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Introduction to The "Real World"

The world is a very ugly place, and it is full of people who are just as bad.

The city is full of people. The people all have a place to go, even the homeless and lost have a destination. These people; they do not care about the one sitting, bumping into, or walking by them. They are just another face; sometimes less. They are not important to this person's story, who knows if this person will ever be seen again. They will never see this person again. Never ever; hello and goodbye. No, not even a hello; what a waste of speech that would be.


The life of the person standing next to you; is it a life you would be willing to save? Of course not, why risk something of yours in order to save a complete stranger? They might not pay you back; they might not do a thing; you may even lose your own life. Saving someone's life, just caring about the life next to you; it is a good deed that may or may not bear you sweet fruit.

Do not save them; ignore them.

But in the middle of this crowded city is a huge building; a building that will state the opposite. This building spat the words justice, and its very appearance would tell even the dullest of man that he was to watch himself when near it.

Luxord leaned against the wall of the huge white and grey building oh so commonly labeled as the "Justice of Supreme Court". Typical pillars with typical huge long stairs with the very typical suited men and women walking to and fro from them. He was one of them; the suited folk. But Luxord paid no attention to these huge and true stereotypical formalities; as this was a part of his every day life. He had been to this huge building, many times before. It was his job to show up, his job to point and talk, his job to tell the truth. It was never his job to lie.

But why was Luxord leaning against the wall? What or whom was he waiting for? The day was late, and there was much to be done for our young hero. That's right; hero. Luxord was a hero. Unlike most of the robots that passed through this building; Luxord was not amongst most of them. Lawyers and judges and cops and criminal, even the victims; all of them were dirtied and they were all liars. Luxord's job was to tell the truth, he could not possibly lie. He had majored in criminal studies, so one would think he was quite a liar, but he did not lie. He was a simple psychiatrist; he studied mind over matter, and so lying was not something he could possibly pull off. True, there have been liars in the past, but when a doctor lied they risked having their pretty little certificate taken away; malpractice involves more things than messing up in surgery. If Luxord was going to lie, he better damn well know what he was up against.

But this does not answer why he was standing here. It answered who he was, as a man, what he did as a profession, and what he dealt with, as a man trying to pursue a profession. But it didn't answer why he was here, though one could now give a guess.

Well; for those who do not want to guess, the reason he was there, standing against the wall for what had to be a good two hours, was because our hero had, in fact; lied. He had lied and he had gotten away with it. And now he was waiting, waiting for the man who would soon walk through those doors, who would pass by him, and he would try to confront this man before it was too late to redeem himself.

He had been to the building many times. He was a huge key to whether or not this man, woman, child…whether or not they would be allowed to walk away free. He had the fun job of picking and choosing their fate. He would go into that brain, he would pick at it and he would be allowed to take his time, because such a huge decision must be made appropriately. And Luxord would never tell a lie, he had too much confidence in his choice, and for the longest time, he was on the "good" side. He would fight for justice and he would explain why this serial murderer did not deserve to go to the happy house. He had the fun of saying just because they weren't loved as a kid didn't mean they would be a killer when they grew up. It was a doctors words against a man who gang raped a teen. It was a man who spent years in a highly respected school, spending thousands and thousands to get the best education he could get…against an arsonist who lived in the ghetto and dropped out of college. He would always turn the jury inside out and he would have them eating out of his hands. And when he heard the words "guilty", you could bet Luxord would be smiling.

But today was different. No, yesterday was different, the case had not been today; it had been yesterday.

