The fourth school is Vongola

By fg7dragon

Chapter One

The Anouncement(s)

Tsuna was sleeping. Until he got his usual wakeup-torture from Reborn, of course. Getting out of bed and rubbing the new bump on his head, he eyed the green mallet in the hitman's hand. "I think he's using bigger and bigger ones every day." Tsuna thought.

"Dress up, Dame-Tsuna, we're expecting company." Reborn commanded.

"Wha? It's Sunday morning! Hell, it's seven o'clock! Why'd you wake me so early?"

"You got a letter form the Ninth. I'll read it when the others get here." the baby said as he left the room before Tsuna can say anything.

"A letter from the Ninth? This can't be good! It must be one of those direct orders again! But what could have happened so soon? We just came back from Italy two weeks ago." Tsuna wondered as he got dressed.

Yes, Tsuna and his Familia, including Kyoko,Haru and the young Shoichi, have went to Italy for over a month during their summer vacation. Reason? They had to inform the Vongola about what they've seen and did in the future. About the Milfiore, Byakuran and the six Funeral Wraiths. As evidence for their adventure, they had their box weapons and more importantly their Vongola Boxes. Of course, the Vongola Boxes were sown to only a select few, such as the Ninth or Dino, and kept secret from Verde. Helping him create usable boxes was one thing, letting him copy their unique weapons was another.

It had been over two months since they had returned from the future after defeating Byakuran. Irie told them that since there are an infinite number of parallel futures, telling the upper echelon of the Vongola what they know would at most create another possible future, not change the others. Also, since that future was the only one in which the Vongola boxes existed, they could take them back with them. The boxes were made for them from the past to use after all, since the Vongola Rings were required to open them.

But not all of them had returned to Japan yet. Bianchi, Futa and Lambo decided stay in Italy for a few more weeks, taking care of family business and the like. Ipin on the other hand had gone to China to seeking her master for training. Shoichi had been convinced by Verde to stay in Italy for a while as his apprentice. The Arcobaleno was very intrigued by his potential.

Anyway, back in the present, Tsuna had just finished breakfast when the door rang.

"Good morning, Tenth!" Gokudera greeted Tsuna as usual.

"Yo Tsuna" Yamamoto grinned.

"ETREME GOOD MORNING SAWADA!" Ryohei yelled as usual.

"Morning" Tsuna replied with a smile.

"Come on in" Reborn said as he landed on Tsuna's head.

"So what did you want to talk to us about, Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked.

"That us…."

"Well talk about it when the others get here." Reborn cut him off an a few seconds later the door rang again.

"Morning Boss" Chrome greeted him and kissed him on the cheek as usual.

"Morning, Chrome" Tsuna replied with a blush.

"What do you want, herbivore?" Hibari asked in his usual tone.

"Come in and you'll find out." Reborn told him with a grin. Everyone in Namimori knew Hibari hated grouping.

As if he was asked to kill himself, Hibari groaned, but eventually came in.

"Well, the reason I called you here today is simple. A letter from the Ninth has arrived." Reborn started and smiled when the all stiffened. The last letter from the old man ordered them to fight the Varia.

"An old friend of the Ninth requested help from him in protecting his school." the baby continued.

A few moments of silence. Then…

"Protect his school? You want us to protect a mafia school?" Tsuna asked him thinking he heard wrong.

"Of course not! There's no such thing as a mafia only school." Reborn told him.

"Thank god!"

"The school you'll be protecting is a magic school. It's called Hogwarts, by the way."

Silence. Silence. Still silence. Then…

"EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!?" the whole room sounded.

"Reborn, there's no such thing as magic!"

"I agree with the Tenth!"

"Are you puling our leg, kid?"


"Hm, after all you've seen, you can deny the existence of magic?" Reborn smirked.

Hearing those words, they thought of everything they've seen in the past months. The ring flames, the box weapons, the transforming Funeral Wraiths and the Trinisette that could control the world. Compared to that, magic sounded quite normal.

"Okay….presuming we accept the existence of magic…." Tsuna mumbled.

