They turned around. There stood Amycus Carrow, wand raised. "REDUCTO!" he yelled, pointing his wand at a tree. It crashed to the ground, and hit Robert on the head. He fell to the ground unconscious.

"Now where were we?" said Amycus, "I think I was about to take that diamond from you, but, seeing as the person holding it is under a tree, I might as well have some fun until he wakes up."

He advanced on Zack and Maddie with his wand raised. Zack stood in front of Maddie, trying to protect her.

"And what exactly do you think that is going to accomplish?" laughed Amycus, "It's not as if I can't kill either of you regardless of where you're standing. But I don't think I'll kill her just yet. I could always take her with me…"

That set off something in Zack. Suddenly, golden flames lit up his hand. He looked at them surprised, and then turned toward Amycus and threw them at the Death Eater. Amycus screamed in pain and was smashed into a tree, the very same one London had hugged when they had first ended up here. Zachary Martin therefore proved that hugging a tree will not save you, no matter what Wilfred Tipton thinks.

Robert got up rubbing his head, dazed. He looked around. He saw Amycus unconscious and turned to Zack. "Did you do that?" Robert asked.

"Yes," said Zack.

"Well then, that was pretty good," responded Robert.

"Uh, guys?" said Cody, "I think we have a bigger problem!"

He pointed at the ocean where a dark mass was speeding towards them.

Everyone was screaming again. They really ought to have stopped doing that so much. Mr. Moseby ran upstairs and questioned them. "What is going on here?" He asked, out of breath.

"Another mass of darkness like the one that turned into those Death Eaters just went past the ship," explained one of the guests who hadn't lost his head.

"Well, where are they now?" demanded Mr. Moseby.

"We don't know," he responded, "we haven't seen them since they flew past."

Suddenly, a thought came to Mr. Moseby. "Oh, no," he whispered, "they must be after the diamond! I have to go alert the Endeavor!"

"There are too many of them to fight on my own," said Robert, frustrated. They had hidden behind some bushes when they had seen the Death Eaters coming. "I don't know how we're going to get out of this one."

"Let's try to move further back," suggested Maddie, "maybe you can apparate us from there."

"Good idea," said Robert, "let's go."

As they walked back, Zack suddenly tripped over a tree stump. He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"Who's there?" said Dolohov, "Wait, LOOK! IT'S THEM!"

"ROBERT!" yelled one of the Death Eaters. He tore off his mask. It was Brujon. "If you think I've forgotten what you did to me on the ship, think again! CRUCIO MAXIMA!"

"PROTEGO MAXIMA!" yelled a voice from the side. A great shield expanded in front of Robert, and the Cruciatos Curse bounced off it. Robert looked to the side and saw Isabel, Manuel, Daniela, and Ximena.

"Now we're back in business!" said Robert happily, then turned to Zack, Maddie, Cody, and Bailey. "Behind the tree, kids."

Though they looked a little offended at this joke, they did what they were told. The five wizards charged at the Death Eaters, and although they were outnumbered, they quickly overcame them.

"Oh my God am I glad you came," said Robert when all the Death Eaters were lying on the ground, unconscious. "I really thought we were going to die there for a second."

"Always a pleasure," said Isabel.

"Though how did you know to come?" asked Robert.

"Mr. Moseby called us. We gave him the number for the satellite phone on the ship," said Isabel, "figured it might come in handy."

"Well, you were right," said Robert.

"By the way, he told us you were looking for the Spanish Fleece," said Isabel, "did you manage to find it?"

"Here," said Robert, holding out the necklace.

"Mi dios! That is amazing!" she said, "are you its keeper?"

"I don't think so," said Robert with a touch of longing in his voice, "it would have come to me if it was mine."

The necklace suddenly started vibrating in Robert's hand and he released it, letting it do what it wanted. It rose up and settled itself around Isabel's neck.

"So the Diamond of Panama has chosen you as its keeper," said Robert, "a good choice, I would say."

They could all feel the power that it released at its reunion with its keeper. It was more beautiful every second.