Cutesy, fluffy oneshot about House, Cameron, and their baby to celebrate that Jennifer Morrison probably isn't leaving the show, according to David Shore. Don't like that, don't read. But if you like the Hameron fluffapalooza, read on and enjoy!

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Was there even such a thing as four in the morning?

House groaned when a hand tapped his arm again.


He pulled the blanket over his head and burrowed closer to the sleeping form of his wife.

The little noise became more persistent. "Daddy!"

He grunted, trying to ignore the annoying little voice. He had so not signed up for this.


Cameron finally rolled over and gave him a shove. "Your daughter wants you," she informed him.

Shh... If we're quiet, she'll go away."

The pint sized brunette crossed her arms. "Daddy, I'm gonna be late for preschool!"

"No, you're not. I promise," came House's muffled reply.

"Yeah huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

Cameron rolled her eyes. Sometimes she didn't know if she had one child, or two. "Cammy, come up here with me and Daddy."

The little girl quickly climbed up into the bed and settled between the two of them, sighing happily.

As soon as she was asleep again, House looked at his wife. "How did you do that?"

Cameron smiled widely. "It's magic."

He snorted. "My ass." He made himself comfortable in the bed again, then closed his eyes.


He grunted.

"It's Saturday."

He groaned softly and rolled onto his stomach. Of course it was...

The End.

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