Las Vegas was to be hosting a two day conference for special investigation teams from the north western United States. In the past the invitation to attend these conferences had always been addressed solely to the heads of department. However times were changing and it seemed indicated to involve other members as well. Invited, the Chief and his team headed for Vegas.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."


"It's all of us or I don't go either. It's as simple as that Dennis." At the tone of his voice it was crystal clear that Chief Robert T. Ironside wasn't planning to back down.

"Somebody should stay put in the office. You know… just in case," the Commissioner tried to bargain.

"Just in case of what? You have the whole damned San Francisco police corps waiting down there. It's not as if I was taking them all with me. It's just me, Ed, Eve and of course Mark. Three days, Dennis." Ironside stretched out, sticking up three fingers.

"I'm pretty sure you can survive that. Well … yes or no, Dennis? What is it gonna be?" Ironside pushed on.

The Commissioner hated it when Ironside did that. He never could think clear under pressure and he also knew that Ironside eagerly used this weakness to his advantage. "Three days, huh…?"

"That's what I said. Three days." Ironside confirmed; a little glow of satisfaction in his eyes.

"Well, alright. But … don't you make me regret it, Bob," the Commissioner sighed as he leaned back in his leather chair behind his desk.

"When did I ever let you down? And you know where to find us. Last thing I heard they do have telephone in Vegas." The Chief continued making fun of the Commissioner.

"You sure are good humored, Bob. Tell me. Are you up to something? Maybe … a date?" Randal added looking over his glasses, observing the Chief.

This remark was unexpected and didn't miss it's goal for it had the Chief looking surprised at the Commissioner. Randal flashed a smirk. Got you.

"I'll send you a postcard." Ironside added as he turned his wheelchair around.

"Three days, Bob!" was the last thing he heard Randall shout before the door closed behind him.

"I wonder why he wants us to go along?" Ed asked a rather busy Eve.

"Don't you fancy a little trip to Vegas?" she answered without looking up. She was packing for the Chief.

Ed kept on watching her. "It's only a short trip you know. Didn't he tell you? Three days max. He won't need all that stuff."

"Well ..., you know that packing needs a woman's touch," Eve replied while checking she hadn't left out anything important to the Chief.

"Maybe he won't even need it. The Commissioner hasn't accepted yet, especially since the Chief wants us both along. I still wond..."

"The Commissioner has accepted." Ed was cut short by Ironside who, entering his office, overheard Ed's doubts about all four of them leaving for Vegas.

'You order the tickets, Ed. See if you can get us a flight for tomorrow afternoon. That will leave us plenty of time to get settled and ..., maybe also ..., enjoy Vegas by night," he suggested with laughing eyes. "The conference is scheduled for the next day. So, let's take some time to enjoy ourselves. How about it? I hear no objections. That means, yes, Chief. We're absolutely delighted, Chief ...., Good.... ! I didn't expect anything less than these enthusiastic reactions."

Ed and Eve looked at each other and smiled. They knew this was coming. It really was his style.

He sometimes directed their lives like a father would. They didn't complain, they just accepted it, meaning that in the end they not necessarily disliked it.