A/N: This is new frontier for me – True Blood/Gossip Girl multi-chap fic. It's a sequel of sorts to my one-shot, Ritual. As it progresses, it should get more dialogue-driven than my other fics. I'm feeling pretty good about it and it shouldn't be ultra long. I hope you guys enjoy it! Any comments would be appreciated!

The Runaway

Chapter 1: The Great Escape

She was done being invisible. Playing second fiddle to yet another well endowed blonde may be enough for some, but Blair had enough of that even before Bon Temps and to watch yet another man look over her was not part of her plan. She knew when she'd lost. Abandonment was an old friend.

It's humiliating, really. Eric was her maker and she lost him to some...human. It was always Sookie-this, Sookie-that and she'd even caught them...

Nate and Serena all over again. Heightened expectations, disappointment, betrayal and this time, she didn't have a Chuck to turn to. She didn't have anyone but herself. For all eternity. How fucking depressing.

The worst part is, they'd kissed - her and Eric. She was sure of it. When she first woke and he touched her face and had his arm around her. It was... sweet. Probably the sweetest kiss she'd ever experienced. Then the next thing she knew, he was treating her like she was his child. She'd never felt so insulted.

Of course, she still retained her deceptively guileless good looks and when she sighed and pouted, a handsome young man, someone she would have been interested in during high school, came up to her seat in the midnight, northbound Acela. "You okay, beautiful?"

"Just a little lonely. A long way to New York."

"Well, why don't I keep you company?"

Blair smiled. Perhaps she'd get a meal out of this after all. Sure, she wasn't allowed to talk to strange men, but Eric can leave his rules for his little Sookie. It was time for this little birdie to fly.


"What do you mean, 'you lost her'?"

Eric was never leaving again. He went to solve one thing for 3 days with the mind-reader and he lost his fledgling due to his incompetent staff. In his frustration, his favorite chair had already become a casualty and it looked as though many would follow. "Eric, calm-" he was in front of Sookie Stackhouse before she could even finish her sentence. Bill knew enough to pull her away by the arm.

His glare lingered on her for a second before sweeping the room again. "Find her."

"We've looked everywhere. She's not here."

"Well, look again." He turned his back to them as they filed out, his hands flat on the bar. She was strong, certainly. And smart. But the idea of her wandering alone, recklessly feeding as many newborn were wont to do, having to find shelter in time. Or what if she decided to flee once and for all to find another... No, it would be too much. Too embarrassing, of course, since Eric was a sheriff and if he couldn't keep a leash on his... yes, that's what he told himself.

Or maybe someone took her. He clenched his fists at his sides. If anyone was that foolish, he'll rip the bastard to pieces.

He retreated to her room. It's small, and he was certain she was accustomed to luxuries beyond that which Louisiana could provide, but she had insisted that the little room beside his was fine by her. The bed against the wall was neatly made, as she retained much of her human nature - especially the constant need for order, and he sat upon it, thinking of the nights when he laid in his coffin on the other side of the wall and touched the lining, imagining her face resting peacefully there, her smooth little hands cradling her cheek and her knees curled up...

He pressed his nose against her pillow, the scent of her shampoo seeped into the fibers and he could smell her everywhere. "I'll find you soon. Don't worry, I'll bring you home."


"Miss, may I have the pleasure of seeing you again?" Blair took his hand and stepped off the train. She walked toward the glow of the Grand Central main atrium with her dinner trailing behind her, holding the one bag she had packed with her. Glamoring did so come in handy. The clock struck nine and through the glass doors, she could see that the car she ordered had arrived.

"I'm afraid this is where our rendezvous ends, but we'll meet again if it's meant to be." She gave him her hand, which he brought to his lips for a kiss. "Now, be a dear and bring my bag to the car for me?"

New York was always changing, but constant. With the wind blowing in the opened windows against her face, all the lights still blurred together accompanied with car horns and the smell of roasted nuts.

And blood. It's everywhere and under her skin. The scent floated through her nerves and her eyes opened wide at the mix of people who were all for her. For a while, Eric was busy with Sookie and Bill, troubled, polite Bill, had taken her under his wing. She'd lived off of true blood then. She wasn't particularly strong and feeding was always a bit clumsy. True blood was a neat, easy alternative - even if it did taste like gasoline.

Or worse, house gin.

It was fine, though, when Bill warmed it up just right and brought it to her while she laid in bed with hunger pains like Dorota used to do. It kept her safe, Eric said. Because he didn't like it when she wandered around on her own. He liked being there when she live fed.

That's all over now though. She listened to him before but now... he'd turned away too many times for her to care. She went to Louisiana to change - to stop being that girl running after a boy who always had his back to her and before she knew it, she found herself doing the same thing. No - Blair Waldorf, especially as a vampire, followed no one. She wasn't as strong as Eric, but she can take care of herself just fine, thank you very much.

She was different but everything was the same. The doorman greeted her politely and offered to bring her bag up and she acknowledged him with a quick nod. Her hunger satisfied and the reunion with Dorota, clad in bunny slippers and robe, done with, Blair couldn't help but smile satisfactorily at herself. The window curtains had been converted to doors to block any light, just as she requested. She was pleased that Dorota was still as efficient as ever. Five a.m... she knew she'd have things to deal with later, but she was going to have a fine day's sleep in her old bed and silk nightie. It was so great to be her sometimes.


It was a rare occurrence when sleep evaded Eric. After a thousand years, a man learned to let troubles drift from the mind for rest. Yet here he was, in the middle of the day, tossing and turning in his coffin like an adolescent boy who couldn't get his bearings straight. For the lack of a better word, Eric was restless. He couldn't wait for the damned sun to set so he could start searching for her once again.

But where would he start?

Pam and the others searched nearly the entire area and came up with nothing. He knew his Blair - unlike Jessica, she wasn't reckless or impulsive. She was sly, that one, and smart. All that added with the resources her name afforded her, finding her seemed like a herculean task, but one that he had to tackle all the same.

And he'd find her, he just had to.

He rolled over again, frustrated at not being able to fall asleep when his hand crept under and hit cold metal. He felt around it with his fingers - around the tiny ring of metal to the stone attached to it. It was Blair's ruby ring.

And then he knew - she had gone home to New York.