You see, although Luxord had been playing in the side of righteousness, the side of justice and loyalty; well, it didn't put all it should have on Luxord's table. That wasn't to say Luxord was low on funds; money was the least of his problems. But as time went by, Luxord grew…comfy, and as money came and went, he decided that he wanted more coming than going. So, about a month ago; when he was asked to, by two desperate catholic parents, to help them save their "confused" son from being sent away for life in prison, Luxord did the one act he had never thought he would do. He took it. He took the case and he asked the boy his questions and he looked up information in his books and he got paid by the hour. It didn't matter what the outcome would be; Luxord was not a lawyer, he got paid no matter what he did, no matter how he performed, no matter what. He realized this child was a lost cause; there was no cure for this boy. He would grow up to be a murder, a rapist if god was merciful, and he would evolve from killing cats and dogs to one who would stab an unlucky young college student who was just passing by. Luxord knew this, and for awhile he did not care. He even told the parent that there would be no victory for their son. He would get away with, if he was lucky, a slap on the wrist, but the odds were definitely against him. It did not matter that he was just eleven, or that he got good grade; the kid was, by all means, fucked.

But money was a cruel thing, and it made people do ugly things. Luxord was offered more money; the parents wanted him to say other wise. They wanted their little boy home and safe and away from the cruel world of the justice system. Luxord was only too eager to accept.

And he found just what he needed to get that boy away from jail. Sure, the kid would be getting counseling for a few years, but that was not so bad. Luxord wasn't going to be the one giving it, so it was not longer his problem; it was the psychiatrist who was gullible enough to take it. He was good to go, and he a huge nest of money in his bank, and he was just happy as a squirrel. But that was yesterday. Today was today and now he had to deal with the justice system once more. But the justice system was inside, and he was busy with a case of his own; so Luxord was stuck waiting for him to come out and he was waiting for that horrible speech to come. It would be long and oh so egotistical; especially considering who it would be coming from. He would have to give his reason as to why he did what he did, and although his reason was out of greed, he would not lie to this man. He could never lie to this man; there would be no point to it. But he knew he would not get away for his act; it was one thing when you were a lawyer desperate for a case; but when you always had a patient…when you always had a credit card to spare, there was just no real glory behind what he did. No; Luxord would have to take the scolding of a lifetime, and he would have to take it hard. All in the name of a friendship…so, at least to Luxord, it was not so bad.

"Luxord," a voice called from across the huge crowd of walking suits. Luxord looked up and stared at the wall of passer byes. From where he was he could spot a young blonde who was just about his age, and he could see her wave her hand and jump up and down as she tried ever so desperately to gain his attention.

"Larxene?" Luxord got up from the white wall and walked over, passing by the many suits and dress suits. He dodged the bodies and greeted the blonde whom he knew so well, but still rather puzzled by her surprise appearance.

Luxord stared and gave a smile to his dear friend. If not for her, he would not be so high on the pedestal that he now stood on. Behind the many victories of a man, there was always someone who was hard at work that was never seen. This was Larxene; a simple deputy in the line of duty. His best friend; a friend who was always recommending him, always by his side, helping and supporting him as he climbed his way to the top of the sick judicial world. But she was just a friend, nothing more to Luxord; and Larxene had come to terms with this long ago. And she was not the one he had been waiting for either.

"What are you doing here," she asked. She smiled her perky smile. "I thought you'd be at home-counting your treasures."

Luxord laughed. "No; not yet that is; I'm actually here on business."

"Business," Larxene asked with a rather curious look. She gave Luxord a quick glance and made note that he lacked any real material on him that he would need, if he were on business. He was dressed nice; but no professionally. If anything; he was a bit too standard today; he was only wearing the usual hundred dollar clothing. Nothing too fancy.

"You don't look like you're on business."

"Not professional business," Luxord said. "I'm here on a very personal matter." Luxord looked around the area and then back to Larxene. "Tell me; are you here with Xemnas?"

Larxene shook here head. "I came over to your place looking for you. When I didn't find you, I came here; I thought you had another case to attend to."

"I would never overwork myself that much," Luxord said with a smile. "I spent all bloody day in that hellhole of a room; I would possibly go insane if I attended another the next day."

"Ah, well," Larxene said. "So you're looking for Xemnas?"

"Yes," Luxord said. "I don't suppose you've seen him?"

"I actually have," Larxene said. "About a few minutes ago…don't tell me you were looking to talk wit him?"

"He…left, didn't he?"

