Cressida was dressed in her favorite (and Leonidas's for that matter) green dress. It had been Yuletide and as Queen she needed to look nice. Ever since she was crowned Queen she brought countries to her knees with knowledge, wisdom, and compassion, as had her father had said before he died.

Things had deeply changed since Cressida's marriage. Cressida had become Queen of Icemark and Polypontus. Thirrin had a mansion made for her and Titus. Sharley as well as Mekhmet were now 19 and had girlfriends from the Desert Kingdom. Eodred and Howler found their mates as well. The biggest change was that the Great Hall had been remodeled so that the Polypontians could fit in.

Thirrin had visited from her mansion in a few clicks from Frostmarris. Sharley, Mehkmet, Kirimin, and Im-Pious had visited from their latest journey to visit Ketshaka III Queen of Lusuland. Kirimin was now finely educated with all languages of the North and South.

All of the boys' girlfriends were invited the Yuletide party which had almost brought a tear to Thirrin's eyes. Her boys were growing up! But it wasn't the time to reminisce, because Titus wanted to see the Great Tree being decorated.

Titus had given Thirrin a reason to live. The little boy was so filled with energy that she was running around with him non-stop. Not only that but Titus taken to her as if she was his real mother.

The celebration was about to begin and Leonidas greeting his father and other friends he had made in his time in the army. When he was done he made his way to where Thirrin and Titus sat.

"Thirrin and Titus how are you?" Leonidas said with a great smile.

"Great Uncle Leo." Titus said with gleaming smile.

"I'm fine Leonidas just a little tired is all." Thirrin said.

Cressida joined Leonidas and hugged her mother and nephew. Leonidas continued the greetings as Cressida caught up with her mother. A weird feeling had crept on him. Ever since Oskan's death he'd been having dreams. Each ended with a dragon reciting a strange poem.

Knowledge, power, wisdom, fame,

All of it ends the same,

Death, life, dark, light,

Face the Goddesses' might,

Where the enemy's arms shall lie,

That is where you shall hear the dragon cry!

He was sure it was a message from the Goddess or Oskan. But for now he decided to keep it to himself. Anything Magical he decided to keep to himself. He sat down and sipped some wine. But as soon as he put down the glass he fell into a deep trance.