Here we go! The last chapter of Happy! Enjoy!

Raven gasped as Starfire grabbed her arm and practically dragged her down the hall to get ready for the Halloween ball. Beast boy laughed and jogged after them. He grabbed Raven's arm and pulled her into his room before Starfire even knew what was happening. His beautiful girlfriend laughed and put her arms around his neck before kissing him as a thank you. They fell back onto his bed, arms going around each other as tight as they could, and continued to kiss until Starfire got fed up and finally had Robin unlock the door.

"Cool it, you two," Robin said once the door was open. Beast boy grabbed a pillow and threw it with all his might at Robin. Starfire tugged at his shirt but Gar refused to relinquish Raven. She smiled and put her arms around his neck to draw him closer and back into a kiss. "Guys! What part of only an hour to get dressed don't you get?"

"Shove it," BB mumbled. Cyborg chuckled from the doorway. Robin grabbed Beast boy along with Starfire and picked him up and off Raven. "Hey! Dude!"

Raven sighed and slid out of the bed. "You suck, Robin. Come on, Starfire. By the way, let go or he's going to bite you, Rob."


"Too late," Raven muttered as she left reluctantly with Star. They boys continued to shout and bicker for most of the hour while Starfire and Raven got ready. Raven was going as a Transylvanian maiden in order to play Beast boy's victim, Beast boy was going as a vampire at Raven's persistence, Starfire was going as a princess, Robin as a prince, and Cyborg was going on a date rather than attending the ball. Once everyone but Cyborg was in costume, they gathered in the Ops Room to wait for the limo the mayor was sending. Beast boy grinned when he saw Raven's short dress and took her hand once she entered. She smiled as he turned her around to get a good look at her then drew her close to whisper about how sexy she was. "Thanks. You look so hot with eyeliner on."

"Thanks, I think." She kissed him then wiped the black lipstick off his lips carefully, only to have his tongue dart out and draw one of her fingers into his mouth for him to suck on it tenderly. He had put black eyeliner around his eyes to give him a sort of dead look and put in his earrings. His old-fashioned suit costume was black as night and he barely had any color on his entire body, clothing wise.

"You would make such a hot Goth."

"If you'd like I could convert." She smiled and kissed him deeply. He ran his hand down her side, toying with the strings of her lace up top, and smoothed her ruffled skirt as his hand slid over her. "Okay, so, apparently I'm going Goth."

"You don't have to." He smiled and kept kissing her. Robin rolled his eyes but Starfire smiled at how wrapped up in each other they were. "So, like my bite marks?"

He pushed back her hair and grinned at the fake bite mark on her neck with blood dripping from it. "Definitely. But I'm not sure how that'll work because I'm not putting fake blood on my fangs."

"That's fine. I don't care." She kissed him again and he grinned at her. Suddenly, Robin said that the limo was there and they sighed before going downstairs. "I hate limos."

"Same," BB muttered, putting his arm around her on the way down. Robin rolled his eyes and told them to deal with it. Before the driver even had a chance to get out, Beast boy opened the door and gestured for Raven to go on in. "Ladies first."

"Thank you, love." Starfire slid into the seat across from Raven and Beast boy got in last. Raven settled her head on Gar's shoulder and he kissed her head. "So, how long is this going to last?"

"A couple hours. Just try to socialize, you two. Don't sulk in the corner. And remember, you two kissed in front of a reporter. You need to reassure the public you're together so don't bother hiding your relationship. But don't be too sexual about it," Robin said sternly.

"Aw, but that's the fun in our relationship. The sex. Right, my darling?" Raven cooed jokingly. Beast boy grinned and leaned down to kiss her neck.

"Yeah, baby. It's all about the sex." They laughed slightly to themselves and Robin rolled his eyes.

"You guys are weird, you know that?" They nodded and Beast boy said thank you cheerfully. Raven smiled and leaned her back against Beast boy's chest. He brushed her hair from her neck and began to kiss her neck again. "Hey, come on. We're right here."

"It's a free country," BB replied as Raven held his to her neck gently and closed her eyes in pleasure. "Loosen up, dude."

