Lord of the World


Naruto x ?

Luffy x ?


Author's Note


This is going to be a massive crossover with over 200 series crossed not to mention this isn't, they all just exist in one world. No there will be a whole backstory and reasoning behind all of it as well as an explanation for Naruto's behavior throughout this fic. I just ask you all be patient and enjoy the ride. Those who are patient will get an excellent payooff as the idea behind this story has been five months in the making and planning.


Story Start


A young man skid across the water as if it was natural. The man had golden yellow hair in the style of tuft spikes. His clothing consisted of a long orange captain's coat and beneath it he wore a white shirt and had a black sash around his waist. He also wore black pants and black sea boots.

In his vision appeared that of a ship. A pirate ship, the jolly roger on the black rag gave it away. With a mighty leap he propelled himself the rest of the way until he landed on top of the ship.

Under his arms he carried two things. One was a small chest, birch with the steel makings that accompanied in and under his right arm he carried a large tomb with ineligible writing.

"Where's your captain?" the man asked, a sharp look in his cerulean blue eyes. Outrage was the answer to his arrival and demand. The crewman boasting they were the crew of Iron Mace Alvida and such.

Several of them attacked him, charging with blades and in a flash the charging crewman collapsed. Sparking fear and paranoia among them.

One of them cried out and told someone by the name of Coby to go get the captain. For a fleeting moment Naruto's eyes found this coby, a boy, no older than fourteen with pink hair and glasses.

'Must be a cabin boy' he thought as the boy retreated to get their captain.

Soon the boy returned with a morbidly obese woman with long wavy black hair, and freckles on her cheeks.

She wore a white cowgirl hat with a large red plume, a red neckerchief, a pink plaid shirt, and a blue captain's coat over it with the arms in the sleeves unlike many other pirates. She wore rings on her fingers and her long sharp fingernails had red polish. She also had a purple sash with a flintlock pistol tucked in it and some jewels. She also wore graying pants and red shoes with gold buckles.

"You have some brass ones sneaking board my ship and making demands. I'll teach you what happens when you screw with me." Alvida hoisted her heavy iron mace high and with a swing brought it down towards the blond.

The blond twisted to the side as the iron mace collided with the wooden structure, causing a small hole as wood splattered from the force of the attack. The blond leaped forward and with one solid blow to the temple sent Alvida flying back and crashing into the back of the ship.

The crew stared on, mouth a gaped and in shock. The blond man proceeded to yawn and stretch. "I think I'll catch a nap. Wake me if your captain comes too." He remarked as he went to where Alvida's private quarters were. As expected the captain's room was large, at least large for a small ship like this with a King size bed and the best of what looked like furniture stolen from various ships. The differed qualities and appearances indicated whatever pillaged goods were no longer needed were simply sold off.

He rested for a good while before the sound of the door being heavily smashed down woke him from his peaceful daze. He sat up from the chair and was quick to observe the bruise on Alvida's cheek. An injury he didn't cause.

"Ran into trouble I see." The blond remarked as he stood up from the chair. He was quick to notice Alvida tightened her grip on the mace.

"What the hell do ya want? Who are ya?" Her eyes were filled with fury. The pirate captain was not having a good day.

"I suppose the rumors I heard were true. East Blue is rather self contained. A nice place for me to start over and rebuild my forces." The blond noted to himself out loud. He raised his hand as he stopped Alvida's attack with ease. The feet caused the pirate captain to step backwards in shock.

"Not another one of you freaks." She whispered out. "First the straw hat boy and now you."

Naruto craned his head slighty. 'strawhat?' He turned his full attention to her. "I wouldn't say I am a freak miss Alvida, just a man on a mission. A man seeking opportunities. Allow me to introduce myself. Naruto Uzumaki, the lot of you know me as the Terror of the Seas among my other titles."

Alvida's body went pale from shock at this revelation. "You…you're dead." She whispered. Anywhere the world government could splatter their propaganda they advertise the death of the infamous pirate.

The pirate who was well on his way of usurping one of the Four Emperor's seats, killed by agents of the world government.

"As you can see the world government has jumped the gone in declaring me dead. And the reason why I am here is because I have been looking for you."

"Me? What do you want with me?" What could she have to offer a pirate of his prestige?

"While my death has been exaggeration the damage to my reputation and forces were not. Those who did not managed to get away were captured. I lack both the money and the manpower to risk a seize so I need to build myself back up. What better place than to start at East Blue and with those who have experience?" Producing a key Naruto opened the chest he had been lugging with him to show a devil fruit.

"An Akuma no Mi." Alvida whispered. She had heard of these legendary cursed items, but this was the first time she was seeing one up close.

"The Sube Sube no Mi, the ability to smooth. It makes the user immune to conventional weapons as well as weapons such as bladed and regular fire arms. Seastone or those with haki would be necessary to hurt the users. As you can see it's a useful fruit in itself, but it works better when combined with the eater's feats seeing as Devil fruits only alter irregularities or disadvantages of the user while keeping their advantages. In other words a user with incredible stout strength has the power to bring out its potential better than an ordinary fighter."

Alvida didn't know what to say. Could she even refuse? Against a pirate of this caliber she wouldn't stand a chance if she angered him.

Naruto continued, smoothing over the offer. The book under his arm glowed faintly. "What I need is to bolster my numbers and strong captains under my command. If its prestige you desire or power I can help you get both. Also if rumors of the Sube Sube no Mi are true it might slide that weight right off you." The moment he had finished that statement Alvida had already taken a large chunk of the fruit.

Naruto looked into the chest and brought out a stack of fliers. He took Alvida's poster and crumpled it up as he glanced over the next one. With one subordinate to his cause and with her crew that meant it was time to collect the next one.



Chapter End


Captain Naruto Uzumaki

Bounty: ?

Berry Balance: 476. 405 (Alvida's confiscated Haul)

Items: Empty Chest, stack of wanted Posters, Old Tome.


-Officers: Alvida.

-Regular Crewman: 40