Warning: Incest, Sexual content, slash, cussing, alcohol.

Author's Note: this is taking place in the TV series pretty much after Damon kills , but Stefan hasn't tried to poison Damon yet.

Chapter One: On Fire

Stefan's POV

I sat on my bed in the Salvatore Boarding house, reading my book, propped up by pillows. Elena was refusing to talk to me claiming I was keeping secrets from her. I was relieved though because it was getting extremely annoying to hide all my secrets from her and she was annoying me.

Sometimes I wondered if this isn't worth it, she'll never be Katherine. They're two different people, maybe that's why I can't stand Elena sometimes.

Faintly I heard my door open and close. I looked up from my book to find my brother standing there in a tight black t-shirt and tight black pants.

"Damon," I questioned my brother's abnormal silence. But he was still silent, his smirk was growing. Then in a blurred movement Damon was suddenly on my bed and on top of me. He was straddling my waist, pinning me to the bed.

I let out a small shout at my brother's random antics and my book dropped to the floor.

"Damon, what are you-," I started to ask but was cut off when Damon leaned forward and put his warm mouth to my cold neck.

I shivered as I felt his fangs touch my skin. I could tell I was breathing fast, probably panting.

I let out a cry of pain and surprisingly pleasure as Damon's fangs pierced my neck. It felt so good, the pain just added more to the pleasure. Why did I have to like it when my brother hurts me?

I was panting hard now, writhing against my older brother hoping and pleading he wouldn't notice my erection.

But as Damon sucked the blood roughly from my neck his hand traveled down my writhing body and lowered to my crotch where he rubbed my erection hard. Moans escaped my lips now and I couldn't help myself from thrusting my body into Damon's. I was too far gone in the lust to remember exactly who I was humping and grinding against.

"D-d-Damon," I whimpered. My body was on fire, burning for more of his touch. This is so wrong; this is my brother I'm currently humping! How can anything so wrong, feel so damn good?

Then suddenly I had a feeling of falling and I shot up, still in my bed, but Damon was gone. My cheeks burned when I realized it was just a dream. A dream about my brother.

"Did you like the dream Stefan," a familiar voice asked. My stomach flipped in response as Damon stepped out of the shadows wearing a tight black shirt and tight black pants.

He was smirking mockingly at me. I felt my cheeks burn crimson and I looked away from my brother ashamed.

He had given me a wet dream about him and I had liked it.

"Damon I-," I started to apologize, I had never been so nervous around my brother before. Damon cut me off by jumping on me again and straddling my waist.

"I asked if you liked it, but don't worry I can feel you liked it plenty," Damon teased, smirking down at me. Oh, god he could feel my raging erection. Then slowly and tortuously he began to move against it. Grinding into my erection with his hips.

"Damon stop, we're brothers," I pleaded scared.

"But that makes it all the more hot," Damon purred seductively, grinding harder making me gasp for air. Then to my disappointment he got off me. "But, if you really don't want it I can think of others who do, see you later little brother," Damon announced and headed for my door.

"No," I shouted, hating this. "Don't go," I whispered not meeting his eyes. I hated me for this but every part of me was on fire from Damon's touch, I needed him.

Damon stopped, with a seductive smirk. "Say you want me," he commanded.

"Damon," I growled in annoyance. He reached for the door again. I had to the hardest thing ever in my life, swallow my pride.

"Damon, I want you," I mumbled. Damon turned on his heels to face me, grinning wildly.

"What was that, I couldn't hear you," he teased.

"I want you," I said a little bit louder, blushing in embarrassment.

"Louder," he ordered.

"Damon, I want you," I shouted, glaring fiercely at him.

Without another word Damon was on top of me and in vampire speed he ripped off my clothes, leaving me exposed.

He smirked and leaned down. My breath hitched when I felt his warm mouth on the tip of my erection. I moaned in agonizing pleasure as he licked my length, slowly. I whimpered and bucked my hips, begging for more of Damon's touch. He laughed, a husky low laugh that made my stomach tingle.

My brother now licked the inside of my thigh, closer and closer until he was finally sucking on my cock. I bucked my hips again and again, panting so loud.

Moaning and gasping in sweet, dark pleasure. My eyes glazed over in lust and my hands wrapped in Damon's silky, black hair, holding on tightly. I knew Damon would never let me live this down if I didn't retaliate.

Catching my older brother off guard I pushed him off and rolled on top of him. With vampire speed I clawed open the black t-shirt and exposed tan, toned muscles. I quickly pulled out off his pants and boxers.

"Stefan-," Damon growled, before he could push me off I bit down on his neck. My eyes immediately widened in shock, I had never tasted my brother's blood before. It was sweet and rich, laced with the human blood he often consumed. I wondered if he could taste the animal blood in me when he drank from me?

My hands slipped down Damon's body and I grabbed his erection. Gliding my fingers down his length teasingly.

Damon surprised me by responding by bucking his hips and giving a low, throaty moan that made me moan too.

I stopped teasing him and grabbed his erection and started pumping it faster than any human could. Damon bucked his hips up, eagerly meeting my hand and I laughed in spite of myself.

I felt so in control, so much power. I retracted my fangs from my brother's neck. Damon was moaning and panting because of me. Now I knew why Damon loved to seduce people, it was amazing.

With a hungry growl Damon's lips met mine. His tongue forcing its way into my mouth. The kiss made my eyes glaze over again. I kissed back, our tongues each battling for dominance over the other.

My body was on fire, with Damon's touch. Damon everywhere, it felt so good!

We broke the kiss both panting and gasping for air. I scooted away from my brother's mouth, down lower to his cock. My mouth hurriedly swallowed it, sucking every inch.

Damon laughed at my boldness and suddenly flipped me over on my stomach. His arms wrapped around my stomach. I felt his erection at my entrance.

"Please, fuck me," I begged him, needing him and wanting him. The lust was building.

"Anything for you, little brother," Damon whispered his voice low and husky. I growled which soon turned into a dry scream as Damon thrust himself inside of me. My eyes went black for a second in pleasure and pain.

"Harder," I gasped in a rough voice, loving this feeling. He laughed again.

"Stefan likes it rough," my brother mocked.

Suddenly I felt sharp fangs rip into my neck and Damon thrust himself into me, sucking out my blood hard at the same time. I couldn't tell if I was screaming in pain or pleasure anymore. They were the same now. The only thing I knew now was my older brother was on top of me, moaning, fucking me, and drinking my blood.

I didn't care anymore that this was wrong, and I didn't want to act right because wrong was too much fun. I wanted to be bad, I wanted my brother badly and I love it.

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