AN:- Hey all, I'm not new to the whole writing thing although admittedly it's been a while but this is my first ever Glee fic but what can I say the previews of this week's coming episode got me inspired. Anyway hope you all enjoy, would appreciate any feedback. Flashbacks are in Italics.

Oh and I should probably warn you this isn't exactly going to be romantic and sweet well at least not initially anyway. Will have to wait and see what comes in the later chapters.

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She lay there in his bed his warm, hard chest pressed against her back, his hot breath tickling the hairs at the base of her neck, the weight of his arm slung over her waist and the coarse hairs of his leg rasping against the silky smoothness of her own, as many parts of their naked bodies touching as were humanly possible. She felt safe to let go, allow her mind to drift away knowing that he slept, exhausted from their strenuous activities of just half an hour ago. She could allow her mind to drift to just how this strange situation had come to be almost three months ago.

She had just had what should have been the single most magical moment of her life Finn Hudson had just kissed her and she should have been walking on air but instead she was alone in the auditorium feeling like a complete fool. He had run out on her with no explanation pausing only to throw what may just prove to be the most hurtful words in history in her direction. " I gotta go, please don't tell anyone about this" and just like that he had destroyed her world, those nine little words expressing to her in no uncertain terms that he was ashamed of what he had just done, ashamed of her.

She had buried her head in her hands allowing the tears to fall freely so absorbed in her own heartbreak that she didn't hear the sound of someone else approaching until it was far too late. "What the hell's your problem" a voice sneered at her and she had looked up to see Puck super jock and the last person on this earth that she wanted to witness her heartbreak sneering down at her as he loomed over her.

"Nothing that would interest you I'm sure" she had stammered out, her usual confidence and outstanding vocabulary eluding her for the moment. "No shit," he agreed with a shrug "I seriously don't think there's anything you could do that would interest me"

"Then leave," she spat heatedly at him in no mood to become his verbal punching bag. About the only thing she could be grateful for at that moment was the absence of his trademark slushee in his hand. At least she wouldn't be adding to her humiliation by making the trek home with cherry flavoured ice dripping from her clothing.

She looked away from him preparing herself to once again submerge herself in her despair, knowing that allowing herself to experience emotions such as these could only add to her range as the famous actor/singer she knew she one day would be.

When she heard his voice again she jerked her head up in shock, what the hell was he still doing here she thought she'd made it perfectly clear that he was totally unwanted.

"I'm not going anywhere until I say what I came to say, I don't know what it is about you Glee freaks that my boy Finn finds so appealing but you need to back the hell off, he doesn't belong with any of you and he never will." His voice was harsh but not nearly as harsh as the words that were spewing from his mouth.

"I think you'll find that Finn is perfectly capable of deciding for himself just where it is that he belongs, he has never struck me as the kind of person who would debase himself in such a fashion to be anywhere he doesn't want to be or be around anyone he doesn't want to be around." She could feel her temper rising as she said the words and almost of its own volition her body rose until she was standing toe to toe with him.

She jabbed a finger in his chest, "What are you so afraid of anyway? Are you worried that he will realise he's not a Neanderthal like the rest of you and actually make something of himself in the way that someone like you never will?"

She paused for a moment noticing the trademark smirk playing on his lips as he glanced down between them. It was only then that she realised just how close they were now standing and just how vigorously her chest was rising and falling with the exertions of her outburst. She glanced down herself and was immediately mortified as she saw the result of the friction of their bodies brushing together standing out prominently on her breasts. She tried to cross her arms over her chest to hide the telltale evidence from his knowing eyes but there was not enough space between their bodies to accomplish this. She tried to back away slightly but he followed refusing to allow her to create any sense of space between them. She knew she shouldn't be surprised by the predatory glint in his eye he was after all a teenage boy and his mind she was sure was never very far from the gutter. She had read somewhere that men aged between twenty and thirty think about sex around once a minute, she wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that teenage boys thought about it even more.

