Title: Recurring mistake
Pairing: Parvati Patil/Blaise Zabini
Rating: R
Word Count: 584
Summary: "She felt the heavy load of guilt that covered her chest every time she looked at him"
Author's Notes: Originally written for the Number Game Ficathon Fall 2009 on the LJ community: rarepair_shorts. I'd never thought I was ever going to write this couple...

Recurring Mistakes

Silent tears escaped Parvati's eyes as she realized she had made the same mistake again. What mistake did she make? She did Blaise Zabini.

His strong arm around her waist. His full lips slightly open. The silk sheets tightly around her body, covering it fully. His naked figure lightly shining with sweat from the previous events of the night and the hot weather of July. The velvet green curtains, already too familiar for her taste, letting the first rays of sun warm her long feet.

And so she started to cry, realizing her stupid actions and the consequences they might bring. She had to stop this. It wasn't healthy. If someone looks for comfort, the logical thing to do is go to someone who can offer that comfort you need. But this wasn't Parvati's case. She made a mistake a year ago which brought a heavy weight on her shoulders ever since. She felt the heavy load of guilt that covered her chest every time she looked at him. Never again, she thought at the time. Never again, said Padma when she told her sister what she'd done. And Parvati knew that. She knew she didn't love Blaise, she knew that he didn't love her, she knew that they weren't meant to be together and that it was just a one night thing.

The Indian girl started dressing after slowly moving Blaise's heavy arm away. More tears falling from her deep brown eyes. Images of the last night flew and mixed in her mind with his face. 'How could I do this to him? How could I do this to him again?', thought Parvati as she plucked her black bra from the foot of the bed.

A one night thing...a one night thing that was repeated more times than her sister Padma could understand. So she stopped telling her. Parvati stopped telling her twin about these casual encounters with Blaise, and that just added more guilt to her conscience. But that didn't matter at those times. She forgot all about him and their fights, about Padma, about right and wrong and; looking for any comfort, she had appeared at Zabini Manor. Blaise never asked questions. Probably never even cared. He just responded to her kisses with equal fervour, anger and passion. And this happened every time.

Doing her best not to make a sound, she swallowed a sob while putting on her shoes. She took the image the oval mirror was giving her. Her eyes puffy and with dark circles under them. Parvati realized she couldn't go home looking like that...that she must make a stop at Padma's place. So, with one last look at the antique mirror, she grabbed her purse and headed to the doorway. But before crossing it, she heard movement and turned to see Blaise looking at her. Something in his eyes she couldn't fully understand. Was it sadness? Was it anger? Was it a 'see you next time'?

She didn't care. Parvati looked back at him for a few moments and, silently, exited the big house. She passed the gate, the sun coming out from the top of the trees in the east and her tears slipping across her dark cheek, as a voice in her head yelled: How could you do this to Dean again? He doesn't deserve this! And she knew he didn't. She knew what she had to do this time.