In like any proper fairytale told to the younger generation, it must (and usually always) start with a slightly-wayward-but-ultimately-in-the-major-plotline-becoming female protagonist. Well… this fairytale doesn't particularly have one… so

If you could care less about the politics and prejudices between two opposing countries... Fairy Godmothers in drag... green haired witches that pull ninja moves... and very fancy glass slippers-that-aren't-made-of-glass… then by all means, this is not your cup of Oolong.




Chapter One:


Two separate whistles of male laughter crept from underneath the thick, wood door of the tiny room. The boy sitting cross-legged in ashes rolled his green eyes at the obnoxiousness of it — at fat-ringed fists banging, at steel-toed boots shuffling and stomping.

Cinder-aku wasn't a very spiteful nickname…

Or — by any stretch of the imagination — remotely clever

"Eleven-kun! Why haven't you cleaned the front parlor properly? Father will be pissed to see the mud we trampled in all over the new white rugs!" What had to have been Bradley (given that it had a vague sensation of nails-on-a-gritty-chalkboard) snickered against the other side of the door. "You don't want to be whipped bare ass naked with the buckle, now do you?"

Suzaku stared hard at the round, precious item weighed in his hands. "Bet you'd just love that…"

"What did you say to me, you little shit?"

"I said I will be right out to clean the parlor!" he responded with mock-good cheer, lifting up one of the square stones by the unlit fireplace to gently tuck away the old-fashion pocketwatch.

On the way out of his bedroom, Suzaku was blindsided by a large fist to his cheek. Blood bloomed inside his mouth as one of his stepbrother's legs kicked his solar plexus. He felt himself go down to the floor hard as his other stepbrother Kanon chuckled softly nearby.

"Nice face, Eleven. Maybe you should take your comedy performance on the road," the blue-eyed boy quipped, very pleased in the manner of his stance.

"Not if I kill him first…" Bradley grinned manically, showing off his rather large and sharp front molars, and delivered another swift kick to the boy's stomach.

Suzaku let out a dry retch, burying his face away.

"Hey, if you break his ribs he won't be able to stand up! Father will be angry!" Kanon grabbed the cackling man's swinging arm, pulling anxiously, "Hey! Knock it off!"

"It is imprudent to fight against trash. Have I not taught you anything? You will gain no merit from it," Charles said, entering.

He slowly unfastened his lavish cloak from his broad shoulders, dark eyes honed on the bleeding figure, "And what are you doing lying about, boy?" he snapped. "How can you accompany my sons to the marketplace if you are falling asleep on my carpet?"

"…yes sir…." Suzaku gasped, heaving himself onto his knees in a bowing position. Red dripped from his open, stinging mouth. Charles watched on, sneering, disgusted.

"And you will clean that stain when you return. No excuses."




And, of course, in our story… there must be a handsome and selflessly heroic Prince Charming…




Around the same time the three heirs of the House of Waldstein climbed into their carriages destined for the previously mentioned marketplace, at the Britannian Royal Castle — someone had been caught trying to break the rules. The perpetrator himself tugged at his unfashionable, tattered concealing robes as one of his more responsible sisters fought to keep him in place.

"No! Lelouch! You'll get yourself caught by the Royal Knights!" Euphemia huffed, straining on the balls of her high heels as he tugged again, almost sending her stumbling forward (except that he barely had the strength). "There is no one person in this village that won't recognize you for your features!"

"That's why I have these clothes. I can keep my face covered," Lelouch insisted, smiling thinly and letting go of his brown cloak. The pink-haired girl fell over her skirt, crying out in surprise with elbows on the marble floor, and then glared up at his smug smile.

Prince Charming, indeed

"You just want to make Mother and Father furious at you!" Euphemia accused, getting back on her feet and dusting her overly sized and silk, pink ruffles off.

"It has nothing to do with them."

Her brightly-hued lavender eyes blinked in confusion as Lelouch's face darkened.

He muttered, "Forgive me for speaking so frankly against our parent's wishes, Euphy… but I want something better than to be trapped behind castle walls on my own accord like the rest of our siblings. Or be married off to some fool because of an archaic protocol…"

"But it is tradition to be married to your chosen fiancé when you turn eighteen!"

Lelouch sneered. "Just because you happen to like yours…"

She blushed profusely.

"Regardless…I don't believe that it will result in a setback if I am gone for mere an hour or so…" he added, a triumphant twitch lifting a corner of his long mouth, as his elder sister chewed on her lipstick lip nervously — Euphemia could never say no to him for long.

Her own fault if he was detained by the Knights. He was known for being a troublemaker. She should have known better.

After a moment, Euphemia turned her back to him, clutching her full skirts crossly and in silence.

Lelouch took his chance without looking back.




Meanwhile, back at the marketplace, Suzaku grew weary of staring at the endless rows of food like rotting melons and cracked walnuts in carts, or at barters yelling sales about obviously stolen jewelry. But he wasn't about to defy his stepfather's wishes of helping his sons shop. It wasn't an option.

He carried the heavy bags of what Bradley and Kanon bought, without much effort (very much use to the forced labor). With the same fashion of effortlessness, he pulled in the curious and eager stares of the female market-goers. Even decked out in the predictable 'slave boy' ragged clothing, his looks otherwise were nowhere near ugly or deterring — even if strongly Japanese.

And neither one of his stepbrothers approved of this attention.

For the second time that day, Suzaku was caught off-guard. The connected kick to his side had been half-hearted at best but the boy dropped the bags, spilling their contents onto the cobblestone road. One of the rolling oranges was crushed by a passing horse's hoof, another stolen by a hungry child.

