The mystery of her and how it plays In my path

Walking through the dark I gaze up at my path. Coming from the forest I see nothing more then a tiny light arising from the forest. Not much of a light yet a little glimmer maybe this is the embodiment of my hope, that which my life would be happy and I not travel alone In this world. May there be something to help and heal my sole or shall I wonder in this world ever lost bye myself to wither and decay. Oh how fate has turned and twisted my life making it nothing yet a hellish plight. But here she comes, this light this embodiment of hope, will she relieve me of thy grief and pain? Will she be with me to be that who I may and con love and may and can love me, or will she deny that path and turn away from me keeping life as it is or bringing happiness. She holds the path and key, she and only she. What will she do what will she play. I wish I knew to ease my confusion and to help my worried sole. Will she help and say and do what I hope she will or deny and say nay to leave me be nothing more then I have and ever been. For I know not the outcome of this chapter and road of life only that which I hope to happen and hope to be and pray that it comes true, other then that I know not and continue to sit here and watch and be that which life destines me…waiting, watching, hoping, and praying….

Confused and wandering through to her I see the look in her eyes, stretching forth my hand into the darkness I say come with me and enter into the path, share with me this world and embark with me on this journey. She reaches then hesitates second guessing herself, slowly she starts sliding away farther into the darkness as I try to reach her. But ever elusive and right out of my reach I grasp toward her, come with me I say don't leave me in this darkness alone share this path with me…….but fate shant grant me the answers to the questions I ask or the clues about thine own hopes. Only as before nothing changes and doth stay the same. As though the same and unchanging effervescent wind and the world in which I inhabit. I stay the course and along my path reaching when she is within my grasp though I fail I cannot stop but try and hope. As long as I try that is the best I can do for now and hope she notices from the shadows in which hides. Come to me I continue to say waiting to she if she hears. And if she will take my hand in hers. But sadly still I know not and continue to sit here and watch and be that which life destines me…waiting, watching, hoping, and praying….

The Fallen Dark Angel, Kamui Shirou