* it's COMEDY TIME!*


Naturally,as soon as Kathy got off the phone,she called the her chorus girl best friend with the great the girl called R.F.,R.F. called Rosco,and Rosco called his cameramen,the chorus girls,and practically everyone else at the ,the beautiful truth had been twisted horribly.

As soon as Cosmo stepped out of his house in the morning,reporters jumped out of the bushes and pounced on him with questions.

"Are the rumors really true?"

"Are you really in love with her?"

"Are you two getting married?"

"What shampoo do you use?"

Cosmo pushed his way throught the crowd and managed to get to work as soon as he stepped in,everyone cast funny glances at him and looked away,shaking their heads back and saw Don and ran up to him.

"Don,help 's giving me funny looks,reporters trashed my yard this morning,and people are whispering about me!What's going on?"

Before Don could say anything,Cosmo stood up on his piano bench and yelled,"Attention everyone!I've noticed the funny looks I've been getting..."Don shook his head and whispered,"Oh,brother..."

"...And I must tell the backstory."Cosmo continued."...That cookie was out in the open in the lounge,with no note on it or you all know how I can't resist a good oatmeal raisi-"Before he could finish,Don yanked him off the bench and pulled him into a corner.

"That's not why everyone's looking at you funny,Cos."he whispered something in Cosmo's eyes widened."WHAT??Th...That's not possible!Why would I ever do anything like that?"he shook his head."SECRET .Go separate ways so it doesn't look secretive."he said sternly.

He bolted outside,looked around to make sure nobody was there,and ran around to the was already opened the back doors to the prop room.

"So tell me again what you heard."Cosmo started pacing.

"Well,Joe told me this morning the scuttlebutt around the said that you and Lina were in love,you're going to the premiere together,and then you two are moving to Russia."

"But that's CRAZY!Why would anyone think I would be in love with HER?!"Cosmo stopped and he turned around and grabbed Don by the shoulders.

"Someone else found out about that night,Don!That's gotta be it."He dragged Don outside."To R.F.'s office!"