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There is just something about Sheppard and Lorne that turns me on. I wonder why??


"Colonel Sheppard?" Major Evan Lorne caught up with one tired looking Colonel.

"What's up Major?" John rubbed a hand over his face.

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but I need to talk to you." Evan looked uncomfortable.

John turned to look at the Major. "In private, sir."

"Right, my quarters then. I want to get out of these wet clothes." John motioned to Evan to follow him.

"Thank you sir."

"So what is on your mind Evan? John buttoned up his shirt and took it off. Threw it in the hamper in the corner. His t-shirt followed soon after. He started to unbutton his pants, sat down on a chair and took of his boots.

"Evan?" John looked at him. Evan was staring at a half naked John.

"Sorry sir. We can talk tomorrow." Evan swallowed hard and walked toward the door. Quicker than Evan thought was possible John stood between him and the door. John crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"What's up Evan? I'm not going to ask again…" John said.

"God I am so sick of this." Major Lorne turned around facing away from John. He lifted both hands to his face. John suddenly looked really concerned. "Request to be transferred back to Earth , sir." Evan stated flatly.

"Why? I thought you liked it here?" John was shocked. "Did something happen?"

"Sir, I…." John moved into Evans personal space, stared straight into his eyes. "Stop with the God damn titles Evan. What is on your mind?"

"John, I… It's personal. I can't tell you." John stared at him for a while, Evan finally looked down on the floor.

"Request denied. Unless you have a damn good reason."

"John, you don't understand!"

"You are right, Evan. I don't understand. So why don't you explain it to me?" John was frustrated. He didn't want to lose his second in command. He was the best second in command he could ever have asked for.

Evan breathed deep a couple of times before he started talking. "I'm helplessly in love with a fellow officer, John. I can't work without it distracting me. I need to be transferred back to Earth."

"Tell me who and I'll have her sent back to earth then. I need you here more than her." John scratched his hair.

"It's not a her, John…" John looked shocked at Evan.


"It's a man, not a woman." Evan stated low and flatly.

"Then tell me who he is. And I'll have him sent back to earth." Evan blinked away tears that threatened to appear.

"Sir, Just transfer me back to Earth, please." Evan pleaded.

"No!" John had a stubborn look on his face. Evan got the feeling that he had to tell him what was going on, but it was the last thing he wanted to do. There was a difference between telling your CO that you had a crush on a man and telling him that the man was said CO.

An idea formed in Evans head. Why tell when you can show. A small smile formed on Evans lips. Without warning Evan pushed John against the door.

"What are you doing?" John asked.

"I'm going to make you send me back to Earth."

Evan knocked John unconscious and carried him over to the bed. He ran his hands over Johns chest, he could feel his pants tightening.

He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and secured them around Johns wrists. He then took of Johns pants and boxers before he woke up.

John tried to sit up when he woke up, a vague memory that something was out of place. He felt the cuffs around his wrists and then Evans body pinning him back down on the bed.

"Evan? What are you doing?" John noticed that he was completely naked.

"Whatever I have to do to be sent back to Earth." Evan had his face so close to John that he had trouble focusing on his face.

"What would that be, Evan?" Evan led John into the bathroom. He forced Johns hands over his head and cuffed them together over his head in the shower, securing him to the wall.

"You'll see!" Evan stood in front of John, let his eyes run up and down his body before he turned on the shower. Hot water washed over Johns tired body. It felt a bit strange, John had never been handcuffed in a shower before. It was obvious that he couldn't wash himself. Guess he just had to wait and see how far Evan was willing to go. John was so tiered, he hadn't slept for two days and the hot shower didn't help. His soldier training probably could get him out of this in matter of minutes, but his body refused to cooperate. He guessed that deep down he knew Evan wouldn't hurt him, the man was his second in command . Of course he trusted him.

Wondering what the hell his subordinate was up to. "Evan! What are you doing?"

Evan ran his hands trough Johns hair. "Something I've wanted to do for so long." He whispered into John ear, he nibbled at his earlobe, he continued kissing down his troth. John froze for a second. Let out a hard breath. "Evan.." He swallowed. Evan had some soap in his hands, starting to wash over Johns chest. Feeling every inch of his skin underneath his hands, feeling Johns nervous breathing. Evan felt Johns strong muscles in his back as his hands massaged him and caressed his way down towards his ass. John involuntarily moved closer to Evan when he felt his hands on his ass. Evan could feel Johns hardening cock against his own stone hard one. He caressed his way to John cock, taking him in his hands, trailing the length of him up and down until he was just as hard.

"Evan…" John began. Evan stopped him.

"Ssh.. Don't worry, I won't hurt you." He stopped the words that should have come out of Johns mouth with a kiss. It was hard and demanding entrance to Johns mouth. The kiss left John trying to catch his breath, while Evan got down on his knees. He took the head of Johns cock in his mouth, tasting him.

