Although he did not know it, from that night on Bella dreamt of Sam, instead of having nightmares about Edward. She couldn't understand it but she felt like he knew her, was inside of her.

Sam could see something had changed. He was seeing Bella on a regular basis now that she was a friend of the pack. He saw her watching him, questioning him with her eyes, but they barely ever spoke. He wanted nothing more then to touch her to feel the connection move between them. He knew what she'd been through, and with Jacob he had to tread lightly. He knew it would be soon. Since he'd imprinted he'd been able to feel her. When she couldn't sleep (which seemed like always), he couldn't sleep, but lately that wasn't case. She'd calmed down and he was hoping it was because she could tell what flowed between them.

Then one afternoon Sam had sent Jacob to help Seth Clearwater deal with his transformation. He knew Jake had broken a date with Bella on his order, and wasn't happy. Unfortunately Sam felt the never ending urge to separate them and helping Seth was a better excuse then a lot he'd come up with.

Suddenly he couldn't breath. He took off running for the beach, not knowing why. When he reached it the tide was moving with the fury of the storm, and there in the middle of it was Bella. He dove in without hesitation, and swam with everything he had towards her. He towed her to shore, and lost it.

"Bella are you alright?"

"Um, I think so."

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"Jake promised to take me Cliff diving today. That is until you ordered him to be elsewhere, something you seem to do a lot these days."

"Jacob has responsibilities, ones he can't just abandon because you're feeling fragile!"

"FRAGILE, FRAGILE! You don't know me, you have no idea what I've been through. Jacob is the only thing that holds me together."

"Jacob is a poor substitute for the real thing."

"Don't you think I know that. Edward is gone, Jacob is all that I have."

"I wasn't talking about Edward. Come on let's get you back to the house before you freeze."

They walked back to Sam's house in silence. Once inside Sam gave her dry, if giant clothes to put on and sent her to his bedroom to change. His whole body was vibrating with the impulse to touch her. It took everything he had to resist. She came out of his bedroom in a sweatshirt, only a sweatshirt, and curled up on his couch. He sat in a chair as far from her as possible. After what seemed like an eternity she looked up and spoke.

"What did you mean?"

"About what?"

"When you said you weren't talking about Edward."

"Uh, nothing, It's nothing."

"No you meant something. Ever since Jake turned, and we started spending time with the pack, you've been so careful around me. I can see you considering your words before you speak. The way you position yourself as far from me as possible. I can't sleep for months and suddenly these dreams begin. What have you done to me?"

"Dreams? What dreams?"

"Dreams...about you. About us. What am I to you Sam? What is this?"

"You are my everything. This is our destiny."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? I don't even know you!"

She was pacing now, and Sam got up and backed her into the corner, so she had no choice but to stop and look at him.

"You do know me, and I know you. Bella, that day I found you in the woods, my world ended and was reborn in you. You are my salvation, my life, my soul mate, my imprint. I know you feel it. Our bodies move in sync, we are drawn to one another like magnets. We are meant to be as one."

She shoved him away from her as hard as she could, but he wouldn't budge.

"Let me pass."


"Sam, I can't handle this. I can't do this, I'm broken."

"Then let me put you back together, it's my job."

"I don't... I' don't think I can."

He lifted her chin so she'd look in him the eye, and lifted her hand to place it over his heart,

"Tell me you don't feel it. Tell me you can't feel that what we're meant to have could out Cullen to shame. That we couldn't be the two most blissfully happy people in the world, and I'll let you walk out that door."

Tears were forming in her eyes, and she took a deep breath.

"I dream about the way your lips will feel on my skin, how your hand will fit in mine. I dream about falling asleep in your arms, while you whisper in my ear. I dream about our home, our wedding, our children. When I dream is the only time I feel whole, the only time I feel light. I don't know how to get from here to there, I don't know how to begin."

"So let me, My Love."

He bent down and kissed her forehead, before scooping her up and carrying her to his bed, he laid her down and stared into her eyes before leaning a=down and pressing his lips to hers. She took a sharp intake of breath, and suddenly she was kissing him back with passion he could never have imagined. Her hands twined in his hair, and her legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him towards her. He slid his hands up her thighs and he stiffened as he realized she wasn't wearing anything under the sweatshirt. She disentangled herself from him and reached down to pull his t-shirt up over his head, and then to unbutton his pants. She was frozen in awe of him.

"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

He reached over and pulled the sweatshirt over her head.

"I beg to differ."

She pulled him towards her and painstakingly went over every inch of his adonis like body, with her hands, with her lips she surveyed him. Until he grabbed her hands and laid her down.

"I don't think I could have taken much more of that. So why don't you let me repay the favor."

She beamed up at him, " Be my guest."

He proceeded to study her in the same meticulious manner, she had him. She began to writhe beneath him.

"Sam, I can't wait any longer, I need to be with you."

Slowly he lowered himself inside of her, felt her tense and stopped.

"Baby, you okay."

"Oh my god, don't stop, you can't stop, I need you." and she began to cry.

"Shh, I'm here, we're together, we'll always be together."

As there bodies moved in sync, Bella felt full, whole, like she never thought she could. Sam was so warm, so giving, he held her like a women, not a porcelain doll. She wrapped herself as tightly around him as she could. pulling him as far into herself as she could. finally as one they collapsed in a heap.

"Sam, what was that?"

He chuckled, "Well Bella when a man and a women love each other very much-"

She punched him a chest.

"Very funny, I mean, I don't think it's like that for everyone, do you? That was transcending. I feel so attached to you, like I'll be empty without you. I-I never wanted to feel so reliant on someone again, but I feel safe with you."

"Bella, that's fate. We are predestined to be together, this is what's right, and will be, forever. I can't ever leave you. It's physically impossible."

She smiled and leaned in to kiss him, "Thank god for that."

Suddenly the door burst open, and there was Jake shaking all over. Sam jumped out of bed and forced him out of the house, just before they both transformed, Jake immediately took off for the woods, trying to get as much distance between himself, and Sam's thoughts.