Summary: This story is the chapter companion of my previous oneshot 'Victims of Circumstance'. Gambit and Rogue have let things get carried away and have now gone much too far to stop. But what is the end result of an X-man falling in love with and Acolyte, and vise versa? Romy.

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-men nor am I affiliated with Marvel in any way.

Author's Notes: After many requests, and having this story playing quietly in the back of my mind, I finally was able to flesh it out into a chapter fic. This story is slight AU, taking place sometime in season 3, and will not be leading up to the exact events that spawned season 4. I would recommend that those who haven't read my oneshot 'Victims of Circumstance' take a quick jaunt over in that direction, as that is the precursor for this fic. I don't think it's imperative to read in regards to understanding this story, but it will give a little insight, and explain why this story starts off with 'Three months later'.

As always, I write my leads with minimal accents. I believe the imagination is far better than all my misspelled words and apostrophes.

Three months later.

"It's just for a few days," she said while pulling her sweater over her head and searching the floor by his bed for her jeans. "It's too risky with Logan back in town."

"He's not back tonight," he answered snaking his arm around her tiny waist and pulling her back towards the bed.

"Yeah, an' what happens when Pyro gets back? I know Colossus has figured it out. How long before Pyro does?"

"Colossus won't say anything, cherie."

"It ain't Colossus I'm worried about."

He gave her the saddest, puppy dog face he could muster.


She managed to escape his arms and slide into her jeans. He went to grab her again and she brushed his hand away.

"How long do we keep doing this?"

It was his most hated question. She could be such a pessimist at times, always worrying about what other people would think. No one paid any mind to her stupid friend Kitty and her dalliances with Avalanche of the Brotherhood.

He had stopped worrying about their team ties the moment she'd climbed off his kitchen table months ago. So he was sleeping with an X-man and she was sleeping with Acolyte? Big deal. Battle lines were often blurry in wars, this was no different.

"I love you," he answered simply. It was the same answer he always gave to this particular question.

"Don't do this tonight, Remy, I'm serious." She sighed, wrinkling her brow. "Sooner or later we're gonna get caught and sometimes I think you want to."

"Would it be so bad?"

"I'm leaving before Pyro gets back," she answered, avoiding the question.

"When are you coming back?"

She hesitated at his open window. "I don't know."


"I just think we should keep it cool for awhile, that's all," she said before she climbed out of his window.

Gambit fell back onto his bed in frustration as he heard the roar of her bike start up and speed off back to her home. He shifted around uncomfortably, fishing her bra out from underneath him. He tossed it away from the bed. She was always leaving things behind when she rushed out his window like that. He knew she was right, with Pyro's big mouth, once he found out so would everyone else. She was also right when she said sometimes she thought he wanted to get caught.

Sometimes he did.

He loved her and she loved him. Sometimes he wanted nothing more than to tell the world that she was his. Stake his claim and make sure everyone knew.

Rogue was his.

They had never meant to carry it this far. Never meant to fall in love. Never meant to lie and sneak around. It was harder for her and he knew it. He was an Acolyte, mutant scum for hire. He was expected to be doing shady things like this, but she? She was one of the good guys. The people she lied to every day were her friends and her family. It didn't matter who he lied to around here. He had no ties to any of them.

She lied to the people she loved on a daily basis for him.

It wasn't right, and he didn't deserve it.

And at the same time he didn't want her to stop, because he didn't want her to stop seeing him. He didn't want this to end. About a month ago they had tried stopping it, but by then it was already too late. By then it wasn't about sex or attraction. Had they stopped before they began to feel things for each other, they could have made a clean break. Both became damned when like turned into love, and when sex turned into expression of love.

It was around the time they had started sleeping together that Colossus had figured it out. The quiet Russian mutant never said a damn word to Remy about it, but the man began to tell him to 'be careful' when he went out, and on occasion he would even keep Pyro out of Remy's room. Oddly, it was only during times she was in his room and in his bed.

There had been many close calls, and he still couldn't give her up. She was so many levels of dangerous to him that he couldn't resist. She was his everything; he had fallen so far and so hard for her that there was no point in ever turning back.

He was her first, and it was quite possibly the worst thing she ever could have said to him. He was her first real lover. It made him want to be her only one. He'd braved her mutation and stupidly risked everything for just one night with her. One night turned into many, and not once had he ever regretted a single one. He didn't mind being half dressed for sex, he didn't even mind not being able to kiss her or touch her bare skin with his. At first, it had been a novelty to him, then an addiction, and one day it simply became how they conveyed their feelings for one another.

Even now, the day he told her he loved her for the first time rang clear in his head. She was leaving in a hurry, the glow of sex still shining radiantly on her skin. He had made her cry out his name in ecstasy three times during the course of their lovemaking, and her legs were still wobbly as she hastily got dressed. She was halfway out of his window when he'd said it.

Rogue, I love you.

She had froze the moment those words reached her ears. Her torso hung out the window idiotically, while she had one leg up on the crate he used as a night table. When the meaning of those words sunk in, she had pulled her body back inside his room and shut the window, pulling the dark towel he used as a makeshift curtain across the glass. Her clothes came off and she had crawled back into bed with him, keeping the sheet tucked neatly between them and her gloves on her hands. It was the first time she had spent the entire night with him, not caring if anyone at the mansion found her missing.

That was the same night her gloved hand followed the fine, smooth trail of hair from his navel to his groin in a teasing motion, casually saying she loved him too, then laughing at the effect her words had on him.

Is that all I need to say to get you going, Remy?

It was, and she used it to her advantage many times since.

Their new found love had made them foolish more than once. He cringed to think what his father would say; emotions made thieves sloppy and he had certainly had his fair share of sloppy lies. If he hadn't, Colossus would never have known what was going on. Still, he wouldn't have done a thing differently. He enjoyed making her cry out in bliss and moan his name in delight. So they had gotten loud every once in awhile, who could blame them? They were young and they were in love.

He'd challenge the world for her, for the right to be with her, although he had no idea why she loved him. He understood perfectly what is was about her he loved, but he would never understand why she came down from heaven and went slumming to be with him. She would never explain to him what it was about him she loved.

I don't need a reason to love you, Remy. I just do.

She would whisper the words softly in his ear when ever he asked. Then she would tease him about being insecure and pull his pants off, expertly working out all his tension. It was one of the many reasons he loved her, her ability to calm him down, and make him believe he deserved her and that he was worth it.

Worth all the risks.

Worth all the lies and deceptions.

Worth everything.

She was right when she said they needed to cool things off. He hated the idea, but she was right. They were jeopardizing everything by seeing each other too much. This week alone she'd been in his bed five nights in a row, twice she hadn't left to go back to the mansion. They couldn't be this liberal with their time once Logan came back, but it still didn't mean that he didn't hate it.