Nana turned around after closing the door, her last question still vibrating into the siblings' ears.

-- That is what we want to talk to you about. Kanon said.

-- Sit down please – Asked Nana.

Shanon sat onto a chair in front of the bed, where Nana sat, Kanon stood up next to his sister.

-- Well – Shanon began – your daughter, Anhelleis…

-- Is she alright?

-- Yes, she told me this morning a rather terrible new.

-- What is it about?

-- Mr. Black – Kanon said – the owner of this establishment, was killed this very morning.

Nana gasped.

-- Has someone called the police yet? – She asked.

-- L is investigating the case as we speak.

-- Then I think we shouldn't worry too much – Nana said – L will quickly find the culprit; now, if you can excuse me – she stood up – I have to prepare mine, and my daughter's stuff, since we will surely have to move from here.

-- I am afraid we cannot permit you to do so – Kanon said – L might think that not even a soul should leave this place until he finds enough evidence to catch the culprit.

-- I never said when were we leaving, after all, I don't want to make Luna feel even worse having lost her uncle and, so recently after, losing her dear friend, now – she opened the door – if you would be so kind.

Shanon stood up as well and walked outside the room followed by her brother; Nana closed the door after them, took her guitar again, sat on her bed and began playing.

-- It is weird – she thought – there is something happening in this place, I will have to protect Nelli more.

Inside the office, there was L, the little puzzle in which was covered Mr. Black's murder had taken form by itself, but he still didn't find any logic to it.

-- I thought vampires did not exist. – he examined the corpse once more, there they were, those mark onto Roger's neck – but the evidence seems to point to their existence, , is it even possible?

L stood up, and paced around the room, it was not rational but the single thought that the place might be haunted, sounded even more irrational to him; he looked again at the card in his hand, and remembered Luna's words when she handed it to him: "Maybe it will be of help." Luna, the girl who confessed being the assassin of her own uncle, another strange thing from his point of view, he read the card once more, taking a decision, he turned around and walked to the phone, took a handkerchief from the desk and covered his hand in it, then, he took the phone and dialled the number in the card. After a while, a man's voice answered.

-- Good afternoon.

-- Good afternoon, sir – L said – May I speak to – he read from the card – Sir Integra Hellsing?

-- Any reason in particular to speak to Lady Hellsing?

-- I have a case that might be of interest to her.

-- Just a moment, please.

L kept silent as the sound of footsteps came from the other side of the line, after some minutes, a woman's voice came from the speaker.

-- Yes?

-- This is L, Miss Hellsing.

-- Walter says you have something important to tell me, sir.

-- Exactly, you see miss, I am calling from Mr. Black's house…

-- Has something happened?

-- Indeed it has, Mr. Black was killed this very morning.

-- I will be honest to you L, I have heard about what you do, I know you are the best detective in this world, therefore, I expect you to find Mr. Black's murderer.

-- Don't get the wrong idea, Miss Hellsing, what I called you for was to tell you about certain… details I have noticed, which seem not to be natural.

-- What are you trying to say, mister?

-- I suspect that there might be vampires inside the mansion.

-- Tell you what, Mr. Black and his family are old acquaintances of mine, from a long time, I am asking, no begging you to give the details about the nature of Roger's murder when I arrive.

-- Do you plan on coming?

-- Surely I must, I will bring as well my agents of most confidence, parting right now, I guess we might be over there by tomorrow morning, at noon if any unexpected issues arise.

-- I'm just warning you miss, prepare for the worst.

L heard a laugh coming from the other side of the line.

-- I am always prepared L.

-- Then I will be alert to any more sings, and will be waiting for your arrival.

-- Until tomorrow.

L hung up the phone and left the handkerchief on the desk again, he heard a knock on the door.

-- Come on in – he said.

The door opened revealing Ulquiorra, who entered the office, followed by Near.

-- Near says you were asking for me, L – said Ulquiorra, his emerald eyes looking through L's.

-- I have some questions to ask, Near, please, look for Shanon and Kanon, see if they have begun telling the news to everyone, I suppose my daughter has at least told Shanon, so please, go and see.

-- Right away, L. – said Near walking out of the office, leaving alone L and Ulquiorra.

-- Ulquiorra.

-- L?

-- Miss Black told me a while ago that you saw when the manager was killed, is it true?

-- Seems Luna is not fond of telling lies, is she? – mumbled Ulquiorra to himself.

-- Excuse me? – asked L as he heard you a little of it.

-- It is true, L, but not all – Ulquiorra said his face calm – I only saw Luna hugging her uncle, begging him for pardon, and crying, she turned, looking at me, and asked me to look for help, I only stated the obvious, that he had not much left to live, then the man died, and Luna left crying after calling me an insensible fool.

-- I see – L said, he lowered his head, looking at his own feet, the office in total silence. – Anything else that you recall, Ulquiorra?

-- I am afraid that is all.

-- Still, I think it will be necessary for you to stay under surveillance, for some days, as you can be seen as either an accomplice or a sight-testimonial.

-- You cannot be more right, L.

Someone knocked the door.

--Come in – L said.

Near opened the door and walked inside the office.

--So? – L asked.

-- I found them – Near said – They are telling every single of the habitants of the mansion.

-- Thank you, Near. – L said – Now, if you would please, be so kind to escort Ulquiorra to his room, we need to maintain, both of them under surveillance.

-- Yes, L. – He said.

-- After it, you come back.

