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My life used to be good. My mom was a professional singer Angela Brandon so I got to meet a lot of singers because they're my mom's friends and my dad was Matt Brandon a back up singer he sang back up in most of my mom's songs but he actually did a couple good songs on his own. I also met lots of singers through my dad because they liked his voice and wanted to know him better. Every morning my parent's had me go to the living room stand next to the baby grand piano which I thought was boring and had me do scales. Which I thought was boring but it helped me improve my voice. Then I would go to school and if I was a good girl, which I normally was. I would get to the studio with my parents and see their friends. Their friends adored me because I was so cute. TO me I really wasn't that cute. I was basically a pixie but everything about me was so small it seemed fitting. I had brown eyes and dark red hair that looked brown that was spiky and short. I was living the good life. I lived in a beautiful house, had loving parents, and an amazing singing voice, which could charm angels. My mother told me that. I just thought that I had a moderately good voice. I entered my 4th grade talent show with my parents coaxing and went up against my rival Jessica Swan (who really couldn't sing that well) and sang Sk8 boi that was co-written by my mom. While Jessica sang, "fall to pieces". I won 1st place while she won 9th. She was so mad at me but I didn't care because I was so happy. Even her sister Bella Swan came and congratulated me. I was so thrilled after that my life turned bad. My mom just kept getting sicker and sicker and nothing the doctors did could make her better. She had a mystery disease. I was so scared. My mom was my best friend I could tell her anything and then she died. I was sad for months after her funeral. Then my father married my mother's rival Rosalie Swan and her two daughters Bella Swan and Jessica Swan. Bella was always nice to me. She never ordered me to do anything unlike her sister and her mom. She only asked me nicely do something and If I said no she wouldn't throw a fit unlike her mother and sister but my father stopped my step-mom and Jessica from ordering me too much but then one day my father was ran over by a car. I was sad because now there was no one to stop Rosalie and Jessica from ordering me around too much and I also lost my other friend. I has to work at Rosalie's beauty Salon and read adaptations on Cinderella because my life was beginning g to be a Cinderella Story.