E/O Challenge

Word: Feel (well – felt…is that allowed?)

Word Count: 100 – On the nose

Well there are two chapters to this…1st one for Deangirl with a little hurting Dean and the 2nd for Ciziwijes with a little reluctant Dean. Caring Sammy abounds! Happy Birthday girls!

Disclaimer: I own nothing – it all belongs to Kripke but those boys are just too much fun to leave alone.

Chapter one – A Little Off-colorby Impaladreams

* * * * *

Dean leant back rubbing absently at his stomach and pushed his plate away.

"Gonna wait in the car, Sammy. I'm not hungry."

Sam's worried gaze travelled from the untouched food to his brother's too pale face. "You feeling okay?"

"I'm just tired…take your time." He winced, unable to contain the flicker of pain as he swung his legs from the booth.

Sam motioned to the waitress, "Can I get this to go?"

Dean turned, stumbled, sank to his knees, groaned as he felt his brother's cool hand upon his forehead. "'M okay." He mumbled.

"Sure you are. Don't argue. Hospital!"

* * * * *


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