"We have arrived," Starfire said softly, taking Robin's hand. The driver got out and opened the door. Beast boy stopped what he was doing to Raven and got out after Starfire. Then he held his hand to Raven and she stepped out. They put their hands together and walked down up the stone steps of the mayor's house. Reporters yelled out questions and photographers snapped as many pictures as they could of Raven whispering in Beast boy's ear and their entwined fingers.

"I'm so hot for you," she breathed.

He grinned and leaned down to whisper back. "I know, babe. I can smell it. I don't know if I'll last two hours. Course, we could always ditch half way through. No one would miss us."

She smirked and nodded as they entered the house. The mayor greeted each Titan and they went into the large ballroom. Immediately, Raven and Beast boy moved to sit at their table while Robin and Star went to mingle. Starfire's elegant and simple medieval princess costume drew boys to her like flies and single girls flocked to Robin in his medieval prince/knight costume eagerly. Some girls eyed Beast boy but he was too wrapped up in Raven to care. Their table was in a corner and no one could see him running his hand over her smooth thigh under the table while they whispered together. He laughed as she mentioned something about Robin always wearing tights and she struggled to maintain a grip on her hormones. She wanted him. Badly. And his clawed fingers under her skirt were not helping at all.

"Gar," she breathed, drawing his hand away. "We just caught here. Don't tease me until we're closer to a decent time for ditching."

"Right. Sorry. Let me get us some punch, yeah? Be right back." As soon as he left, a female reporter swooped in.

"Raven, darling, how are you?" she asked in a tone dripping with fake sweetness. "How's the new boyfriend?"

"We're both fine," she answered dryly, folding her arms and crossing her legs. The reporter looked down and smiled when she saw the claw marks on Raven's thigh. She pulled the skirt down and looked away nervously.

"Oh, wow. It must be amazing having such a…animal for a lover." Raven arched an eyebrow. "Oh, come on. Let's ear some details, huh? How far have you gone? Is he as muscular as we'd imagine?"

"I'll make this perfectly clear. Beast boy and I have only ever made out. The claw marks are from a make-out session in the limo. And the only time I've seen him without his shirt is in the gym."

"Oh, a sweaty, shirtless Beast boy. That must get the blood boiling, huh?" She leaned in holding her tape-recorded eagerly but Raven just stared at her until she looked nervous. "Oh, come on. There has to be more than that."

Beast boy returned and set the punch cups down on the table. Then he leaned over, kissed Raven cheek, and said, "You okay? You seem agitated."

"I'm being asked about our love life and it's making me rather uncomfortable," she replied, maintaining her distant composure.

"That's enough, I think. Thank you, Ms. Wilder, but you need to leave." The reporter left and Beast boy put his arms around Raven, kissing her forehead reassuringly. She relaxed and put her arms around his neck in return. "Don't you just hate reporters? You handled her nicely, if I may say so. Want anything to munch on? They're got chocolate spiders if you'd like."

"You choose," she purred before kissing him gently. He nodded and got up. "Don't be long. I don't know how I'll do with the next leech that shows up."

"Roger that, love. I'll be quick." He went back to the snack table and put some sweets on a plate before returning to Raven. Then they treated the reporters to a sight by feeding each other the sweets and kissing every few bites. They didn't honestly care about the reporters watching them, they too wrapped up in each other to notice anyway. "You are delicious," Gar purred into Raven ear after kissing her. "My self-control can't take much more of this."

"Just another hour or so. Then we'll go home and be as passionate as we want. I hate not having your hands on me. Especially after Wednesday. I haven't been able to satisfy myself since then at all. I've just been craving you. It's not fair. You've been holding out on me," she pouted. He smiled apologetically and kissed her gently. She kissed back a bit then sighed and looked down at the purple tablecloth. "You don't want me anymore?"

"Desire is never an issue, Rae. I'm just not sure I could trust myself anymore. What matters is proving how much I love you and jumping into bed with you every chance I get doesn't prove that at all." He kissed her cheek again then gently lifted her to sit on his lap. "I want you to be happy, did I tell you that? I can't make you happy by jumping you."