John let out a gasp of surprise and backed up straight into the wall. John felt the sensation of a warm mouth sucking and licking on his cock. He knew he should try to resist, but he was tired and the feeling of the orgasm building up inside made him give it a second thought. It didn't really matter if it was his second in command giving it to him. Or that it was a man and not a woman. Or that he never agreed to be handcuffed to the shower. John couldn't stop the moan that escaped his lips. John looked down on Lorne. Saw his head go back and forth, and Lornes hard cock whipping up and down on the floor. Evan was clearly enjoying it. John could hear small moans of pleasure escaping Evans lips every now and then.

So Evan had a crush on him…

Evan looked up at John. Evan saw the arousal in Johns eyes when they locked. His mouth half open, breathing irregular. Evan let one hand caress the soft spot behind his balls and sucking John a little harder. John moaned and trusted his hips towards Evans mouth.

"God Evan. I…"

Evan let go of Johns cock with his lips, continued handling him up and down the length of him.

"Just let go John. I'm not stopping until you come. I want to taste you, sir." John moaned as Evans tongue whirled around the head and then swallowed all of him again. He felt the orgasm build up rapidly, feeling his balls tighten as he came in Evans mouth. He cried out in pleasure at first, he then tried to pull out of Evans mouth while Evan continued to suck on him.

"Stop, Evan. Don't." The feeling of his tongue on his oversensitive head was painful, but still Evan sucked every drop of him before he let him out of his mouth.

Evan smiled as he stood up in front of John again. "Sorry. God, you tasted better than I dreamed of." He held John firmly against the wall. Evans hard cock pressed against Johns stomach. John was almost limb in his arms.

"You ok John?" Evans voice seemed concerned.

"Just tired. You done with me know?" John asked back. Johns head was on Evans shoulder. Half asleep. Arms hurting from the uncomfortable position. Evan answered in a husky voice.

"You willing to send me back to Earth yet?" John shook his head. "Not gonna happen!"

"Well, then I haven't even started yet. I'm going to have you in every way I've dreamt of."


John woke up in his bed. His was on his stomach. Hands tied to the headboard and his feet were spread, tied to the legs of the bed.

At first he was confused, but then he remembered what happened in the shower.

"Major Lorne?" John questioned out in the room. He heard a noise behind him. But he couldn't see anything. "Major?" He asked again.

"I threw that title out the door the minute I decided I wanted that firm ass of yours. John." Evan said while seating himself between Johns legs. John felt Evan leaning over him, felt a hot breath against his neck, a tongue licked his ear.

"I've had a crush on you ever since I got here, you know that John. God, I hated it when all those damn women talked about you. When they let others know in detail what you were like in bed, How many times you made them come, how satisfied you made them . How you knew how to make them feel like they would go insane if you stopped touching them." John listened to Evan talking. Heard the anger and jealousy in his voice.

"It's not too late Evan. Just let me go and we can forget all about it." John said quietly, trying to make him understand he actually would forget all about it.

"No! I need to feel you. All I want right now it to fuck you. God. I want you so bad, I feel like my dick is about to explode."

"Evan. I'm not into men.., you know that right?" John felt like he had to say it, even though he wasn't entirely convinced of it himself right about know.

"Didn't get that feeling in the shower earlier. You sure knew how to turn me on. And you didn't seem to resist a lot when I had your big, hard cock in my mouth." Evan whispered in a husky voice in Johns ear. "Right now your ass belongs to me." Evan let his hands wander from Johns shoulders, down his back and then down the cleft of his ass. Evan spread him wide open with two of his fingers, while the third one pressed against his tight hole. "You ready for this John?"

"No Evan. I'm not. Listen…" John felt Evans hand leave his ass. Evan sat back up, leaned over towards the nightstand and grabbed a tube of lube. "untie me, Evan. I'll…"

"Shut up John. All I want right now is your ass, and I will have it….. in time. I want this to feel great for you as well. I want you to love the feel of my hard cock inside of you. So I'm gonna take my time and prepare you." John suddenly felt Evans finger slid slowly inside of him. A moan escaped his lips. He wasn't prepared for that just yet. Evans finger slid in slowly until he could go no further. Then he slowly slid out again. Evan finger fucked John slowly while talking. "I'm going to make a wild guess here. You never had a finger in your ass before?" John shock his head. "You like this don't you? God knows I like it." Evan added another finger, making John moan again. This time more relaxed. "I think you start to enjoy this John, don't you?"

Evan got a moan in return as he trusted his fingers inside of John again. Evan freed Johns feet and flipped him on his back. Evan leaned down and licked the pre cum of Johns cock.

"You like this a lot…" Evan said before he started to kiss, lick and bite his way up on Johns stomach. Johns mouth was open, his eyes glazed. John closed his eyes. This inspired Evan to speed up his actions a little bit. He retracted his fingers from Johns ass, put some more lube in his hands and then took both their cocks in his hand, smearing the lube on them. Evan was on top of John, making their cocks rub against each other in a steady rhythm. He let his tongue lick the nap of Johns neck, earning him another moan.

"God damn you John. You really know how to turn a guy on."

"What?" John whispered confused. "You 're the one doing this to me, remember…" John hitched out between breaths. He was about to come again. Evan claimed Johns mouth. His tongue demanding entrance to the other. John was beyond the stage where he cared and kissed him back. Their tongues danced to their own rhythm. Evan broke the kiss just as they both came, he held a hand on Johns mouth to suppress his moans of pleasure, and Evan suppressed his by biting Johns neck. After what seemed like an eternity their bodies finally relaxed.

