This is the first of a two parter. This is slightly different to what I normally do, so I hope you enjoy it

Terry pushed the door open to CID with such force that it bounced off the wall, nearly knocking Jo out as she followed Terry into the main CID office. Stevie was the last one to walk in, and was about to follow Mickey when the DI's door opened.

"Stevie, get the other three, I want a word." Neil said sharply, before shutting the door to his office.

"Brilliant." Stevie muttered under her breath. She walked over to where Terry was slumped in his chair, head in his hands. Jo was sat on Terry's desk, her face blank. Mickey came up next to Stevie.

"What did he want?" Mickey asked, his head signalling the DI's office.

"He wants to talk to all of us now." Stevie said, kicking herself for getting all of them into trouble.

Terry looked up, and as if reading her mind said, "It wasn't your fault sarge."

"Thanks for your vote of confidence Terry, but it was my fault. I was in charge of the operation and I blew it." Stevie said, pushing her short blonde hair off her face.

"With all due respect, none of us were able to stop them." Jo added, touching Stevie's arm as she walked past her to the DI's office.


"What the hell happened?" Neil asked, rounding on Stevie when all four of them had crowded in around Neil's desk.

"We were following them in the cars, like we were supposed to. We were concentrating on the Jeep, as that was the car my informant said would be used by the main players. When we got to the place the exchange was taking place, three people got out, instead of four. That's when we realised something was wrong. They did the exchange, not the original four who were supposed to. When we arrested the three men, two motorbikes sped off past us, and we realised they had been tipped off and were checking the information they had received was right." Stevie said blandly.

"So you let four dangerous, armed robbers get away. That's what you're telling me?" Neil asked, slamming four folders down on his desk. He opened them up, getting the pictures of the criminals out and laying them in front of the four detectives. The four criminals were smiling in their mug shots, two pairs of green eyes and two pairs of blue shining with malice. "Louisa Daniels. Jonathan Daniels. Alfie Taylor. Robbie Hargreaves. These were our targets. These are the most dangerous out of the seven. And you let them go."

"We didn't let them go!" Stevie said, anger building, "We were double crossed!"

"This was your investigation DS Moss. You should have allowed some thought that this could happen." Neil retorted.

Stevie just looked at him, before storming out, slamming the door behind her. Mickey, Jo and Terry looked at each other, then to the door their sergeant had just exited.

"None of us would have seen that happening, gov." Mickey said quietly.

"And that is exactly the problem. You all thought this would be a simple arrest." Neil said, all the anger leaving him as quickly as it had come.

"Guv, she did her best considering what happened. We nearly had them, but they were on motorbikes, the car couldn't follow them down the side streets." Terry said.

"I know. I know, I've seen the report. Jo, go see if DS Moss is ok please. You're dismissed." the DI put the pictures of the four armed robbers back in the folders and put them in a pile on his desk. The truth was, he felt guilty. He was the one who was supposed to be running the operation, but he had handed it to Stevie. He was under pressure from the Superintendent, he couldn't handle an operation at that moment. So it was his fault, not Stevie's, but he had to take his guilt out on someone.


A few hours later, Sally and Tony were in reception. Sally had been back from maternity leave only two months previously, and was still only working part time. She had been assigned to reception that day, along with Tony. It had been a dull day, hardly anyone had been in. The only person who had been in was a woman who was complaining that her neighbours refused to cut down some trees in their garden which obscured the sun from the woman's garden. Sally had made Tony deal with it, she knew it was wrong but she would have ended up laughing. Tony had just brought Sally a tea, and she walked out the reception area to the front of the station to take it off him. A sudden breeze hit them both in the back, signalling someone had just walked into the station.

"Turn around, now!" a male voice shouted. Sally and Tony froze, their eyes widening. Tony nodded slightly, and they turned round to face four masked people.

"Good, now put the drinks down." the voice said again. Tony sidestepped, placing his and Sally's drinks on the counter of reception.

"What do you want?" Sally asked, her voice shaky.

"We want to get through to the cells." a females voice answered.

"And you're going to let us through." another males voice added.

"I don't think so." Tony said simply, standing slightly in front of Sally.

"Oh? And why would that be?" a final male voice asked, his head cocked to one side.

"Because you're masked and armed, and I'm not letting you through." Tony said, eyeing the four guns.

"Look fat man, let us through now, otherwise your blonde friend here will end up with a hole in her heart." the woman hissed through her mask. Sally's heart tightened in fear, and images of her ten month old son flashed in her mind.

"Tony, just let them through." Sally said, placing a hand on Tony's back. Tony turned his head to look at Sally, and Sally took the opportunity to whisper something in his ear.