Larxene nodded her head, sighing sadly. "The case didn't go so well apparently; and it was a real shame considering how bad of a mood he was this morning."

"That's probably my fault," Luxord said with a smile. "I tried against him yesterday."

Larxene's eyes widened in shock, not believing a word of what was told to her. "You did not!"

"I did," Luxord said. "I won too, in case you were wondering."

"I can't believe it, and here I was, about to congratulate you on a job well done too," Larxene said while giving her friend a frown. "I was going to take you out for a drink too."

"You can still take me out," Luxord said. "I don't see why we must have a change of plans; especially since I've missed meeting Xemnas."

"You know he's my boss; when he's pissed, everyone's pissed," Larxene said. She took a step away from Luxord. "I have enough on my plate to deal with at work, and now I have a prissy boss to add to my plate now."

Luxord frowned. Xemnas; a man that he had met about a few years ago; a meeting planned by Larxene of course. The two had kicked it off almost immediately and easily befriended one another. Xemnas was a detective; he had grown from the belief that evil would never prevail and that it would if nothing were there to stop it. He wanted to stop it; and he was a natural borne leader, so stopping it almost was too easy. True, the man had had those lost cases, but it was never a lost cause. He was sure to find a way to break the huge wall of infidelity. But when the time came, and he needed help from another; Larxene introduced him to Luxord. Xemnas was a bit unsure at first, as he was not one open up to new people, but Luxord was very much wiling to prove himself to the other. He was young and eager to help fight the "bad guys" and he would show Xemnas he was more than just a pretty face. He proved himself, many a time, and he eventually earned the others respect and friendship. It was great really, but like most things; greed took over and soon things would get ugly. Xemnas had been there; he had seen and heard the case. He wasn't part of it; he was merely invited by another. He saw Luxord and he couldn't help but be appalled by what he saw. Luxord knew this; he had managed to get a glimpse of Xemnas' disapproving face. There would be no pat on the back from Xemnas today.

Luxord was sure though, he was sure that it wasn't him being on the other side that had disturbed Xemnas so much. He was sure…he was positive that it was what he had said; that was what had made the other so upset and irritated.

Luxord had lied. He had searched and searched and he could find only one little thing that could save the child's life. And he used this deadly comparison to save the child from juvenile hall. He used this dangerous comparison, right in front of the other, and he got away from it. There was argument at first, he his statement was one that many could not help but question, but in the end he managed to beat the odds, and he won.

"So," Luxord said with a sigh, "I guess it would be safe to make the assumption that he was in a hurry when the two of you met?"

Larxene shrugged. "You must have really pissed him off."

"I did," Luxord said.

"What did you tell him," Larxene asked.

"I didn't say a word to him." Luxord began to walk off; there was no point in him being here anymore. Xemnas was long gone, he had spotted him and he decided to haul ass instead of talking with him. Xemnas…must have been upset. "It was what I said at the trial…that's what had unsettled him."

"What, you said something offensive at the trial," Larxene asked. "What was it that you said that offended him that much?"

Luxord stopped for a moment and let Larxene catch up with him. "I'll tell you if you buy me a drink."

"I wasn't ever going to not offer you a drink," Larxene said, walking ahead of Luxord. "A victory is a victory; and old habits die hard." She grabbed Luxord by the hand and pulled him away. "My cars over there; any place you want to go in particular?"

"Someplace close by to my condo," Luxord answered modestly. "I don't want you driving me home; not with your bad drinking habits." Luxord chuckled a bit.

"Hah hah…very funny," Larxene said. She let go of Luxord's hand now as he was following her on his own. "So…what did you say?"

"I compared the child to that of a murderous cult member," Luxord said with a shameful smile.

"Which one; Ku Klux, Nazis; the kid was white right?"

"Yes he was, but I didn't pick those," Luxord said with the same smile on his face. "Think…here; in America…think thirty years ago…"

Larxene turned around and stared shockingly at Luxord.

"You did not," she said.

"I did," Luxord said.