"Oh, yes, you can," she said with a slight laugh. "And I know you want me happy. That's always been you're motivation, my happiness. In fact, our relationship wouldn't exist if you didn't want me to be happy all the time. But you don't have to keep yourself away just to prove you love me. I'm always happiest when I'm with you."

He smiled and kissed her deeply. "Sorry. I just thought…Actually, I have no idea what I thought. So, how bout a hint on that outfit?"

She smirked and leaned in to whisper to her lover. "Nothing."

"Oh, come on. No hint? Please, Rae? I'll do that thing with my mouth you like tonight," he attempted to bribe her.

"Which thing?"

"Either." She smiled and laughed a bit. He grinned and kissed her deeply, his tongue stroking her mouth thoroughly. "One little hint, baby?"

"I already gave you the hint. Nothing," she repeated sexily. His eyes widened and he looked delighted. "Absolutely nothing."

"Let's leave." She laughed until she spotted the mayor's children approaching them. He had a daughter of about sixteen and a son that was eighteen. The boy asked if he could borrow Raven for a dance and once Raven agreed reluctantly, the girl led Beast boy onto the dance floor. It was a fast-paced song that all the older guests had refrained from participating in and the boy, Johnny, immediately began to pull Raven into a naughty motion. Beast boy's eyes narrowed and he barely noticed the girl, Sarah, attempting to make him move with her as she pressed herself against him in a very sluttish manner. He tried to calm her but she just became more aggressive. Then Johnny grabbed Raven's ass and Beast boy growled angrily. He started over but Raven slapped him and walked quickly over to her lover before he had a chance to rip the little bastard apart. "You okay?"

He gathered her into his arms and she smiled at his protectiveness. "I'm fine, Gar. I can handle myself. Come on. I wanna sit back down." They walked back to their table and sat down, Raven in Beast boy's lap and his arms around her stomach. "I know how to handle perverts, you know."

"No, you're supposed to kick 'em where it counts, missy. My Raven," he purred. "He has no right to touch you. My Raven." She smiled as he began to kiss her neck gently.

"Definitely." Robin and Starfire came over for a bit and Robin said it would be okay for them to leave now, since they'd been there for an hour and a half. Raven smiled and wrapped her arms around Beast boy's neck. "See ya."

Then she teleported them home and laugh when he toppled off her bed instead of onto it like she meant to have them do. "Sorry."

"It's okay, Rae." He got up and kissed her deeply. Her amusement gave way to pure desire in an instant. "Let's see that outfit then." She smiled as he began to unzip her dress. She used her powers to remove her boots and move them out of the way while she used her hand to unbutton the jacket of Beast boy's costume. She pushed it off his arms and it fell to the floor. "I love you."

"I love you too." He tossed his shirt and tie somewhere in the room and climbed on top of her on the bed. She unbuttoned his pants as he kissed her neck tenderly. She let out a loud moan when he scrapped his teeth against her sensitive skin and his pants were kicked to the floor. Unable to contain his desire and not able to be patient enough to unclasp her bra, Beast boy used his claws to cut it in the middle and easily removed it after that. Raven looked surprised and pleased by his actions. She pulled him down to kiss her and he tore her panties next, tossing them away carelessly. Then he lifted her up, moved her to the middle of the bed, and lowered his head to tend to her breasts. Raven clenched the blanket in her fists and whimpered in pleasure at he sucked and needed her already hard nipples. He grinned at her little noises of pleasure. She sounded almost like a kitten.

After her nipples were hard and erect to his liking, he began to kiss down her stomach towards her most private area. She mewed again when he licked her bellybutton on his way down. "Gar," she whimpered. He grinned up at her cheekily before pressing his lips to her soaked lips. "Oh!"

"You're so wet, Raven. All this for me?" She nodded. "No. Say it."

"Yes," she panted. "All for you, Garfield. I'm so wet for you. Only you. Please." He grinned again and spread her lips with his fingers. He licked her of her fluids, taking extra care to tease her clit and make her whimper some more, before pushing two fingers inside her. She thrashed on the bed, aching for more, as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her. "Gar! Please!"

