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Story Start


'Grappler arms were originally manipulators that were attached to EPE crafts. At first,it was the Chinese pirates that put the arm's abilities to new and devious uses. After he Chinese transport carried dragonite from planet to planet, the pirates began to attack their own craft with surprising intensity. To the pirates of the era, arms symbolized the strength of their ships and before long they integrated the arms into their attack methods. The Federation Space Forces became extremely irate with this situation and began developing grappler arms of their own, bragging that they planned to formally equip space forces fighters with them in the near future. They would be a force to be reckoned with. Because of the complicated manner in which space fighters used these grappler arms, space combat was clearly impossible without the aid of powerful computers. The combination of grappler arms and potent computers savagely pushed human physical and mental capacity to their limits and those that survived battle were spoken of with respect. They were known as grapplers.'Naruto paused the book he was reading upon Horus informing them they entered the same orbit of the asteroid.

''Alright, I'm gonna take us in.'' Hilda said as she released the anchors when attached to the asteroid. The others but Naruto looked on with restrained looks of curiosity at the sight.

''Whoa!'' Jim exclaimed in awe as they got a closer look at the large meteor where at the opening was that of an entrance to a hidden cashe of some sort.

Hilda turned and informed the others what they were going to do next. ''Okay guys, we're going over.'' boarding a small vessel that was soon departed from Horris, Hilda flew them over to the opening and activated a mechanism from the vessel that connected with the lock of the hidden storage system. Pressing a few keys she unlocked the gate and soon gain entrance to its contents.

Everyone then entered the confines and took a gander at the prize that Hilda stored away. ''Whoa! Awesome!'' Jim once more said in awe as they took sight of the vessel which was coated in a blue-green ship of sorts.

''So this is it.'' Gene stated as they all looked the ship over.

''That's it, the XGP15A2. A special ship. Built with the pirate's brains and the space force's technology.'' she said as the ship looked far more impressive then the usual prototype stored in a deck or bay or sorts. ''C'mon, let's go.'' She jumps to the hatch.

''You don't waste a second do you?'' Naruto asked her as he jumped up after her. He was curious about seeing the insides of this ship and what made it so special.

''Oh hey. Wait a minute, don't leave us here.'' Gene called out to them slightly flustered as he drew back a step.

Jim though couldn't resist the urge to tease Gene. ''Ah... Poor little baby. I'll hold your hand if you want me to.''

''Lay off, will ya.'' Gene snapped at the boy in annoyance before he and Jim jumped after the duo leaving Melfine behind who was still admiring the ship, lost in her thoughts as a phantom sensation filled her.

''The XGP... 15A2...'' she faintly said as uncertainty filled her large brown eyes, a fleeting sensation continued to fill her

Hilda's trained ears only heard the sounds of two more bodies leaping off the floor and turned her head to confirm her suspicion. Sure enough, Melfina continued to stand there in a sort of daze stance. ''Melfina, come!'' Hilda firmly commanded with a bit more edge then she intended.

Brought out of her daze Melfina answered with a quick. ''I'm coming!'' as she joined the others.

Pressing the second black button on the first row, followed by the fourth one on the bottom of the second row with the top one to finish the combination a hiss escaped from the door along with smoke as the door opened.

The group then head inside and began floating down the chrome blue corridors.

''Check it out! The controls are pretty unusual.'' Gene exclaimed as the unusual positions of the battle station as well as an unusual platform came into sight.

''Well it is a prototype of a new kind of ship. All things considered it's not too surprising.'' Naruto noted as Hilda sat down an object and opened it to reveal a device. ''An alarm craft huh?''

''You mean to tell me the pirates and the space forces worked together to build this thing?''

''The pirates couldn't have developed this ship on their own. They used money and connections
to get space forces to sign on.'' Hilda explained in response to Gene's question.

''But what in the world are you doing with a ship that's hidden in a place like this?'' Jim asked as a smirk formed on Hilda's face and she simply informed him in simple words.

''It's here because I swiped it from them.''

''Wow, I'm impressed. You managed to get on the bad side of the pirates and the space forces.''

''I owed em one.'' she finished as she continued typing until the words activate insides a octagonal sphere appeared on the screen. A countdown started from five to zero and with that the ship started. The ship slowly began coming to life. The needles of gauges moved slightly as a low whirring sound came from some of the consoles. Screens began to flicker on and was soon with a bluish-white light and soon the entire area was lit by lights.

A sound came out of nowhere along with some sort of chatter. ''Hey what was that sound?'' Gene asked as they all looked around for the origin of the noise.

Finally a voice spoke and they looked up to a circular monitor of sorts. It was divided into three sections with the orange upper half having a black dot and what looked like a scythe adorning it, the bottom half of the portion a mixture of blue and lime green and the right half black but was soon filled with the red of a red triangle that increased or decreased in response of the machine's speaking patterns.

''Good morning and good day to you. Ladies, and of course gentlemen.''

''Who are you?''

In response to Gene's question the machine introduced himself. ''I am myself. But it is inappropriate for me to subjectively define who I am. I'd take means to test the veracity of any such definition. And the restraints therefore have been placed within me restricting such an act.''

''What the heck kind of answer is that?'' Gene countered in outrage.

''The only answer I have in regards to myself is that the name I have been granted is Gilliam 2. And that I have been authorized with the maintenance of this vessel.''

''Hey, he's the ship's computer Gene.'' Jim pointed out.

''Yeah? Well why didn't he say so?'

''Incidentally, just who might you two gentlemen be?''

''They happen to be the ship's crew.'' Hilda answered the computer's inquiry.

''One moment please... Oh dear, there seems to be a problem. It appears there is nothing regarding this that's been recorded in my memory.''

''Of course not, you've just recently been activated. Just start from now.'' Hilda ordered the artificial intelligence.

''One moment please... It appears part of my personal service regulations file has been
deleted. Shall I attempt to recover it?''

''No that's not necessary we are the crew. Obey the orders of the crew.'' she ordered the machine once over.

'''I'm going to go take a look around.'' Naruto informed Hilda, if only to claim the most kick ass room for himself.

''Understood. As it stands, I have no authority to run a search on you.''

Gene though snapped in response to the A.I.'s behavior. ''This is really ticking me off! Just launch the stupid ship, Gilliam! Do it right now!''

''Of course sir.'' it said as it took a moment to use the ship's camera to record everyone's face and information. Everyone's personnel recording was soon complete. Gilliam though informed them that it was unable to launch the vessel as it supported all operations of the XGP15A2 except for piloting which Hilda assured them that Melfina would handle it, or more like she would assist Gilliam. Though with the crew furnishings unloaded and the food stores are limited to 10 emergency packs they had there work cut out for them. Though just when Hilda was about to christen the name of the ship an emergency call from Horus responded them that there was a pirate ship and an unidentified ship not too far from their position and it was closing in fast.

Chapter End

Now it's time for Kyuubi16 to be a dick and once again leave you guys on a cliffhanger. Why did it take me two years to update this fic? What is this mysterious vessel? How long must we wait for more original material and kickass stuff to appear in the next chapter. Yeah well...I don't have the answers as I haven't thought of them yet.

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