THE SEQUEL TO "You're not the boss of me anymore."



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Chapter 1 : Great News!

"So, when you do think B will ask Raven?" Cyborg asked as he, Starfire, and Robin were still eating their dinner.

"I hope soon, I can't wait to see the look on Raven's face!" Robin said.

When Robin went to go take another bite out of his dinner, something caught his eyes. His glass of water was shaking.

"By any chance, is anyone moving?" Robin asked as he didn't take his eyes off his glass.

"I am not," Starfire replied.

"Neither am I," Cyborg said as their water started moving too.

"Then what's-" Robin didn't get to finish his sentence. The whole tower then started to move. Starfire screamed as they fell off the chairs.

"Titans, get under the table!" Robin commanded..

Everything started rumbling. It was like an earthquake was hitting them.

"Robin, what is happening?!" Starfire asked as she placed her head on his shoulder and looked around.

"I don't know," Robin replied as he held her.

Everyone was falling down! The technology's wires were getting loose, and the lights kept flickering off and on.

"Cyborg, where's this energy coming from?" Robin asked.

Cyborg checked his scanners. At least he was the only think working here, "It's coming from Beast Boy's room! I think you got your wish Robin."

They then heard a loud scream, and everything stopped moving. Was it over?

Robin opened one eye and looked around him. The place stopped moving, so was it save to come out? He patted Star and she turned her head to look in front of her. Cyborg walked out from under the table and started to cry.

"NO! The television! The game station! The crime screens! My personal security systems! They're all destroyed! And I just fixed the tower last week!"

Cyborg still had tears running down and he looked around his home. It was a complete mess.

Robin and Starfire come out from under the table and looked around.

"Wow, it really looks like an earthquake hit us," Robin said, shocked.

"What do you think has caused this mess Robin?" Starfire asked.

"I have a feeling Raven's powers were behind this," Robin answered as he picked up a piece of the game station off the floor and looked it. There was still a little dark energy around it, "Yup, it was Raven all right."

"It's going to take me forever to redo the Tower!" Cyborg yelled.

"Guys! Guess what!" Beast Boy said as he ran through the Common Room door's holding Raven's hand behind him. He stopped when he saw the huge mess, "Whoa, what happened in here?"

"We were hoping Raven would explain," Starfire said.

"I asked Raven to marry me and she said yes! SHE SAID YES!" Beast Boy screamed.

Starfire gasped, "She did?" She asked.

"Yes Starfire, I did," She said as she showed her the ring on her finger.

"Congratulations you too!" Robin said as he shook Beast Boy's hand.

"Yes, this is the most wonderful news ever!" Starfire said as she flew over and gave Raven one of her bone crushing hugs.

Cyborg went up and patted Beast Boy on the back, "Alright Beast Boy!"

Robin looked around again. How were they going to clean up this mess before the wedding?

"Titans, you do know we're going to have to do something about this place," Robin said as the rest of the time looked around.

"Sorry Robin. Guess having great news makes my powers act more then possible," Raven said.

Cyborg started crying again, "My beautiful technology!"

"Uh Cyborg, why don't we just go out and buy some new stuff?" Beast Boy suggested.

"Beast Boy's right. And on the way home, we can pick something up from Pizza Palace to celebrate, then get started cleaning up this place," Robin added.

"That would be most wonderful!" Starfire said as she was already getting excited.

"Yeah, I guess that could be ok," Cyborg said as he let out a sigh.

When the Titans walked out the door, something blurry came up on their huge screen. The picture wasn't focus, so it wasn't clear to who was trying to contact them.

"Just wait Titans. You can have all the fun you want now, but once you head to the Palace, things will go wrong," The dark voice said.

"And Beast Boy will pay for everything he's done to me," A female voice said.

"Don't worry my dear. He will. He will have no choice but to."

Dark laughs were heard and the screen went black.

Cyborg then ran in, "Man at times like this it's going to be hard to find my wallet.

He looked around and saw something. He looked at the direction of the screen. Something looked weird.

"Ha! There it is," Cyborg said as he ran over to the floor under the screen and found his wallet. He picked it up and ran out to catch up with the others.