Title: The Clockwork Boy
Criminal Minds
Universe: Creatures of the Night (Part 2)
Pairing: Reid-centric, Morgan/Prentiss; JJ/Hotch
Reid finds himself teaming up with his kidnappers to determine the nature of his origins. Meanwhile, the team are split between searching for their agent and investigating a new and twisted case. AU.
Author's Notes:
Betaed by Windy City Dreamer.

Author's Note the Second: Yes, I said I was waiting a while to post this. Yes, once again I lied. Anyway. For those of you coming fresh in from Power Play, I don't really need to explain all that much. For those of you just joining us however, I'll give a brief rundown of the situation. Reid's a robot. Morgan's a werewolf. Emily's a vampire. Rossi's a wizard. JJ's psychic. Garcia's a fairy. Hotch is human. They fight crime. More specifically, Reid's only just discovered that he's a robot, and he isn't very happy that the team lied to him. And he's just been kidnapped. Poor kid's having a pretty sucky day. Apart from that, yes, I probably will make references to the events of the previous story, because it's going to be a fairly serialized series, but I can't exactly dive through your computer screens and forcibly make you read the first one, so I'm not going to. I figure if you're confused and intrigued enough, you can probably do that on your own. Happy reading, tfm (amichevole).

Creatures of the Night: The Clockwork Boy

Chapter One

Austin St. Clair checks her watch.

It's a little over twelve hours since her brother Riley had knocked the droid out, and he shows no signs of regaining consciousness. She admits, she's pleasantly surprised at the outcome – she'd expected that he might have some function that superseded the human need for unconsciousness. Were it not for the nuts and bolts that the good doctor had so kindly revealed for them, she would have had a hard time believing that he's anything other than human.

Which is, of course, exactly what they're looking for.

The hit to the head hadn't been particularly hard, so she's hoping that this kid will actually wake up at some point. He's a little skinny, which might factor in, and unconsciousness aside, he looks exhausted. They'd been keeping an eye on him for a while, and by all accounts the Behavioral Analysis Unit's last case had been pretty overwhelming. She'd almost had a heart attack when Riley had told her that the team had been captured by vampires. She really didn't want to have to go searching for a new robot.

He's on the sofa, legs so long they're hanging over the end. It's not particularly cold, but she'd put a blanket over him anyway. If nothing else it had made her feel better about what they're doing.

'Still out,' she tells her brother, standing to face him. Austin's about a foot shorter than Riley, but they've got the same dark, slightly wavy hair, the same green eyes.

'Can you tell when he'll be up again?'

She rolls her eyes. 'I'm not a pre-cog, Ri.'

Riley shrugged, staring down at the prone form of Doctor Spencer Reid. 'So what makes you think this one will be any different from the last five?' he asks her.

She raises an eyebrow at him. Riley's a smart guy, but he can be unbelievably obtuse sometimes. 'Did you even watch the tapes I showed you? This guy – he shows human emotion unlike any 'bot we've seen before. He laughs, he cries. He feels. That's what we want, isn't it?'

'Sure, but something like this...I mean. It's rare. We're going to have a hell of a time tracking down whoever made this guy.'

Austin nods. She knows that Riley's right on that point, at least. It had taken so long to track down Reid himself. Finding his maker is going to be a whole different can of worms.

They'd hired a hacker out of Elysium to retrieve as much data as possible on Reid without setting off the red flags put in place by the FBI. They'd been skirting the boundaries of legality enough already, but now she figures they're guaranteed fugitives after kidnapping a federal agent.

They'd already X-rayed the body for markings, using a hand-held scanner that Riley had swiped from an FBI outpost in Freitas. Aside from a few scars that Austin assumes had been added for authenticity, the only unique attribute is a tiny symbol engraved on the metal framework of his left ankle. It's a tiny thing, and she'd run it through have a dozen different filters, and enhanced it to the point where it's blurred to hell, before being able to perceive the image as recognizable.

'Looks like some kind of rune,' Riley had said. 'I can show it to a guy I know. See what he says.'

And that had been that.

Now, the only thing they have left to do, is wait for Spencer Reid to wake up. She thinks it's kind of sad, that they've gotten to the point where they're sitting around, drinking coffee, eating leftover carrot cake, and waiting for the robot they'd just kidnapped to wake up.

Maybe they've been doing this for too long.

Maybe it's time to cut their losses, and give up. Surely mother would forgive them. Surely she hadn't expected them to devote their lives to this. She knows that as soon as this is over, she wants out. She wants to leave Riley behind, with whatever benefits he'd reaped from this screwed up venture.

She'll to Europe, maybe, where the history of the Fall is much richer. She doesn't want to deal with this robotics crap anymore.

And that's why she's so glad they've found Spencer Reid.

As if on cue, the body on the sofa begins to stir.