*Comedy/romance time!!This is the fun!*


Cosmo and Don raced into R.F's office to quietly closed the door so no one could hear them.

"Now why would anyone think I..."He stopped."Listen,"a quiet whimpering sound sounded throughout the room.

Cosmo looked around,then spotted the kneeled and looked under looked questioningly at slowly stood back up,then looked at Don."Don,do you mind,um..."He gestured towards the looked at the desk,then at Cosmo."Oh!Oh,uh,Okay..."He left.

Cosmo kneeled again at the desk."...Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth looked up at gasped at her tear-stained face."Oh."she said coldly."Hello,."Cosmo looked hurt."Oh,no,Elizabeth!"He grabbed her hand and pulled her out from under the desk.

"Don't you want to go talk to your girlfriend??!"She tried to pull away from his grasp,but Cosmo held put his hands on her shoulders."You...heard the rumor?"

She slowly nodded,then stood took her hands."Elizabeth,you're the only one I 're the only one I'll ever 't ever doubt and Lina...could you imagine??"he scoffed."I know I couldn't."

"So it's all just a gag?Nothing between you two?"

"Nothing at all."Cosmo wiped a tear from her leaned in to kiss,when suddenly,the door banged open and slammed against the and Elizabeth turned to look...and saw none other than Lina Lamont in the doorway.

"Cooooooosmoooooooo..."she said flirtatiously."Where were you?I wuz getting lonely agaaaaaiiiiiiiinn..."

"Wh..."Elizabeth looked at tear slid down her cheek.

"No,Elizabeth,I--"Cosmo began to yanked her hands from she stomped up to Lina."You can have him,Lina,"she walked to the doorway and looked back."...I don't care."The she ran out.

"Elizabeth!!"Cosmo ran to the door and saw Elizabeth grab her purse and dahs out of the let his arms hang at his turned back to Lina.

"Lina,why'd you do that??I--"He then remembered the whole incedent with Don."Oh,No...Not the fan magazines..."

Lina nodded quickly."Uh-huh!Can you believe we're engaged??You didn't even tell me!She hugged him.

"Oh Geez."Cosmo muttered.