Alcohol was a man's best friend; screw the dogs. What good have they ever done to Luxord; well; aside from using their remains to prove a man guilty? No, alcohol was Luxord's best friend; it coddled him and told him everything would be ok, it helped him forget the bad, and it annoyed the hell out of him in the morning. Yup; that was a friend when you needed one. Since Luxord was feeling particularly crappy at the moment; being that he had spent hours against a wall' waiting for a man he would never come to see, the alcohol was doing its best to please him.

Larxene sat right next to him, talking away about the past week. It had been awhile since the two spoke to each other, side from the usual phone call. It really made the man think about his friendships with others. He had always been a rather social being, he found comfort in words and he looked for comfort in words. He was just so…surprised that it had been a whole week since he had spoken personally with the other. The calls were not too long; both had busy schedules; Larxene had to solve crimes with her partner…and he had to play games with people's minds and pretend to give a damn about the problems that they often complained about. Do you hate your mother? I think you hate your mother.

Luxord took another sip of the fancy alcoholic beverage that Larxene had ordered for him. Had she accomplished anything this past week? She prattled on about her love life; she went on about her friends and her relationships with them, but no word on a case or a trial, no information that would be deemed of importance. Such a shame really; he really liked it when she spoke about those things. He disliked hearing about her personal life; he didn't want her to get too close to him…again. Last time was difficult enough. But the women had her way and she kept on going and she would eventually ask him a question, and Luxord would answer. He always answered; he would pay attention to her when she spoke. Perhaps that's why she loved him in the first place; He listened, and the straight men didn't.

Luxord blinked and glanced over to the window that showed him the dark world. There were hardly any people about; a few young teens out to do not good…maybe a homeless person, a drug addict; but it was a rather calm and peaceful night. He had no idea what time it was, and he almost didn't care. He felt some of the strange feeling called sadness well up inside his chest. He took another swig.

"Are you upset," Larxene asked suddenly. Luxord turned to her and gave her an odd look. He was sober enough to detect the innuendo that she was giving him. Larxene simply took a sip of her flavored liquor and smiled. "He'll forgive you…he always forgives."

"I don't need that kind of sympathy," Luxord muttered. "You think I need to hear that he won't hate me forever? I do not need to know that."

"You sound like you do, and you show it as well," Larxene said.

"Whether or not he forgives me will not affect a thing." Luxord sank into his seat and sighed. "He has a different idea of what…"

"…Would you rather me say that he's gonna be pissed for one hell of a long time," Larxene asked. Luxord glanced at the girl with a strange look. "Well; you did compare a simple animal killing to that of…"

"Pyramid," Luxord finished the sentence.

"Yes," Larxene said. "I'm actually shocked you went that far."

"You wouldn't believe how much homework I'd do, just to make an extra penny," Luxord said. "I swear; I'm no better than the common prostitute."

"Really; you're really going to compare yourself to that," Larxene asked. She shook her head and laughed at the idea.

"Better than Pyramid," Luxord said with a smirk.

"A murderous cult…said to date back thousands of years," Larxene muttered. "They killed thousands of innocent people…and you hypnotized a jury to see a ten-"

"He was eleven," Luxord corrected.

"Whatever the age," Larxene said. "You can't compare a kid who killed several cats and dogs, who never killed a human in his entire life; to a member of a Pyramid."

"Well…I did," Luxord said. "And, by the way; the boy threatened to kill his neighborhood friend with a pocketknife." Luxord sighed and glanced at his half empty glass. "He almost got her too."

"Each member in Pyramid killed several innocent people a month," Larxene said. "And you know, just as well as I know, that if you added the deaths from each member…"

"Oh Larxene; you know they never figured out how many lives they've claimed," Luxord said with a sadistic smile on his face. "Besides; what is the point in adding; they never caught all the members."

"You believe that too," Larxene said.

"Thirty-two people are hardly enough," Luxord said to Larxene. He downed the rest of the alcoholic beverage and sighed. "I believe that they are…just out there."

