Previous: Shivers ran down my spine and I shut my eyes as I felt my head spinning. I needed blood fast, I could feel myself growing weaker with each second and the worry that was raging in my mind for Damon was not helping at all.

Soon darkness consumed me and I let unconsciousness take me, praying Damon would never find me.

Chapter Six: Do You Love Him?

Author's Note: Sorry it's so short, I wanted to update soon so I made this shorter then usually. I'll try to update more soon. This chapter is dedicated to the anonymous reviewer that goes by the name of Ewwww. This is a SLASH fic, get over it and stop reading my fanfiction if you have a problem with them being gay.

Damon's Pov

I sped down the road, the top of Zach's car down so I could smell the wind easier as I searched for Jesse's scent. My fingers itched with the need to tear out his throat and I couldn't wait until I could find him. I could feel my stomach twist in knots each time that Jesse's scent got stronger. How would I react when I would see the once love of my life? The guy, the one guy that had left me!

"So tell me more about Jesse, how did you two break up?" Zach asked me as if he had heard my thoughts.

I gritted my teeth. "None of your business." I snarled at him keeping my eyes on the road as I sped up.

"Did you walk out on him?" Zach pressed on curiously.

"No." I muttered, determined not to look at him.

"He left you." Zach said this as a statement rather than a question this time. I didn't respond to him, I kept my eyes on the road and drove on faster, speeding past slow cars on the old back road. The scent was leading out of town into the next.

"Do you still love him?" Zach asked me and I was stunned for a moment. I turned to look at him. I hated that question even more than the ones before. Do I still love Jesse? I know I didn't want to but sometimes people can't always help who they love.

He was a jackass. He had left me for some other girl vampire, leaving behind a note that told me to move on. He had left me alone, broken hearted. H was the first person I had opened up to after Katherine and he had broken my heart. How can you love someone after that?

I thought of Stefan as I struggled for an answer and instantly I realized how much I missed my little brother. Not just his searing touch but the way he laughed. The way he smiled. The way his hair stuck up wildly in the morning.

I missed the way he smelled of wild flowers that you could only find in the deepest parts of the forest where no humans have ever been, intoxicating sweetness.

The answer came clearly to my head and I was sure of it. "No."

"You love Stefan." He announced and grinned at me. I didn't respond but I knew inside that he was right. I loved Stefan, I loved my brother. I just hoped he was alive so I could tell him that.