Author's Note: I just love Irene and Berg's relationship so I wrote this little one shot. It's mainly for myself considering I don't think anyone really reads anything in this fandom anymore. There's a companion piece in Berg's POV that I'll post later.

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I think, to some extent, I've always been somewhat of a silly girl. Foolish and irrational. Obsessive and impractical.

One of the worst things about that is I take all my anger out on the world. I never hold myself accountable for it. Yet I can never hold anyone accountable for treating me the way they do. Sure, I might blame someone else for my own damn problems but when it really is someone else's fault, I just shrug it off like the good little doormat I've come to be.

It's like if I get rejected by a guy, I'm just not his type. If my parents forget my birthday, they've been really busy lately. If my therapist schedules another patient over our appointment, it must've been an emergency.

I end up hating myself for it.

Though recently, I've stopped hating myself so much for all that stuff and for entirely different reasons. See, it was always going to be me finally getting with Petey in some happily ever after scenario. That was until I slept with his best friend. (Oh, Berg). The one I was always so sure hated me. But he doesn't, actually, quite the opposite.

His voice is always so loud and his jokes are clever and funny but I always felt like I'd choke if I ever laughed at them.

He's sweet and charming and gives me these lovey-dovey glances when he thinks I'm not looking. But it's okay because I give him the same ones too when I think he's not looking. It seems like it took us a long time to get to the point where we could give in to those feelings of want and more and love and actually admit it to each other.

Though I feared he wouldn't understand my need to go out with Pete (it was just a test) but after all the jealousy and cringe-worthy moments, he made me realize how wonderfully perfect we were for each other instead of me and Pete.

I thought about how content and satisfied I was when we were just sex buddies and then compared it to how I was feeling once we were more than that. There was no doubt that I was far more satisfied and happy once we were a real couple.

It still amazes how just the thought of his touch wakes me up when I'm alone.

But I like it.

And I love him and he loves me.

So I'm okay with being a silly girl.