*First was a totally awesome one, but it hasn't been updated since '05. Here goes, and don't hate ME if you hate IT!*


Cosmo Brown, head of the music department, arrived at Monumental Studios around 8:00 to work on the new picture. He put his key in the lock and turned it. The back door to the studio opened and he walked looked around and saw his best friend, actor Don Lockwood, talking to the cameraman. Don's wife, Kathy Selden, was talking to a few chorus girls about the new picture she and Don were starring in together.

Cosmo grinned as he thought about what would happen today at the studio. Production was to begin for a bright and flashy new picture, First Love. Kathy and Don were to play the lead parts,but the best friend was still to be decided.

Cosmo was happy fellow,although he didn't have the fame he had a great job,great friends,and a good only thing he didn't have was a fans always paid attention to the heartthrob,aka Don just stayed by Don's side,always cheering him always would try to set up Cosmo with someone she knew,but none of them seemed to be right.

Cosmo was cute, manly and handsome like Don, and had shiny dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes that highlighted his cheerfulness. He could play piano something good, sing, and dance.

Cosmo walked over to his piano and played a few notes, wrote them down and saw Don walking up to him. He comically played an introduction you would hear if he were walking down the red carpet.

Don laughed."Hey, how's the score doing?"

"It's going along just fine. It should be done it about three days."

"Y'know, I hear R.F. wants you in his office."

"He does? But I haven't written a will yet!"

Don laughed again and patted his shoulder."I'm sure it's wants to ask you about the score."

"Nah,he would've just come out here like he usually does to check on filming and yadda yadda yadda."He stood up and started walking towards R.F.'s office.

He knocked on the door.

"Yes?"came R.F.'s voice from inside.

"Room service."Cosmo opened the door."Hi, You wanted to see me?"

"Yeah,Cosmo,pop a squat."he gestured towards a chair in front of his sat down.

"Now,I wanted to talk to you about a new job here at the studio."

Cosmo slowly looked over at the trash can."Oh, Trash Man does NOT look good on a resume at all!"

R.F. laughed."Oh,no.I'll talk to Larry about that. He can't operate a camera to save his life."he sighed."I want you to be casting First Love. We tested about 100 of our contracted players,and no one seems good enough,"

Cosmo leaned forward to hear more,his elbows on his knees.

"We need a great young girl who cans sing,dance,and cry on cue. She'll play Francine Gale."

"But R.F.,rehearsals start in only a week!It's a great part,there must be only one girl who can do it."

"That's why auditions start today. Go over to the auditorium on Stage B-0 in about 30 minutes. You'll find Sid's helping you."

"All right, R.F."Cosmo got up and left."Oh, and R.F.?"he said,leaning through the doorway.


"Have you thought of changing Stage B-0's name to something more presentable?I mean,no one's gonna wanna come to a Stage with a name like that." he grinned and walked out.