He pumped faster and sucked her clit harder as she got closer and closer. Then he reached up and began to message her breast with his free hand. She cried out his name and he moved quickly to catch all her juices on his tongue, leaving his fingers to be cleaned later. Then he moved up to her lips as she began to settle down. "Taste?"

She took his fingers into her mouth and they both moaned as she sucked and licked her come off them. They kissed intensely and Raven reached down to remove Beast boy's boxers. He groaned out loud when she took his manhood into her hand as much as she could and began to rub, making him even harder than he already was. "Can I?" she asked. He nodded and she sat up. She guided him onto his back and straddled his waist above his manhood and when she moved, it rubbed against her rear, causing them both to moan and Beast boy to thrust his hips up, eager to be inside her. She leaned down and began to kiss his chest, making sure to give his nipples the same attention he had given hers and running her hands over his chest and arms just to enjoy the feeling of his muscles flexing under her hands. Then she moved down to finally touch him where he wanted her to the most.

She wrapped her hand around his shaft the best she could and began to pump him. Gar had to clench the blankets and bite his lip to contain his pleasure. Then she leaned down to lick him and take him into her mouth. He grunted and thrust his hips uncontrollably. She suppressed the urge to gag when his head hit the back of her throat and continued to swirl her tongue and suck on him. He reached down and tangled his fingers into her hair so he could pull her away when he felt his orgasm approaching but she just smirked up at him sexily and licked his tip of the pre-orgasm fluids. He shot and she just drank it up like the last time. When he finally relaxed, she crawled up him and kissed his lips deeply. He tangled his fingers in his hair again and held her to him. Then she reached down and stroked him to get him hard again. He groaned. "What're you doing, Rae?"

"Getting you hard. I can't wait any longer." He flipped them over and reached down to see how wet she was. She was dripping again. Raven smiled when he nodded and gently kissed her. They kissed each other deeper as he positioned himself to enter her.

Beast boy looked into Raven's eyes and she nodded to him. Then he leaned down, kissing her cheek, and whispered, "I'll be gentle."

Then he eased inside her. Raven cried out when, with one quick thrust, he broke her virginal barrier. He kissed her tears and muttered a heartfelt apology. "It's okay. It's supposed to hurt the first time."

"I won't move until you're ready," he reassured her. She wiggled after a moment, searching for a comfortable position, and they both moaned out in pleasure. She nodded and he reached down to move her legs to wrap around his waist before beginning to thrust slowly. Too slow, in Raven's opinion. She wrapped her arms around him a dug her nails into his back to urge him on. Getting the message, he started to thrust into his lover harder and faster. Raven tried thrusting back against him but found she couldn't keep up and let him handle it. He thrust harder and harder, whispering I love yous as he felt her getting closer and felt his own release approaching.

"Garfield," escaped Raven's lips impassionedly as she clung to him and grew closer to her second release of the night. Beast boy couldn't hold out much longer. She was so tight and wet…He wanted to come so badly. But he wanted her to come with him. So he leaned forward and began to suck on her neck intensely, leaving what would later turn into hickies. Raven's moans and whimpers increased. But she wasn't close enough. So he gave her what she wanted since their first date. He bit her. She screamed in pleasured pain right before her release hit her full force and he tumbled over the edge with her as her inside squeezed his length tightly.

He collapsed and rolled over on his side so he could look at her and she lied there, her chest heaving and body coated in a light shine of sweat. He looked at the bite mark on his lover's neck and saw a small bit of blood begin to slide out. He leaned over and licked up the blood. His animal side kicked in and he began to suck and lick the bite for more of her crimson nectar. Raven moaned and clung to his shoulders. "Oh, Garfield."

"Mm. You taste so good." She closed her eyes and titled her head to give him better access. Suddenly, he pulled away and began to kiss her again. "I need you again already."

She moaned and started to guide him inside her but he pulled back and whispered, "Let's try a different position, okay?"

