Title : S'mores

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This is a series of 'snapshots' written for the spn_30snapshots challenge on livejournal. A series of 30 short pieces, linked by character written for 30 different prompts. This series is set pre-series with the Winchester brothers staying at Pastor Jim's. The snapshots are published here in order of the prompt number, not in the order of the events occuring.

Prompt Number 1 : Dark

Title : S'mores

The boys were laughing and Jim could hear them from where he stood inside the kitchen. It was a good sound. With Jordan away for a few weeks, the presence of Eliot was a bonus. Dean was being a teenager, something Jim would never stop wishing he could be more often.

Sam was still the center of his world. He would only relax if he was sure Sammy was okay, but here and now with all well, the boys were relaxed and seemed happy, despite the continued absence of their father. Jim wasn't foolish enough to believe that they weren't worried, weren't always worried about John when he wasn't right there in front of them, but he knew they both also relished the freedom his absence brought, the chance when they were with Bobby or himself to be children. He also knew that the duel feelings played on Dean's conscience. For that Jordan's presence was normally a godsend, he was the one person Dean felt understood, the only one he would talk to about it.

He'd been surprised a few days ago, when late at night Dean had chatted to him about Eliot and how he felt sad that the older boy had had such a difficult life. It had struck Jim then just how giving Dean was, how intrinsically kind he was, and how he wasn't so twisted by his own life to not recognize hurt in others. Eliot seemed like a good lad too, somewhat unsettled by his repeated stints in different foster homes, but now he was with the Thompsons, he seemed to be gradually relaxing, fitting in.

They were out there now in the dark, with a small camp-fire built trying to show Sammy how to toast s'mores. There had been much amusement over the correct way to make them and exactly what went inside, with the older boys attempting, as per Ava Thompson's advice, to secure the crackers and chocolate to the stick round the marshmallow. Several disasters later and Dean had reverted to just toasting the marshmallow and then trying capture it with the crackers. In attempting to avoid burning his fingers on the cooked marshmallow by catching it between the crackers he had knocked more than one loose into the fire, to a round of mocking laughter from his younger brother. They'd had a try at making Stan Thompson's recipe with Sammy rushing back in for a jar of peanut butter but Jim had been able to hear the round of "Eeew! Disgusting!" from inside followed by Dean's voice laughingly saying Stan clearly didn't know the first thing about s'mores.

Jim turned away from the window, wondering whether to go outside and join the boys or just to relax with a book in the peace for a while. Taking a look at his watch, he knew it wouldn't be long before the boys were back in anyway; Dean was good like that, he'd make sure that Sam was in on time to get ready for bed. They were good boys, all three of them.

For now though, he'd relish the peace of an empty house and let the boys have their fun outside without him. After all, it gave them more to tell him later and he could always pretend that he hadn't actually been watching them from the window, enjoying seeing them being the children they really were.