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"Ugh, you pig. Let go of me."

"Oops sorry Babe I must have slipped."

"You didn't slip, you Neanderthal, you deliberately fell while you were holding me so you could pull me down on top of you," she huffed indignantly at him.

"Wow paranoid much?" he smirked at her.

"Just unhand me, so we can get this practice over and done with," she pleaded trying to squirm her way off him, but it seemed she hadn't really thought through that move very well at all as he groaned and slid a hand under her skirt, planting itself directly on her ass and pressing her closer to the stirring in his crotch.

"Keep moving like that Babe and I think you and me might have to rethink the whole rehearsal thing and see just how Dirrty we can get right here."

"Ugh," she groaned again, slapping at his chest with both hands. "Enough with the innuendoes about the song title, I've heard just about every possible variation there is from you over the past four days and I'm sick of it. Every time you come out with a new one, you just confirm to me even more what an ill bred, uneducated brute you really are."

"Come on Babe, you know it makes you hot for me."

Placing both hands on his chest she pushed herself up and off him and got back to her feet. "And for goodness sakes will you stop calling me that? I'm not an infant, nor am I some ridiculous talking pig."

"But you are hot for me!" he stated with a grin and she literally had to bite her tongue to stop herself from screaming with frustration.

She looked down at him where he still lay on the floor and caught the smirk that found its way to his lips. "Why did I ever think I could make this work?" she asked but he knew the question wasn't actually directed at him so wisely kept his mouth shut for all of about two seconds before he couldn't help himself from riling her up just a bit more. Hey it wasn't his fault that she looked so damn sexy when she got all mad with him. In fact the only time he thought she looked hotter was when she was in the mood to fuck.

He pushed himself up off the ground, deliberately standing that little bit too close so that she was forced to back away until her back hit the wall behind her. He loomed over her, leaning down and catching her earlobe lightly between his teeth and feeling the way her body involuntarily jerked at his touch, before he spoke, "I can't help that watching you move that tight little body of yours makes me want to push you up against this wall, lift up that tiny little skirt and fuck your brains out."

He could feel the moment that his words pushed their way through the sexually charged fog that was no doubt clouding her brain as she leaned into him ever so slightly, every curve of her body moulding themselves to the hard planes of his. Got ya; he thought triumphantly and inclined his head so he was looking directly into her eyes. Eyes that were like molten pools of chocolate as they stared back at him full of lust. He slid a hand down to her hip cupping her ass and pulling her hips flush with his, smirking to himself at the look in her eyes as she felt the evidence of his arousal pressing into her stomach.

Both of her hands were braced on his shoulders as she tried to regain the use of her legs, legs that were failing her dismally at that moment if the fact that she felt as if she could melt into a puddle of lust induced goo at his feet was any indication. Almost without knowing what she was doing, she slid one hand down from his shoulder, running it down over his chest, pausing briefly to pull lightly on the nipple ring she could feel through his t-shirt, she felt the rumble in his chest as he let loose a low growl and clenched her thighs together at the answering ache in her core that the sound created.

Slowly but surely her hand inched its way down over his stomach towards his waiting cock and he found himself holding his breath in anticipation of just what would come next. To his surprise she didn't hesitate when she came to the button of his jeans deftly flipping it open and drawing his zipper down in agonisingly slow motion until finally he was free of the confines of the denim. She grazed her fingers lightly over the head of his cock and his head dropped to her neck as he exhaled loudly, his hot breath setting every inch of skin it touched aflame. Leaning his forehead on her shoulder he looked down between them and almost lost it at the sight of her small hand moving to circle his dick at the base, her fingernails lightly raking over his balls as she did so. His dick looked huge in her tiny hand. If he wasn't careful he was totally going to do a Hudson and come all over her stomach before this shit had even started to get good.

He dropped his hand to her thigh sliding it up under her skirt and gripping the flimsy material of her panties in his hand preparing to tear them from her body. He was going to fuck her every which way he could until she was screaming his name and then when he was done he might finally be able to move on from her and get back to banging his cougars. Whatever hold she had over him would surely end once she stopped fighting him and let him fuck her into oblivion.

She moved her hand up and down his shaft rubbing her thumb across his tip, causing an involuntary thrust of his hips. Just a little bit longer and he would be burying himself in that hot, tight, wet pussy of hers.