"What did she just say?" one of the men demanded.

"She was just reminding me of the code to the door to let you through." Tony said with a smile.

"At least one person is smart." one of the other men said, and the two officers could hear the smile in his voice.

Tony turned and headed for the door which led to the rest of the station. He keyed in three numbers, 999. As soon as Tony had finished putting in the three numbers, a shrill alarm went off, not unlike a fire alarm. Metal shutters came down on the front of the station, leaving the four armed gang members trapped in the station, along with the officers.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" the woman asked, her head snapping round to the shutters which had now reached the floor, throwing the reception area into relative darkness.

"Bad move fat man." a man at the back said, leaning round his friend, his gun pointed straight at Sally.

Tony jumped in front of the bullet, saving Sally from a shot to the heart.

"Tony!" Sally screamed, coming down on her knees and quickly pushing her hands against the blood coming form his upper right chest.

"Get behind the desk." Tony wheezed to Sally. She looked up at the four gang members, and while they were distracted, she pulled Tony behind the reception desk, pushing the panic alarm button underneath the desk which rang in time with the main alarm.

"You weren't supposed to shoot anyone you idiot!" one of the men said to the man who shot Tony.

"For God Sake Robbie! What the hell were you thinking?" the woman asked.

"I was thinking that they weren't doing what they were told, now come on, let's go." Robbie said, and Sally heard another gun shot, accompanied by the sound of smashing glass. She peered over the desk to see the glass doors leading up to CID had been shot apart, glass glittering all over the reception floor. She heard four sets of footsteps going up the stairs; they were headed for CID.

"I'm gonna call an ambulance, you'll be fine." Sally said, keeping one hand pushed firmly on Tony's wound.

"They won't be able to get in." Tony replied, coughing.

"They will, there has to be a way out." Sally replied, wiping her forehead, Tony's blood streaking across it. "Thank you Tony, you saved my life."

"Don't worry about it, I couldn't leave little Oliver without his mum." Tony said, managing a weak smile.


Stevie's mood hadn't improved. Jo had found her crying in the toilets, and comforted her. They all knew that the reason Neil was angry was because he felt guilty, but of course he wouldn't admit that to them. And now half of CID had gone home, due to the end of their shift, and the other half were grabbing a bit to eat at the canteen while they had the time. Normally Stevie didn't like being on her own in the office, but today she wasn't in the mood to talk to people. She was just pulling the files of Louisa, Alfie, Robbie and Jonathan to her when the alarm went off. It wasn't the fire alarm, no, this one was different. Stevie paused in what she was doing, listening carefully. And that was when she heard it, the gun shot which had come from reception. She quickly assessed whether she would have time to get out of CID, but decided that whoever was out there would come upstairs next, right outside CID. She grabbed her phone from the desk and got onto the floor, climbing under her desk and positioning the bin in front of her. As she sat under there, she dialled out to SO19. Just as she got through she heard another shot go off, this time with the noise of shattering glass as well. And then another alarm, this one she recognised. It was the panic alarm from underneath the reception desk.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" someone said into the receiver.

"This is DS Stevie Moss. We have an emergency at Sun Hill Police Station, Canley. An alarm was set off, followed by two gun shots and then another alarm. There are intruders in the station with guns." Stevie whispered quickly into the phone.

"Listen, keep this line open, and change your radio frequency so that we can communicate through that. I want you to stay where you are, or hide. Do you know how many are in the building?" the voice asked, and Stevie could hear the tapping of a keyboard.

"I don't know, cause a shift has just finished so a load of officers have left." Stevie said, cradling the phone to her ear.

"How about the intruders? Do you have any idea how many there are?" the voice asked.

"No, sorry. Please, you need to get here quick." Stevie begged, hanging up as she heard the doors to CID swing open.


"Where is everyone?" Robbie asked as he walked into CID slowly, gun pointed ahead of him. Stevie froze, she recognised that voice from when she was undercover.

"I don't know, but lets just find who we're looking for and get them out." the woman said, and Stevie realised it was Louisa. So that must mean Jonathan and Alfie were here as well.

"How are we gonna get out? We're sealed in!" Jonathan said angrily.

"Nah, we can't be. There has to be one way out." Alfie said, looking through drawers. Stevie looked through the gap under her desk and saw four pairs of feet move slowly towards her hiding place. If they walked past her, she would have the opportunity to run out of CID and find help.