She tried once again to take a step back but was filled with a sense of foreboding as her heel landed on one of those stupid cushions she had laid out in the hopes of enticing Finn into a picnic and perhaps something more and seemingly in slow motion she felt herself begin to fall backwards. Her eyes flew up to meet Puck's and for one horrifying second she was sure that he was just going to stand there and let her fall but before she knew what was happening he reached out a hand grabbing her roughly by the elbow and hauling her back up and in the process pulling her flush up against his body where she was momentarily gratified to realise that her own body was not the only one betraying her as she felt the evidence of Puck's arousal pressed firmly into her stomach.

She opened her mouth to thank him for saving her or at least she thought that's what she would have said but never got the chance as his lips descended upon hers and every logical, rational thought she had entertained immediately flew out of her head.

The kiss wasn't gentle, nor was the hand that still gripped her arm, his fingers biting into the skin just above her elbow, his other arm locked around her waist pulling her against him even tighter if that were possible. His tongue pushed against her lips demanding access but she was still in too much shock over their current state to respond accordingly. His teeth nipped lightly at her lower lip causing her mouth to fly open and granting him the access he wanted. She hesitantly moved her tongue against his and was rewarded with a low moan. She dimly became aware that his hands no longer held their vice like grip on her but instead seemed to be everywhere at once, touching and caressing her in an almost manic fashion. She felt one hand slide up to her breast, kneading it, his thumb teasing her nipple to an almost painful state of alertness.

His other hand gripped her ass, pulling her against him until she was straddling his jean clad thigh, the friction of the denim against her cotton panties almost causing her to cry out as his mouth finally left hers momentarily allowing them both to suck in some much needed air. She tried once again to speak but stopped as his teeth nipped at her ear causing her to moan in pure pleasure.

"For fuck's sake Berry don't talk just enjoy the ride'" he hissed against her ear. At the sound of it her legs faltered a little and only his grip on her ass prevented her from melting into a puddle at his feet. His voice sounded like pure sex. He must have sensed her movement because the next thing she knew his hand left her breast finding a mirror position on her ass to its mate and he lifted her up and against him. Without thinking she wrapped her legs around him and heard him grunt in pleasure, he moved suddenly lowering her down onto the cushions, following quickly and almost immediately settling himself between her thighs again. It was at that moment that Rachel finally let go of whatever inhibitions she had been holding onto and slid her hands under his jacket pushing it from his shoulders and throwing it to the ground, her small hands quickly finding their way under his t-shirt and gliding up his back enjoying the feel of the smooth hard muscles under her fingertips. His t-shirt rose with her hands and he broke away from her momentarily to pull it quickly over his head. She feasted her eyes on the tan skin on display, before noticing the ring hanging from his nipple.

Almost without thinking she reached out pulling on it lightly, gratified that she had once again caused him to moan in that way that let her know exactly how much he enjoyed what she was doing. She felt one of his hands sliding up her thigh, finding its way under her skirt and rubbing her through her panties causing some moans of her own.

Putting her hands against his chest she pushed at him lightly, creating some space so that she could remove her own shirt. He raised himself up on his forearms watching her with hooded eyes, his tongue involuntarily sliding out to lick his lips at the sight before him. She felt her face flush under his gaze and for one brief second a moment of doubt skittered across her mind. Was he going to laugh at her rather plain selection of underwear but he did nothing of the sort instead crashing his lips back down upon hers. His kisses were even more intense than they had been earlier if that was even possible.

She moved her hands experimentally over his body anxious to discover exactly what he liked and didn't. Her hands moved down his back, stopping at the waistband of his jeans, before sliding her fingers underneath, delicately stroking the soft skin there and causing his body to thrust against hers in a way that let her know just how much he enjoyed that particular sensation. Her fingers slid further into his jeans searching for the elusive top of his underwear before pausing for a moment in shock as she realised that he apparently wasn't wearing any.

Both of his hands were now tugging at the waistband of her skirt trying to remove the article as hastily as possible, she lifted her hips slightly trying to make the task easier and in so doing found herself pressed even more intimately against him. Her hot, wet, panty clad mound in direct contact with the straining denim of his jeans struggling to contain his arousal. She heard his breath hitch in his throat as he ground his pelvis against her. "God Berry, are you trying to kill me?" he choked out in a growl as he swiftly removed the skirt.