"Yeah, from what do we protect the school from? Dragons?" Yamamoto tried to joke.

"Maybe that too, but that's not the main issue."

"Wha? Real dragons?"

Seeing the look in Reborn' eyes, they fell silent. The home tutor was serious.

"Then what are we suppose to protect it from?" Hibari intervened.

"Some dark wizards that may try to cause trouble. You see, this year they will be holding a tournament with two other schools as guests, so someone might sneak in."

"I see."

"But how could we possibly go into a magic school and not draw the culprits' attention?" Tsuna asked rhetorically.

"You'll pass out as the third guest school." Reborn grinned.

"Okay, let me get this straight. You want us to act as participants in a magic tournament held at a magic school?" Tsuna asked.

"Exactly." the hitman replied.

"Small problem."


"We can't use magic"

"Of course not."

"So you see my point?"

"You need to learn how to use magic. You'll start right away."

"That's right, we'll.... WHAT?!"

"In fact, you may learn the fastest."

"Really?" Tsuna asked surprised.

"In fact, you may already know." Reborn grinned evilly and they all realized what he meant and all heads turned to Tsuna.

"No. No way. I'm not looking in the parallel worlds again." the boy said defensively.

"You're not?" Reborn said mockingly. "Then..." he began as Leon morphed into a gun.

"Alright, alright, geez! But not here, I need a large open space to do it." Tsuna gave in.

"I don't remember agreeing to come." Hibari said coldly.

"Even if you'll be allowed to slightly impose discipline?" Reborn tempted him.

"I don't remember agreeing either." Mukuro said as his illusion body formed in front of them.

"Even if that might reduce your sentence to half?" the hitman grinned.

"Depends. How will it be reduced?"

"You would be moved to a less secure level of the prison."

"Enough for an escape?"

"It depends on how much of your abilities you will be able to recover."

"Hm, tempting..."

"I'm going" Chrome suddenly said.

"Very well." Mukuro agreed.


"We meet up at the edge of town in the forest area tonight" Reborn ended the meeting.

At about midnight, the group was gathered in a clearing with Tsuna in the middle.

Entering his Hyper mode, Tsuna took the stance he usually used for Zero Point Breakthrough: Custom. But instead of absorbing flames, he generated them, covering himself in a giant orb of soft Sky flame. He was linking with his other selves in different dimensions.

After about an hour, he absorbed the flame and collapsed. He was tired, but smiled at Chrome when she ran over to him.

"Aren't you cheerful." Reborn said with a smile.

"Unlike last time, I had more then a few worlds to look in." he said.

The others looked relieved, understanding what he meant: he was alive in more then a few dimensions.

"We need to go to London for study materials." Tsuna told them.

"We already bought the books." Reborn told him.

"But the wands..."

"A wandmaker will arrive tomorrow."

"Pour guy" Tsuna thought.

"Don't worry about him, he's getting VIP treatment" Reborn told Tsuna.

"Stop reading my mind already! How do you do that, anyway? It's creepy."

"Read all these books and you might find out." the hitman answered dropping a large stack of books on his head.

"You mean you can use magic, Reborn-san" Gokudera inquired.

"Maybe." the baby answered as he handed a stack of books to each other guardian present.

"You have about a week to read them all. That's how long it should take the wandmaker to finish up your wands. Then you'll start practicing. We leave on the twenty-ninth of October."

"Hold on! We can't expect us to suddenly to learn all this stuff!" Tsuna yelled at him.

"That's right Reborn-san! It even says "Advanced" on them" Gokudera added.

"Impossible and useless." Hibari finished.

"Who said anything about learning everything? I told you to read them. Learn only that can be associated with your skills and flame element. For example, Gokudera should focus on curses and Ryohei on healing."

"So I should focus on spells that paralyze my opponents or the like?" Ymamoto asked.

"Exactly. And since illusions are also a part of magic, Chrome should learn new tipes of illusions and charms. Hibari will learn transfiguration spells since there are some spells that have growth as effect."

"What about me?" Tsuna asked.

"You tell us. What did you find out?"

