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"And I can sing like a bird!"the wannabe starlet once again said.

"Well,then,sing!"Cosmo said,discreetly crossing off her name from the long list of auditionees.

Cosmo was in the auditorium with were at the end of their ropes from watching girls who insisted they had "talent,"but what they displayed could hardly be called talent.

"Twinkle,twinkle little star..."the girl screeched.

"Er...next,"Cosmo called out.

"But I haven't finished yet!"the girl began to cry.

The secretary quietly escorted the girl from the stage.

"Oh,brother..."Sid smacked his forehead."I thought Lina Lamont was like our Francine Gale hasn't been found."

Cosmo rolled up the list into a ball and threw it in the trash can."167 applicants...167 losers."he sighed."We'll have to use someone from the studio."

"Oh,please!You have to let me audition!"A distressed voice said from outside the studio doors.

Cosmo looked over and saw the secretary telling a girl she couldn't audition.

"Oh,but I've waited so long..."she leaned in,and she and Cosmo locked a few seconds,it seemed they were the only ones in the stage.

"Wow..."Cosmo he snapped back into reality."N-Nora!It's okay.L-Let her in."he said,not taking his eyes from stepped in and straightened her dress.

She had dark brown hair pulled back in a black headband,Her lips were pale pink,and her dress was white with polka black flats matched it,completing her not-too-glamorous flapper perfect was a person,Cosmo was looking at her.

She walked onto the stage,confident before an audience.

"Name?"Sid asked her,

"Elizabeth Shores."she put her purse down and walked up to the orchestra.

"Do you know The Early Morning Song?"



She walked back to the microphone and signaled the orchestra to couldn't wait hear her sing.

"And the lawn clock is heard with the chirp of a bird..."she went on to sing beautifully,and Cosmo had a hard time taking his eyes off her.

When she finished,she sighed and said,"What'd you think?"

Cosmo shot out of his seat,"Brilliant!"

"You really think so?"she said and her locked eyes and they didn't break for about five seconds before he whispered,"Yes."

"Uh,I hope I don't ruin a moment here,but uh...can you tap dance?"Regardless of the 'I hope I don't ruin a moment' he sure ruined it for Cosmo.

"Of course I can tap dance!I wouldn't be auditioning if I couldn't."she said,

"And can you cry on cue?"

Elizabeth stood for moment,her lip quivering.A second later,a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"She's perfect!"Cosmo shouted."You're hired!"

"Oh,,Really?I am??"Elizabeth put a hand to her mouth in surprise.

"Of 's unanimous!Right,Sid?"


Amy has been chosen!"Cosmo looked over at the secretary."You can tell whoever is waiting someone's been chosen."

The secretary nodded and walked outside.

Cosmo wrote Elizabeth's name down on the audition report and selected 'chosen'.

"Oh,I'm so excited!"Elizabeth said behind Cosmo,He turned around and smiled.

"When do rehearsals start?"she asked.
"Well,it all depends.I have to give this report to R.F.,he has to meet you,there's a lot to be done."Cosmo said sort of slowly,as not to stutter in her presence.

"When do I meet him?"Elizabeth asked,wringing her hands.

Before Cosmo could say anything,Nora called out,",R.F. Simpson wants to meet you."

"I guess right now."Cosmo gestured towards the started walking and Elizabeth giggled."I'm becoming a star keep calling me !"

"Ms.Shores?You're not married?"Cosmo asked,trying not to sound too interested.

"Nope,not yet.I'm hoping a great guy will come along."she said.

"Oh."Cosmo nodded,and kept inside,he was thinking big thoughts.