*This one is uh...'T KILL ME!!*


"But I don't understand.I thought I was doing this right."Elizabeth examined her tap shoes.

"Oh,you're doing it right,But you're not getting both parts in quick enough."Don was rehearsal time at the studio 2 weeks later,and Elizabeth was having trouble getting the riff was watching from the piano,worrying for Elizabeth.

Don demonstrated the riff;swinging your foot from the back to the front,hitting the floor with the ball of your foot,then your heel.

Elizabeth attempted to do it a few for times,but tripped and fell.

Cosmo gasped,and all too quickly stood up and walked over."Maybe I can help her,Don."He helped her up.

"Thank you,."Elizabeth said.

"Sure,take it away."Don said.

"'s really rather easy; you just have to remember to hit your toes then your heel.I think you're bringing your heel down first,which makes it harder to get the ball of your foot to the need to think;One,two,three,ball-heel!"

Elizabeth bit her lip and tried it again,nailing it.

"Perfect,perfect!"Cosmo looked at Don."Problem solved."

"Thanks,Cos!"Don took over and the trio continued.

Cosmo sighed and gazed at Elizabeth,wishing like heck he was out there too.