Ulquiorra nodded in L's direction and followed Near to his own room, opened the door, and closed it after him, leaving Near outside; Near went back to Mr. Back's office.

-- Luna, a murderer? – He thought. – No, it can't be, she is not like that, but… I heard her confessing – He sighed – How can I be like L, if I get my feelings get messed in this case? Be strong, Near, this is your trial case, you can show L that you are of help. But anyway… I would have believed if someone else had confessed, but why her? Why Luna? Is it truth that she has become a vampire? Or is she hiding someone else?

He arrived in front of the office and knocked the door, he heard L's voice telling him to come in, and entered.

In Miss Hellsing's office inside her home and head quarters of the Hellsing organization, were a blond woman dressed in a military green suit, sitting on the chair before the desk and smoking a cigar; and a long-dark haired dressed in red coat and a wide hat in the same colour.

-- We are leaving right now, Alucard – she said.

-- Maybe, it is time, Master – He answered.

-- Time for what?

-- To tell the young girl the truth about her family, and who her true parents are.

-- Nonsense – she said – That girl should not know the truth, not now at least, it is not the adequate moment.

-- I thought you were eager to hug you own daughter to yourself, Master – He said with a mocking smile appearing through his pale lips.

-- Don't even think, on disobeying my orders, Alucard, we don't know how will she react.

-- So, what do you want me to do, My Lady?

-- Call Victoria, we will need her as well, go right now you two and supervise that place, I will arrive by tomorrow morning, with Walter.

-- Yes, My Master – He walked towards the door and stopped at little distance – You think, they have already spotted and found her? – He asked his piercing amber-reddish eyes looking through the blue eyes of the lady.

She glared at him as an answer; he bowed and disappeared in the shadows. She pressed a button from the telephone on the desk; a man's voice came from the speaker.

-- My Lady?

-- Is the car ready? – She asked.

-- Yes, Madame, we leave when you arrive to the garage.

-- Thank you Walter, I am on my way now.

-- I will be waiting.

She took a long black coat from the hall-stand and put it over her shoulders, and then she walked out of her office and went on the way to the head quarter's garage.

-- I wonder how you are coping with all of what has happened to you, my little half-vampire – She thought – I hope you are alright, and that nothing has happened to you my innocent half-blooded.

She continued her way with these thoughts inside her head. Still in her thoughts, she reached the garage, where her butler, and old man with his hair tied up behind his head, was waiting for her.

-- Ready to go, Miss Hellsing? – He asked.

-- Totally, Walter, we must arrive there by dawn – she replied.

Walter opened the back door of the car, letting her in, Miss Hellsing entered the car, the butler closed the door after her, and after entering the car, he began driving.

-- If you permit me to say so, My Lady, you seem quite thoughtful today.

-- We have a difficult case ahead, Walter.

-- I don't think that's the only thing that troubles you.

-- It is none of your business.

-- I wonder if it has to do with your "sickness" seventeen years ago.

-- As I have told you before, that incident is unimportant.

-- Still, you seem quite troubled every time someone mentions it in public.

-- You better maintain yourself quiet when we arrive, Walter.

-- Yes, My Lady.

-- Even after I said so – Miss Hellsing thought – I still wonder if giving away my own daughter was the correct thing to do, at least, I have been able to watch after her, as her godmother, but I cannot get rid of the feeling that the little vision in my dream has something to do with her, maybe, I guess, that weird vision has become truth, already, or is about to.

Luna opened her eyes; she had fallen asleep right after writing the letter. She lifted her chest from the desk, yawned and looked through the window. It was already past sunset and the pale moon was sending its beautiful silver-bluish light all over the floor of her room she stood up and looked down to the desk.

-- The letter is not! – She thought in surprise.

She looked all around, but it was nowhere to be found. She sat on her bed.

-- How? – She thought – I remember I left it on the desk before falling asleep.

Then she saw it, right in front of her, there was another bouquet with withered red roses and violets with a note attached, right next to it an envelope, she took the note and read.

"I'm sorry for you; my Angel of Music, the fact that you have told the truth has astonished me, as well as impressed me more, it is rather cruel, to my point of view, the manner they have made you pay for your problem. My best regards. Until we meet my dear."

She left the note next to the bouquet and took the envelope, she noticed surprised that it was rather heavy, she opened it and inside she found a small silver round box with a chain to hang it, and a letter. She took out the box; it was in reality a silver clock with a cover in the shape of a waning moon, she opened the cover and found that it had elegant Roman numbers with two black pointers. She put the clock next to the note and the bouquet and took out the letter. She unfolded the page and began reading:

"Dear Miss Black:

'My messenger found your letter while you were sleeping, I hope he did not disturb you, nor cause you any problem, please forgive my rudeness, dear lady, but I cannot tell you my name just now, but I sent in the same envelope a little something regarding the kind of job I work at.

'I guess by what you wrote that you are quite surprised by my sudden… appearance in your short life, but I must say that you will soon meet me in person, and hope that you will be better emotionally by then.

'Since for now, I cannot answer to most of your questions, I can only promise that when we finally meet, I will answer what is on my reach; with my best, and wishing you good luck.

'Sincerely yours,

'The clockmaker

'P.S. You can keep the clock, actually, I would like you to have it, as you can see, my dear, the cover represents the meaning of your name, and the chain is for you to hang it around your neck."

Luna finished reading, and left the letter next to the rest of her new "correspondence" she took the clock and lied on her bed while examining it.

-- A clockmaker? – She thought.

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