Friday, Present Time

Tap Tap Tap Tap "Dean!"

Dean jumped in his seat at his father's roaring voice and slid his hand off the table. "Sorry dad," Dean muttered and rubbed his palms nervously together.

John scratched at his forehead as he turned away from his impatient son, his cell phone out of his pocket dial Bobby Singer; hopefully he was having better luck than he was. Sam had been missing for a full week today. Last Friday was the last time both John and Dean saw the young boy. The day had started normal, or at least how ever normal their days could start.

One Week Earlier, Beech Creek Pennsylvania

"Where are we going?" Sam asks as he bounces his legs against the edge of the bed, picking the dirt from underneath his finger nails.

"We're not going anywhere," Dean explains as he dumps salt along the window sill of yet another crappy motel room. "Dad and I are going on a hunt." He flipped the lid of the salt can closed and tossed it into a duffle.

Sam rolls his eyes. "Why can't I go with you?" he asked as he leans back on his elbows.

"You know why Sam," Dean sighs as he stops his preparations and looks to his brother. "This hunt is just a little too big for you," he states and Sam frowns, looking down at the rips on his jeans.

Dean frowns and walks over to the bed, sitting down next to him. "I promise, when we get back, I'll try and convince dad to find a hunt that you can come with us," he said and Sam's eyes brighten and looked up at his brother.

"Thanks Dean," The twelve year old says gleefully and before Dean could even respond, Sam had wrapped his long arms around Dean's waist.

"No problem, Sammy," Dean smiles softly and hugs his brother back before putting his arms on his little brother's shoulder and pulling him back. "So, what are the rules?" he asked with a raised eye brow.

"Don't leave the room, don't mess with the salt, don't answer the door, don't answer the phone unless it rings once and calls again, then it's you or dad," he lists. "Oh, and shoot first, ask questions later," he smiles, very proud of himself.

Dean smiles also. "Good job brother," he said and hugs his brother's neck before standing back up, grabbing his bags, starting towards the door where his father was waiting in the impala.

"Wait! Dean!" Sam yells out quickly and leaps off the bed to his brother.

Dean frowns and turns quickly to his brother. "What is it Sammy?" he asked, looking over his brother as if looking for serious harm.

Sam stops in front of his brother. "Don't eat the cereal if it was left open too long because the rats might have pooped in it," he smirks and shrugged. "I forgot that one," he added.

Dean couldn't help but laugh. That had been a rule he added to his father's list, having had that bad experience himself only a few years back. "Great job," he smirked and ruffled his brother's hair. "See you in just a few days squirt," he said and opens the door.

Sam smiles watches Dean walks out. "Bye Dean!" he calls and Dean just shakes his head and waves his brother off before climbing into the impala.

John watches the door until it closes and then looks to Dean. "You ready?" he asks as he takes the car out of park.

Dean nods. "Yeah," he says and takes one more look to the motel before his father pulls out and drives away.


When his father and he returned only two days later, the motel room was empty of his little brother. The door was locked, everything still intact, but his brother was nowhere in sight. John immediately called everyone around and almost strangled every worker and guest at the motel for information, but everyone was clueless to what had happened to the little boy.

They were still in PA. If John didn't have any leads, he didn't want to leave the state just incase Sammy wandered back in. He doubted that would happen though, but that's what John told Dean and it seemed to give him hope. John for once in his life felt useless. He had no clue to what happened to his boy. There was nothing supernatural or not supernatural leads in the entire state, so what could he do? He researched to the nearest end of every book in search of something that could at least make him feel like he was trying. There was a few time when John would feel like giving up hope, but Dean would sense this and tell his dad this: "Dad, I can feel him. I don't know where, but I know he is still alive and he needs us to find him," He'd say and John would instently continue his search.

"Any leads yet, Bobby?" John asked, rubbing at his tired face.

Dean watched his father's face from across the table intently.

John let out a very long sigh, his eyes closing and his finger tips pinching the bridge of his nose. "Thanks Bobby," he said and hung up.

"What is it, Dad?" Dean asked hesitantly.

John swallowed and glanced over to his son. "We might be getting somewhere," the slightest of a smile, if that's what you could call a small twitch of the corner of John's mouth, flickered across his face.

A wide smile spread over Dean's face.


"So he's really awake?" Emily sat on the plastic chair in the employee's lounge across from the nurses station. Her eyes were staring blankly at the table top.

Avery frowned. "Yes, he is, Dr. Carson's examining him now. Um, Emily? Are you alright?" she asked, her hands figiting nervously on her lap.

Emily's eyes snapped up to Avery's. "No. That boy should not be alive," she said and stood before rushing out of the room, leaving her steaming coffee on the table and Avery completely stunned.


"So? What do you remember?" Dr. Carson asked the small boy after giving him a full exam. His injuries were healing nicely and he responded with quiet verbal answeres for pain, but now he just needed to see all that he remembered.

The boy's face paled. "What am I supposed to remember?" his small voice was quiet, strained, and tired.

"Well can you tell me your name?" he asked.

"Um," the boy gulped. "Is it, um, Dean?" he asked quietly, not sure if that was right, but it was something he remembered, despite not knowing from what.

Dr. Carson pursed his lips before turning to his notebook and began writing.

Very short, I know, but I've been in an unbeleivable amount of stress this passed week, but no excuse for before that. Hope you still enjoy it :)