"Just out there," Larxene muttered. "Waiting…planning, preparing to start over?"

"I have no idea," Luxord said. "Thirty years is a long time to plan."

"They did lose thirty members," Larxene said with a smile. "And it takes time to make new ones."

"I doubt the remaining members are all busy procreating," Luxord said with a rather perverted smile. "Though I did learn that their better members were the ones born into the group." Luxord stared at the empty glass. "Give a kid a gun, tell them to shoot, give them a piece of candy," Luxord smirked, "and you have a murderer in the making."

"What about those that were brought into the group," Larxene asked.

"What about them," Luxord asked.

"They were just as bad," Larxene said, "the outsiders..."

"They were," Luxord replied. He got from the seat. "I guess they were just…crazy."

"Crazy," Larxene asked. She got up from her seat and followed Luxord out.

"Yes," Luxord said. "The ones born into the group didn't have much of a career option, but the ones who were brought in; they could've chosen death or escape."

"I don't think it's that easy," Larxene said. She split away from Luxord, but stopped last minute and turned to him. "You need a ride."

"I live just a few blocks away," Luxord said. "Besides, you had…how many drinks again?" He smirked playfully at her.

Larxene threw her keys at him, but Luxord caught it, to her dismay. "You suck," she said, "give me back my keys." Luxord threw the bunch of keys back to her.

"Thanks for the drabble," he said with a somewhat drunk smile.

"Thanks for listening to the drabble," Larxene said in reply.

Luxord shrugged.

"Luxord," Larxene said suddenly. The blonde turned and faced the other.

"Yes," Luxord asked.

"Get over it, ok," Larxene said. Luxord stared at her, his expression blank with slight confusion. Get over it? Get over…him? Larxene got into her vehicle and turned on the engine, quick to make a speedy getaway. Luxord simply stood there, quietly thinking to himself as the car passed him by.

He was not some helpless creature of love. He knew better than to play in that dangerous field, especially with his orientation. He knew better…but had he fallen?

Luxord shook his head. No, he was not that simplistic. He walked on, knowing exactly where to go. He did not fear the dark, even thought it was the middle of the night in such a heavily populated city; he had nothing to fear. He had never had a reason to fear. Most cops and detectives; they always had to fear; on duty or not. This world was a terrible place to live in, and this city was an example of a dog eat human world. Not dog eat dog, that would be a compliment to the atrocious acts that were conspired every day. Four years of talking to child rapists and wife beater had taught Luxord an important lesson in this. The world was an ugly place. The people who lived in it were just as ugly. There were only a selected few who had escaped this fate; he was not one of them. Xemnas was running from it; running and fighting the ugly, but he would eventually fall to its fate; all cops did. They all learn that there is no real thing such as justice.

Luxord turned a corner; his mind now glued to Xemnas. The man was pissed at him and it bothered him so much. He had become just another coin collector in the world of the almighty "Justice of Supreme Court-my-ass" and now he was paying for it.

Larxene…was she one who also escaped the fate? She knew there would be loses and she accepted them; did that make her like the rest?

Luxord could've thought about this for hours. A brilliant mind meant a just as equal thought process. But Luxord would not have time to think about this; he would never have time to think about this thought. Not tonight, not tomorrow night, nor the night after that. It wasn't that he did not want to; that he didn't want to come to some sort of negative answer, he wanted and liked to think about things. Luxord had thought he could solve any problem, no matter how complicated the question be. But Luxord wouldn't answer this question, why, well; because he would be out cold. A quick blow to the head, from the side where the skull wasn't so thick, was all it took to have Luxord drop to the floor, unconscious and limp. He had no idea what had happened. He hadn't had the time to realize it. And so he was gently picked up by the figure, who was so graciously aided by another, and the two unknown beings carried him until they reached the vehicle that belonged to them. They put him in, taking much care into the process, and when all was said and done; they drove off.

Thirties years is a very long time to plan and wait; you need someone just as ugly to plan alongside with you.

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