Evan laid down beside John and released his hands from the bed, but still had them cuffed together. Evan positioned himself behind John, spooning as close as he could.

"You should rest." Evans hands squeezed Johns biceps.

"Why don't you uncuff me then…"

Evan laughed out low. "Not a chance. I'm not done with you. And if I let you go you'll just slip between my fingers. I want your ass before that happens. Know… go to sleep."

Evan felt Johns body relax after a while, and it didn't take too long before John was sleeping.

One hour, that's how long he would let John sleep. There was no way he could get what he wanted with a fully rested Colonel.


John woke up with a hard erection; someone was cuddling up against his back. He was still tired and his brain wouldn't even start working.

Before he could comprehend what went on, he felt hands locking him to the bed.

"Take it easy John. Relax. There is no escaping me either way. Might as well make the best of it and cooperate." Evan said to John. John looked at Evan somewhat confused before he remembered what he had done to him. John put his hands on his foreheads and groaned.

"What the hell have you been doing Major?"

"We already had this conversation John. Still want your ass, and now I'm taking it." John could feel the cock that pressed against his lower back.

"Evan. Let me go." John half pleaded and half ordered.

"I'm not taking orders from you until I get what I came here for. And I take it that you won't cooperate!?" Evan secured Johns hands to the headboard again, turning John half on his stomach.

"You're damn right I won't." John tried to resist, but he was tired and already quite numb in his arms being tied up for so long.

"You might put up a fight John, but I still have a feeling you like what I've done to you."

"What gives you that idea?" John asked.

Evan stroke his hand over Johns hip, over his stomach and down until he reached around his cock. "I think maybe this one gives you away." With one hand Evan stroke the length of Johns cock while the other took a grip of Johns hair and yanked his head back on his shoulder. "I think maybe your moans gives you away as well." Evan licked his ear, kissed and licked his troth.

John couldn't keep himself quiet any longer. He moaned and squirmed under Evans touch.

"See John. I knew you liked it." Evan smiled and laughed low into Johns ear. Evan reached for more lube, smeared a lot on his hand before he pushed a finger in Johns ass again. John moaned out loud again. He took his finger out and added another finger as he pushed in.

"John?" Evan was aroused and his cock hard and ready. The thought of Johns tight ass made him groan. "Tell me you are ready for me… Do you want me?" Evan whispered in his ear.

John swallowed and nodded.

"I want to hear you say it. Say you want me!" Evan yanked Johns head back again.

"I ah…." John moaned as Evan trusted his fingers inside him again. "I want you." John whispered in a husky voice.

"That's all I wanted to hear." Evan put some more lube on his hand, then applied it on his cock. He pushed the head slowly inside. He could feel John holding his breath.

"Relax, John. It won't hurt." Evan found the keys to the handcuffs and unlocked them. Evan took Johns hand and put it on his hip. "Keep it there." Evan ordered John.

Evan pushed all the way inside slowly and then held him tightly. "You ok?" Evan whispered. John nodded his ok.

Even let his hand wander from Johns shoulder, down his chest, stomach and down to his cock. He took the head of the cock in his hand and caressed him gently.

"Damn, you are so tight. You feel so good" Evan started trusting slowly and John moaned.

"I…." John started.

"I know John. You are about to come in my hand again." Evan smiled. John had his eyes closed, his head on Evans shoulder.

Evan trusted faster, he knew it wouldn't be long before John came in his hand again. Evan was on the verge of coming himself, but he wanted to come at the same time as John.

A few trusts later Evan could feel Johns contractions and they made him come with a scream he couldn't suppress. Both of them laid panting on the bed, Evan still inside of John. And John who finally had his hands free to resist didn't have the strength to do anything. When Evan pulled out of him, John just rolled over and fell asleep in Evans arms.

"She was right." Evan stated to himself.

"Who was right?" John asked half asleep.

"The woman on Untario. She said you would agree to most things that were sexually related…"

"Yeah, well… I'm funny that way…."


Next morning John wake up in bed alone.

He got up and felt a ache in his ass. Not that it was uncomfortable, he just didn't remember why…

Ok. So maybe he remembered why after all. He got up from bed and walked into the shower. He put on some clean clothes and then went to find Major Evan Lorne.

"Major!" John called after Major Lorne. He was walking with Major Teldy in the corridor.

"Yes Sir?" Major Lorne suddenly looked nervous.

"My office. Right now!"

Major Lorne followed Colonel Sheppard to the office. He looked like a lamb who was about to be sacrificed

"Colonel, I..." Evan started.

"Major! You forgot these.." John handed Evan his handcuffs. He pushed Evan against the wall. Evan could feel Johns half erected cock against his thigh.

"If you think for one second that I'll send you back to Earth after that. Then you are dead wrong."


"Get back to work, Major."

"Yes, Sir!"

Major Evan Lorne smiled as he walked back down the corridor….

The End? Or tbc?

You decide.