Over: Dean is sick and Sam is over Dean's stubbornness. A drabble for Bhoneys birthday!! She requested some Hypothermic! Dean, Caring! Sam, so sorry it's so late, real life got in the way…so…happy late birthday!!

"Dean…are you okay? You don't look so well…" Sam gave his brother a worried look as he put his hand on Dean's forehead.

"Yeah…suffice Sammy, go help dad get ready; I'll just…lay here till we leave"

"No Dean…you're not going anywhere and neither am I" Sam stopped his brother from getting up and put the covers back over Dean.

"Sammy c'mon I'm fine…really" Dean lied, he didn't look our sound fine.

"Dean I'm over you being so damn stubborn, so just lie down and I'll be right back"

"Where ya going?"

"To get medicine so I can take care of you