Short fic, but hopefully it's sweet enough for you all to enjoy. This was written for Hetalia_contest over at livejournal; the prompt here was "sky"

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Katya was lying in the grass, the sun warming her face, making her feel light and free.

Her gaze was focused up at the puffy white clouds, trying to identify shapes of familiar things, but the pure blue hue of the sky made it impossible to focus.

Hearing her sister giggle, Katya sat up and turned; Ivan was sitting behind Natalya, braiding her hair and weaving flowers into the plait. He'd wanted to use sunflowers, his absolute favorite, but Katya had reminded him they were too big, and so it was little yellow dandelions instead. Both children were wearing silly smiles, as carefree as their older sister's was, and Katya was content enough to fall back onto the ground and breathe in the field.

She's not sure how much time passed as she lay like that, but the next thing she knew she felt a tiny nudge on her shoulder, and saw concerned purple eyes hovering above her.

"сестра? What's wrong?"

Katya blinked; the sky was now streaked with orange and violet.

"Nothing's wrong, Vanya, I fell asleep is all." She smiled reassuring at both siblings, seeing how Natalya was clinging to Ivan's clothes. Patting the grass beside her, she bade them to sit, and in the next moment all three siblings were curled into one another as the sunset's chill picked up.

The three remained, enraptured by the colors and ever-shifting sky in silence, until stars were twinkling overhead and they were all asleep in that field, still sharing body warmth with small smiles on each of their faces.


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