a short little something.

Dean Winchester is not in love with his little brother, and Dean Winchester will be the first to tell you that. Romance, commitment, feelings being had... it's hard enough with girls, but with boys – especially his scrawny little brother – that's just gay.

It's all a misunderstanding. Sam's fault, really. You see, sometimes he has these dreams. Bad dreams. And Dean can't stand to hear him whimper–not that it worries him, no, it just gets annoying. So Dean jumps into bed beside him, and if the nightmares get too bad, he holds his brother and tells him it will be okay. And it's not like Dean likes it, but sometimes Sammy's feet are cold, and he has no choice but to rest his feet on his sibling's to warm them up.

Then the stuff everybody says about them not having to hold hands anymore? Lies. Sammy may put on the airs of maturity, but he's twelve, and twelve-year-olds can't cross the street alone, especially not ones as cute as Sam; they could get raped or murdered or kidnapped or- or- right, run over is probably the most likely possibility. And if Dean wants to hold his hand in the mall or on the way to school, it's just to make sure he doesn't get raped or murdered or kidnapped or run over then, either.

And people say he's over-protective. They're idiots. Twelve is way too young to be around girls, hell, twelve is too young to think about girls. At this crucial point in his academic life, he needs to focus on his studies. So when Dean tells the girls Sam can't go to dances due to his tuberculosis/pneumonia/lung cancer, it's not jealousy; it's concern for his kid brother's health.

So there. Dean Winchester is not in love with his little brother. Anyone who says differently is obviously oblivious.

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