He raised his head, leaning in to kiss her, shock coursing through his body as suddenly she stopped, her eyes going wide with fright as she frantically tried to push him away.

"Puck, move I just heard the door someone else is in here."

Just as he was about to tell her she was crazy because they were alone in the choir room, he heard Mr Schuester's voice and swore under his breath. "Next time I'm making sure the fucking doors locked."

"Rachel, Puck, where are you guys? I thought I'd come see how the rehearsals are going." Rachel shoved Puck away from her straightening her skirt with one hand and her hair with the other before moving out from behind the shelves where all the instruments were stored and towards Mr Schue.

"Oh hey, there you are. How's it going in here?"

Rachel's mind went completely blank for what was probably only the second time ever in her life and she gaped at him wordlessly. Somehow she forced her vocal chords to respond but still lacked the coherency to actually string a sentence together.

"I uh.... That is we uh... We um."

Luckily Puck chose that moment to step up behind her and she almost passed out as she felt the erection he obviously hadn't managed to get rid of digging into her back.

"Hey Mr Schue, everything's going great in here, another five minutes and I reckon I would have probably nailed her," a strangled sound escaped from Rachel and Puck couldn't help the tiny smirk that graced his lips before he quickly continued on. "Sorry meant to say it of course, meaning the choreography."

Mr Schue looked back and forth between the two of them quizzically certain that there was something he was missing here.

"Ah well that's good to hear, perhaps you want to give me a quick demo of what you've been doing?"

"Well," Puck said and Rachel terrified of what he might come out with next jumped in before he could say another word.

"If it's all the same to you Mr Schuester I think it would be best if we kept our routine somewhat of a surprise. It's sure to have a bigger impact that way on you and the rest of our compatriots in Glee. You know how I hate to present anything less than perfection don't you?"

Mr Schuester nodded understandingly, "Of course Rachel, if that's what you'd prefer, but before I go I just want to say how proud I am of you for taking this song on. I know it wouldn't have exactly been your first choice and I know you probably had good reason for questioning my choice especially after the 'Push It' disaster but it shows a great deal of maturity that you were able to put aside your own doubts and just have fun with it."

She heard a bark of laughter from behind her and discretely jabbed her elbow back into Puck's ribs all the while beaming brightly at Mr Schuester.

"Mr Schuester I promise I will attack this number with all of the gusto that you have no doubt come to expect from me by now."

"I can vouch for that," she heard Puck mutter slyly behind her and didn't hesitate in bringing her heel down directly on his toe, smiling inwardly as she heard his low grunt of pain.

"Well if you're sure you don't need my help with anything I guess I'll leave you guys to it."

"Don't stress Mr Schue I reckon I've got this one covered," Puck said his smirk coming back into full play as he saw the look of confusion on the teacher's face.

"Ok well I guess that's my cue to get out of here then," he looked at Rachel's too bright smile and the knowing smirk on Puck's face. "Everything is ok between you two right?"

Rachel opened her mouth to speak and then shut it again almost instantly. How could she possibly answer that question? Ahh well actually Mr Schue it's like this, ever since I had sexual intercourse with Noah he's been hounding me day and night and if you hadn't walked in here when you did I probably would have ended up having sex with him again. She shook her head ruefully; she could just imagine how Mr Schuester would react to that. Nope this was something she had to deal with on her own; she just couldn't allow herself to almost slip again like she had earlier. There was no way in hell she was ever going to have sex with Noah Puckerman again!!

Turning around to face him as she heard the door shut behind Mr Schuester she was confronted with his chest so close that she almost smacked right into it.

"Well Berry, shall we pick it up where we left off, you know what they say, practice makes perfect," almost unconsciously her eyes drifted downwards and she watched as his hand moved down over the button of his jeans flicking it open with a grin and she swallowed hard. She could feel her stomach tightening in response to his words and the low, guttural voice in which he spoke. She was going to need every single ounce of willpower she possessed to try and stay away from him and the scary thing was for the first time in her life she wasn't even sure that her indisputable mental strength was going to be enough. She wasn't sure there was enough willpower in the world to resist Noah Puckerman once he had set his sights on you and she wondered why on earth she hadn't realised it sooner.

She was a goner.

Puck stood there watching the emotions flicker behind her eyes.

Things were about to get interesting.