"Oh look, we're famous." said Louisa, and Stevie knew she would be looking at the display on the whiteboard in the briefing room, with all the details of Stevie's undercover mission on it, with all the intel gathered about the four armed raiders who were currently in the station. This was her chance to run. She pushed the bin away from her quietly, getting to her knees. She peered around the desk, seeing all four of them were distracted, looking at the display. She got to her feet and ran to the door, but she wasn't quite fast enough. She had just opened the door when she felt a searing pain on her left arm.

"Crap!" she hissed through clenched teeth, pressing her right hand on the gunshot wound on her left arm. She knew she only had a matter of seconds to get away from them and their guns, so she bought herself time by grabbing the fire extinguisher from just outside CID and wedging it between the handles, trapping the four raiders for a short amount of time. Stevie had just bent down when another bullet was fired, this time skimming the top of her hair. Stevie forgot to breathe for a moment, and then she raced down the stairs in the direction of the Inspectors office.


Stevie threw open the door to the Inspectors office, nearly taking the door of its hinges in her haste.

"DS Moss?" Gina asked, looking up from her paperwork.

Stevie looked at her incredulously, "Haven't you heard the alarm?!"

"It's the fire alarm..." Gina began to say before looking at Stevie's bloodied hand and arm. "What happened?"

"Four masked, armed raiders, up in CID. They won't be there for long though. We need to go, now!" Stevie said urgently, pulling the Inspector by her hand.

"Oh god, we need to let SO19 know and the rest of the station." Gina said, hitting the fire alarm on the way out, to let everyone know, if they hadn't heard the first alarm for some strange reason, or dismissed it as she herself had done.

"I've already been on the phone to SO19 before the four people came into CID." Stevie said, running down the corridor, closely followed by Gina.

"Right, do you know if there are any radios in CID?" Gina asked quickly.

"I don't know ma'am." Stevie said, looking behind her at the Inspector.

"Oh sod it. All units from Sierra Oscar 1, there are four armed raiders in the station, I repeat, four armed raiders in the station. They are currently in CID, but not sure how long it'll be until they get out. Everyone get to the canteen to assemble safely. No-one, and I repeat, no-one, is to approach these people. They have already shot DS Moss in the arm, they are highly dangerous. SO19 is on it's way, so keep your radios on the frequency so that they can contact us. Over." Gina clenched the radio tightly in her hand, hoping that no other of her officers had been hurt.


Nate, Beth, Jess and Smithy were hurrying along the bottom corridor, trying to get to the stairs at the far end of the station so that they could go up the back way to the canteen.

"I pick the best days to come in, don't I?" Beth said with a strained laugh. She was on maternity leave, but had come back in today to see al her friends; she was bored being home all the time.

"Yep, come on, we need to hurry up." Smithy said, placing one hand on the small of Beth's back, the other on her arm to help her along, slightly distracted after hearing Stevie had been shot.

"Oh god, I'll radio Callum. He got called to a shout with Will and Millie, he can't come back here." Jess said quickly, pulling out her radio. "Sierra Oscar 134 to 30."

"Go ahead Jess." Callum answered.

"Listen carefully, but don't panic. Over." Jess said, checking down the next corridor to check no-one else was down there.

"Ok, go ahead, over." Callum said warily.

"There are four armed raiders in the station. We don't know why they're in here, but they've shot Stevie in the arm, and they could have shot others as well. I'm just warning you, do not come back to the station. Over." Jess replied. There was no reply. "Callum?"

At last there was a crackling as Callum replied, "I can't stay away when I know my friends are in there, not when you're in there as well. Over."

"There is nothing you can do. SO19 is already on the way, and we're all going to barricade ourselves in the canteen. We'll be fine, don't worry. I'm changing the frequency on my radio now, so I won't be able to hear you. Promise me you'll stay away? Over." she begged.

"I promise. I love you. Over." Callum said quietly.

"I love you too. Over." Jess turned one of the dials on her radio, changing the frequency. She took a deep breath, Nate placed his hand on her shoulder.

"We'll be fine. Don't worry." he said, offering a small smile.

"Yeah, we will." Jess replied. Smithy stopped walking, turning his head back to where they came.

"Get in there!" he hissed, pushing all three of his officers into the female changing rooms. Nate was about to open his mouth when Beth covered it with her hand, putting a finger over her own mouth. All four officers stood silently, their ears straining for any sound. Smithy pressed his ear against the door, trying to hear better. He could hear the footsteps approaching where they were hidden, and then they stopped directly outside. He held his breath, as if they can hear it, and breathed a sigh of relief as the footsteps continued. Smithy turned around, ready to whisper something to the other three when Beth cried out. They all looked at her, and the puddle of water around her feet.

"My waters have broke!" she said in shock.