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The sequel!

And Riku...I'm using your idea!

This title shall be The Fallen meets the Cousin! XD

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Anyway, this is going to be tons of fun to write!
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Chapter 1



Egypt, 17,000 B.C.


Birthplace of the Human race.
A species much like our own...capable of great compassion...

And great violence.


The hot desert sun bared down on the group of proud hunters, who were currently in pursuit of the majestic orange and black striped beast.

With yells, they took off after the beast in a futile attempt to capture it. The chief of the tribe grinned maliciously when the proud beast disappeared over a rocky ledge.

'Attack!' He yelled in their native tongue. All of his men let out primal screams as they charged over the to the ledge in a blood thirsty attempt to get the savage, yet graceful beast.

What they found however, was something completely different. A tall structure that none of them have ever seen in their whole lifetimes...it was made out of some sort of shiny, silver/gray stone...but what they saw walking around this unusual structure made all of their eyes widen in amazement and fear.

Giant creatures that looked like they were made of the same material as their structure.

One of them looked their way, it looked like a creature of the Netherworld with its glowing red eyes, his sharp features, and his evil expression.

But these things were on their territory...so they did what they did best when it came to trespassers on their land.

They charged with spears in hand.

A giant foot descended on the stubborn humans, crunching their bones and organs in one single step.

The evil creature than reached down and plucked a unsuspecting human up in the air. The human's screams of terror and pain were music to his ears, so with a smirk he threw the shrieking man into a nearby cliff with a sickening crunch.

That's when Tatyana Topaz Witwicky/Prime woke up with a gasp.


Sorry for such a short chappy!

But it is just the prologue after all!
I hope you all are ready for some awesome story!