Kanon sneered, walking off with a sweep of his chartreuse-colored cloak. "You are so clumsy, Eleven. It's damned embarrassing to be in your company sometimes…"

"Oh, Cinder-idiot, it looks like I've got some mud on my new boots." His assaulter Bradley laughed maliciously, jabbing the steel toe of his boot into Suzaku's chest. "How about licking it off?" He added enough pressure to cause his victim to grit his teeth painfully.

That's when it happened.

One of the escaped oranges from Suzaku's bags returned to them, bouncing off Bradley's skull and oozing sticky, citrus liquid into his also orange, spiky hair. Livid, the nobleman whirled around — the marketplace was crowded but visibly, a tall figure in a heavy, brown cloak a yard away pointed in the direction of a hungry child running full speed away. Bradley swore, following the child doggedly.

Suzaku's eyebrows lowered in suspicion as the stranger swished his cloak dramatically, approaching him, presenting a helping hand out. "Are you alright?"

He did not accept it. Of course. Why trust a stranger who swished?

"Did you throw it?"

"Indeed, I wonder who the perpetrator was…" the stranger mused aloud.

By how his husky, handsome voice went — Suzaku sensed an extremely arrogant smirk beneath the cloak-hood.

"What is your name?" Suzaku asked him, now frowning but intrigued.

The cloaked figure paused noticeably before murmuring, "Rolo. Rolo Lamperouge." He had not moved his hand from Suzaku's airspace. "And you have a name, fellow?"


Although a bit unsteady, he rose to his own feet, signaling Rolo to withdraw his offer.

"A stubborn one, aren't you?"




"Should we mine the mountain, dearest?"

The woman with black, coiling hair looked up from stretching over to tie her riding boots — nudging away her bobbing ladies-in-waiting who clucked their tongues in disapproval and fretted in hushed whispers to each other when Marianne the Flash made it very clear she had no patience for them.

"Ohoho~" A slow, sexy smile spread over her alabaster features as she chuckled at her husband, "That sort of talk so early in the day? I just laced my corset, love. Surely it could wait until sunset…"

The distinguished King Jeremiah Gottwald — of the most royal and the noble Houses founded on Britannian soil — blushed like an inexperienced virgin across his coffee-colored cheeks. "How impudent of you, my Queen! That was not what I was deliberating!" he sputtered.

"You make it appallingly easy for me," Marianne countered with the same smile, her violet eyes crinkling with pleasure — even as her ladies scoffed at her brusque attitude, shuffling away in their petticoats and pearls in embarrassment. "About that mountain in the Kyoto region… have our ambassadors discerned if the Eleven ambassadors will agree to the sakuradite treaty?"

"Nothing has been drawn up," Jeremiah said, sinking back into his velvet, blue throne. He shaded his eyes with one hand and sighed, "I do not wish for more conflict between the nations when we have come so far. But our nation and our kingdom depend on that supply of sakuradite."

"If it is a war, then I will fight beside you," she said calmly.

His orange eyes crinkled up as well as his Queen marched up the steps. She marched with all the power and dignity he admired in her from when he first laid eyes on her. She pressed her fingertips to her lips and then stroked his gently. "…Where ever would I be without you…?"


One of their daughters raced from the hallway, dragging along another who sobbed loudly. Carine le Britannia scowled, shrieking as she grabbed a fistful of the princess's pink, flowing hair, "HAVE HER PUNISHED FOR HER AUDACITY! WHIP HER IN THE COMMON STREETS! HANG HER IN THE GALLOWS!"

"There will be no need for such beastly talk. And did I not tell you to stop bullying your older sister?" Marianne said sternly to her youngest, "What has she done to deserve such treatment?"

"TELL YOUR QUEEN WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, YOU HORRIBLE WRETCH!" Carine threw Euphemia forward roughly in the direction of the thrones. She caught herself before tripping, sniffling through the agony in her scalp and her terror.

"O…oh…" Euphemia le Britannia squeaked, "He has escaped again… it is all my fault, Mother, Father…"

At the sound of this, as if accustomed to this sort of vague news, the King groaned into his hands, sinking further into his seat as if wanting to vanish into the luxurious cushions. His wife joined in with a short, curt groan, narrowing her eyes.






So I am posting this a little bit earlier then I had scheduled especially since I need to finish a couple updates...but...eh. Yes. Eh. That is my answer. By the way, Code Geass isn't mine. Definitely not mine at all. Writing this for creativity purely. And it shouldn't be. Cause I'd make the characters do questionable things. That may or may not give fangirls of all ages sudden and severe heart attacks. But they would be out of love I tell you. LOOOOOOOVE. ;3

This Cinderella parody for Code Geass has been gallivanting around my noggin for the past several months. Or more. I just knew that I wanted Suzaku as Cinderella. Because the role begged for him. And I figured I'd make Lelouch the Prince Charming because...seriously? My fellow Lelouch fangirls would smack me for thinking he'd be suitable for a DIFFERENT role. Um. I know other CG writers have played with the Cinderella plot device in whatever form (and I have only just discovered that they existed... O.O) so I am not the only one. And that's cool. I've got my own twisted ideas for this. Um. I can give you a list of roles that all the CG characters play in the story if you get too confused or too curious... you will have to message me first. Um. This is ALSO a more slower developed shounen-ai. I'm not jumping headfirst into a relationship that doesn't exist yet. Um. No more than four chapters for this. And reviews would give my writer soul and muse juice. ;PP