It's another regular day at Millard Fillmore Middle School. Of course, 'regular' there means Rotwood is making another attempt to expose magical creatures. This time, he's trying to use Michael.

"Dude, I don't wanna hunt magical creatures anymore." Michael says.

"Mr. Carter, I believe neither Mr. Long nor his friends like you." Rotwood replies. "Not even your own sister. Why would you bother protecting them?"

"I simply don't wanna get involved with it anymore." Michael moans.

"And you'd better stop pestering my brother." Trixie, who was eavesdropping, enters and says.

"Thanks, Trixie." Michael replies.

"Whatever." Rotwood replies. "I'll find a way to expose Mr. Long as a dragon even if it takes the rest of my life for this."

"He doesn't have much to live for, does he?" Michael asks his sister.

"Insolence won't be tolerated here, Mr. Carter." Rotwood replies as he gives Michael one day of detention for that comment.

LINE BREAK – The Lunchroom

"Dude, Rotwood knows no bounds." Spud comments.

"Tell me about it." Jake replies.

"Jake, if you're so worried, why don't you ask your family to transfer you to another school?" Michael asks. "Aside, of corse, from the fact Rose also attends classes here."

"While only this is enough, I'd have to tell my Dad I'm a dragon and I'm afraid of how he'll react." Jake explains. Rose blushes.

"Okay." He understands.

"Guys, wanna go to my place play some video games tonight?" Spud asks.

"Sorry, Spud. The Am Drag is taking Rose at a date tonight." Jake replies.

"Well, Trixie? Michael?" Spud asks.

"Count us in, Spudinski." Trixie replies.

I hope you like the ending.