"Sure." He pulled her on top of him and she smiled. "Okay." Then she slowly lowered herself onto his hardened member and began to move. He thrust up into her and she pressed down onto him over and over but when they began to draw close, he sat up and turned her around, causing her release to draw away a bit and them to have a new position to work at it from. She moaned as he helped her move and rubbed her breasts. It was so close, her release, that she could taste it but he wasn't going to let her come until she was screaming again. He sank his fangs into her shoulder from behind and she screamed like he wanted. They toppled over the edge together, Beast boy still rubbing her breasts and sucking the blood from her shoulder.

Raven was beginning to get tired but energy still rolled off Beast boy in waves. He wasn't anywhere near done for the night and she had a feeling he wasn't going to let her rest quite yet either. And she was right. He kissed her thoroughly, stroking her mouth with his tongue and letting her taste her blood on his tongue. "Tired?"

"Beginning to be," she replied. He grinned and set her on the bed.

"Let me wake you up." He sat on his knees behind her and stroked her breasts roughly, causing her to moan, while he kissed her back and shoulders, her hair pushed to the side. Then he suddenly eased her forward until she was on her hands and knees on the bed and began to rub her perfect ass gently. She moaned when his claws scrapped the skin and he grinned. "So kinky."

"Yes," she breathed. "Gar, spank me." He looked at her in surprise. "Please."

"That'll hurt too much though," he said. She shook her head and said please breathlessly again. He hesitated then gently slapped her left cheek, causing her to moan and become even wetter than she already was. Enticed by her reaction, he delivered a harder smack to her right cheek. She cried out in pleasure. He rubbed her rear soothingly then slapped her left cheek again and she cried out even louder. He was so hard and her cries were just making it worse. He positioned himself and she screamed in pleasure when he slammed into her.

Part of him hated causing her pain but the part of him that was ruled by hormones loved it. And he reassured himself with the fact that she liked this kind of pain. The hormonal part of him wanted her to keep mewing and screaming like she was and it was the dominate part of him at that moment so he began to thrust into her as hard as he could. Raven moaned as he pounded into her from behind and began to beg. She didn't beg for anything in particular, just said please repeatedly. But he knew what she wanted. He slapped her ass as he continued to thrust and she screamed and whimpered for more. He lifted her hips higher into the air and continued to shove into her forcefully.

She was drawing closer and his growling and grunting was just making it even better. She could tell he liked being able to do her as hard as he wanted and have her like it, despite how much he hated his liking it. He leaned forward and she knew what he was going to do before her did it. He sank his fangs into the skin of her unmarked shoulder as he slapped her right cheek and continued to thrust and her release came in a rush. "Gar!" she screamed as she came. He growled and bit into her harder as he came. "Oh, Gar."

She panted and held tightly to the sheets to keep from floating off into oblivion. "You okay?"

"Yes," she breathed. He sighed and removed himself from inside her. "Oh, wow. That was wonderful, Gar."

"Yeah." He lied down and held his arms to her. She settled into them and he grinned sleepily at her. "Tired?"

"Exhausted. You're perfect. Did I tell you that?" He shook his head and asked why as he drew the blankets over them. "You're my dream guy. Sweet, kind, wonderful, and protective outside the bedroom but then you get him in the bedroom and he's a total animal."

"That's your dream guy?" He looked a little amused but she nodded and kissed his jaw gently.

"Ever since I developed hormones. Garfield, I love you."

"Good cause I love you too. Are you sure I didn't hurt you too much?" he asked worriedly. She smiled and shook her head. He relaxed and wrapped his arms around her even tighter. "Are you happy?" She nodded. "Good. That's all I want."

"That's good then because being with you makes me happy. Just being with you." He smiled and they kissed gently before closing their eyes to go to sleep. Beast boy continued to smile as he slept and if you looked closely, you could've seen Raven's own smile on her lips.

And both their words were true. All Beast boy wanted was Raven's happiness and he was the only person to make her happy. After all, their entire relationship came to be because Beast boy just wanted Raven to be happy after someone broke her heart. It would definitely be an interesting –and easy– way to explain how Mommy and Daddy fell in love to their future children.

Okay, so, Happy's finished. I hope the title makes sense since I pretty much spelled it out in the last few paragraphs. I also hope that it wasn't too smutty, since I tired to keep it sweet. Please favorite or review and thanks for reading!