"Oh! Well… there are some petrification and freezing spells…"

"Good. Tomorrow evening, come at school so that the wandmaker can take your measurements."

"Ok" the group answered getting ready to go home.

"Hold on. Chrome, since we'll be practicing at the school, I want you to transfer to Namimori." Reborn told the girl.

"But Ken and Chikusa…." she began worried.

"They will be going to Italy in a few days." Mukuro said appearing once again.


"Just a part of the deal I made with Iemitsu. To have some of the Vongola medics look over their abilities and make them less painful to use. I'm sure you can imagine how uncomfortable would be to suddenly grow claws and fur…" he explained.

"And since the place you're staying at is kind of far from school, you'll be staying at Tsuna's until October." Reborn smirked.

"WHAAAAAAA?" All the boys yelled, even Mukuro and Hibari. Tsuna and Chrome were blushing and Reborn was ginning.

"You two have any complains?" the home tutor asked evilly.

"Well…no…" Tsuna mumbled and blushing even more when he met Chrome's gaze.

"M-me neither…" Chrome said.

"I DO" Gokudera and Mukuro said in one voice.

"I wasn't talking to you. It's settled. You can move in right now. I had some people pack your stuff." Reborn said.

"Some people?"

"Reborn, stop using me as your delivery boy!" an annoying voice was heard.

"Oh, you're done, Skull?"

"You have some nerve to make me do this on my day off, Reborn!" Lal Milch said with her eye twitching.

"Well, I couldn't have skull handle girls stuff, right?"
"I'm more then convinced there were other options." she said still annoyed.

"At any rate, it's late so lets head home." Reborn said puling out a gun.

"Wait a sec, why…" Tsuna began but he was hit in the head by the Dying Will Bullet.

"WHHHHOOOOOOOOO! TAKE THE BOOKS AND THE LUGAGE HOME AS I WERE TO DIE!" Tsuna said running off in his underwear with the items he named.

"Heh, and I didn't even have to tell him what to do." Reborn said out loud. "Guess he wanted to carry those stuff himself anyway." he added, making Chrome blush again, and that didn't went unnoticed.

As Reborn and Chrome got to the Sawada residence, they saw that one of the gate' pillars was kind of cracked.

"It couldn't be that the Boss crashed into it, could it?" Chrome asked Reborn worried.

"Bulseye." the hitman thought. "But from the looks of it he did it more then once. Hm, guess he was too embarrassed." Reborn grinned.

And as usual, he was right. He was sitting at the table in the kitchen with a bag of ice in one hand and a glass of milk in the other.

"Hey, I see you arrived. I felt like having a night snack. Want to join me?" Tsuna asked the two.

"Sure, have a seat Chrome; I'll pour you some milk" Reborn said before the girl opened her mouth.

"It quiet here." Chrome said a few minutes later as they finished their drinks in silence.

"That's because the kids and Bianchi are in Italy." Tsuna sighted relieved. "I take it those two are pretty lively?" Tsuna asked referring to Ken and Chikusa.

"Yes" Chrome smiled.

"Well, since it's late, show her to her room, Tsuna." Reborn suggested.

"Sure. Follow me." the boy said naively leading Chrome upstairs.

"Here we are. Your room is just across from mine. If you need anything, just let me know." Tsuna told her, making her blush.

"O-ok. Also, if you need anything I'll be right here" Chrome said herself.

"Oh, o-ok." Tsuna blushed realizing the way he told her. "Good night, then" he told her and was about to turn around when Chrome kissed him on his cheek and whispered "Good night Boss" before rushing in her room.

Tsuna stood there for two minutes or so touching his cheek, before entering his room and going to bed. All this time, he only had one thing on his mind: "Great idea, Reborn!"

During that night, he had some weird dreams. First he dreamt he had opened the door after Chrome after they said goodnight. Then, the dream changed. Masked people were burning some tents and then green skull with a snake in his mouth appeared in the sky.

When he saw the skull, he woke up to find out he had unconsciously entered his Hyper Mode and that the sky flame on his Vongola Ring was lit.


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