flaming face at Sasuke's back. Sasuke, meanwhile, tried to recall what Hinata answered. She said 'yes, I hope you don't mind'. That's what she said, I'm sure.

Hinata has let go of Sasuke's sweatshirt. He turned around to face her and stared at her very red face. She was nibbling on her lips in nervousness or embarrassment. Sasuke couldn't tell. He just stared at her. The ability to think seemed to have left him.

"I don't mind," was Uchiha Sasuke's reply.

Hinata looked up and realized too late how powerful Sasuke's eyes were. The only words she could muster were, "That's good."

Sasuke nodded in agreement. "It is."

"… Okay."


Hinata turned to leave and Sasuke entered his bedroom, both of them looking dazed. Hinata touched her still burning face. I guess it went well. My heart's still pounding, though. But at least I can breathe a little better now.

She was about to take her tenth step when someone grabbed her arm and hurled her around. Next thing she knew, Sasuke was kissing her.

When Sasuke finally pulled his mouth from Hinata's an eternity later, they were gasping for air. Hinata forced her heavy eyelids to open so that she could look at him. Sasuke's flawless face was intense with passion, his onyx eyes smouldering. Lifting his hand, he tenderly brushed her reddened cheek, and he tried to smile but they were both still breathing raggedly.

"You really like me?" he asked.

"I really like you," she answered.


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