She felt her entire body quiver at the sound of his voice and in a brief flash found herself wondering just why or how it was that Puck of all people was able to affect her like this. He wasn't the first boy she had sex with, not even second or third and yet she found her body responding in ways she would never have dreamed possible. Before she could attempt to delve any further into the conundrum she had been presented with she felt him move against her and all rational thought disappeared amidst the sensations he was stirring in her body.

Deciding it was time to figuratively take the bull by the horns she moved her hands to the front of his jeans fumbling slightly as she undid the button and carefully drawing the zipper down over his bulging erection. He wiggled his hips, shucking his jeans in record time and positioning his tip at her entrance. She felt him brush against her silky folds and almost orgasmed on the spot. He slid a finger agonisingly slowly inside of her testing her readiness and grunted in satisfaction as her hot, wet walls clenched around him involuntarily as he slid a second finger inside of her.

She knew it would only be a matter of seconds before he buried his length inside of her and finally some sort of rational thought filtered into her brain.

"Wait," she choked out, "just give me one second".

His groan this time was of pure frustration and she was left with the worrying thought that she may have let things go too far, maybe he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Somehow he pulled himself back from her staring incredulously into her eyes. "Berry don't do this to me."

"I'm not doing anything to you..." she could have sworn she heard him mutter "that's what you think" at that moment but carried on regardless. "I just want us to take the proper precautions."

"Oh really," that trademark smirk ghosting across his lips for a brief moment, the effect somewhat ruined by the way his breath was coming in short sharp pants as he tried to get a handle on himself so he didn't just jump her bones and be damned with the consequences.

She groped behind her searching out the backpack that she knew she had left here somewhere, finally finding it and pulling the small foil package from it with a nervous smile in his direction. Even though she had always been very careful to provide the necessary protection in her past encounters somehow with him it felt weird, almost as if she suspected him to laugh in her face at her request for contraception.

Thankfully he didn't, instead grabbing the foil package from her and ripping it open with his teeth, wasting no time in smoothing it over his hard cock. He rolled onto his back, grabbing her hips to bring her with him and barely pausing to let her orientate herself he pulled her down on top of him, a look of pure pleasure engulfing his features as he sheathed himself inside of her. For a moment she remained still allowing her body to adjust to the size of him and then she started to rock her hips, gently at first but with more and more urgency as he began to thrust up inside of her. His fingers bit into her hips as he gripped her encouraging her to increase the tempo and she knew she would undoubtedly have bruises tomorrow in the shape of his fingerprints but she was beyond caring.

She looked down at him, his face screwed up in exquisite agony, as she watched fascinated she saw his eyes begin to glaze over and then with one final thrust he came, emptying his sticky seed into the confines of the condom. Her body felt strangely boneless as she allowed herself to collapse down on his chest that was slick with sweat. He allowed her to remain there for a moment, before guiding her off and onto the pillows. He grinned at her, "That was great Berry; we should definitely do that again sometime. Well I guess I'll see ya around," he said as he pulled his jeans on, grabbing for his jacket and shirt as he stood. He sauntered off toward the doors of the auditorium, pausing to look back at her with hooded eyes. "Oh by the way don't even think about telling anyone about this. Last thing I need is for anyone to think that I would bang a nobody like you."

She felt her face flush with shame as reality set in about what she had just allowed herself to do and more to the point with whom.

'I don't know what I was thinking but it was just a momentary lapse, and it will never happen again,' she assured herself with such certainty that no-one could ever possibly doubt her sincerity at that moment.

"I'm a star and I'm certainly not going to let someone like Puck get in the way of me achieving all of the greatness I'm destined for."

She slowly drifted back to awareness as she felt the pad of his thumb graze the underside of her breast. She had meant what she said all those weeks ago or at least she had at the time. How was she to know that things were going to change so immensely in the space of a few short months?