(Ballerina) BookwormXFlirter (Pianist)

Chapter 1

A/N: Bella is starting school at the same time with the others in case you guys get confused! Btw, I own nothing about Twilight and hope you like this chapter! Oh yeah, for the ballerina n the pianist, they will discover their talents in later chapters!

Bella POV:

I pushed my glasses up and headed down for my breakfast. It's the first day of school at Fork's High. I sighed and ate my cereal.

I drove my new car to school- at least there is something to be happy about! Everyone gasped as they saw my Volvo that my sister, the famous fashion designer, bought for me when it was my birthday. I smiled at that thought. She promised me that she will be coming over to visit me from America after a month.

I got out of my car and locked the door. Just then, I noticed this gorgeous guy with emerald green eyes with the same car as mine. I decided to ignore him as he looks really stuck-up.

I was walking up towards my next class while reading my new book, Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer. I felt a tap on my shoulder but I did not notice it as I was too engrossed with my book.

The person tapped on my shoulder again and I frowned and turned over, feeling pissed off. It was the gorgeous guy with the same car as mine. He seemed very full of himself and that made my obsession for him disappear almost immediately.

"Hi, I'm Edward Anthony Cullen, nice to meet you," he smiled and stuck out his hand. I frowned and guessed that maybe my assumption was wrong.

"Isabella Swan, call me Bella," I shook his hand and smiled at him.

Suddenly, lots of girls are swarming up towards Edward and he turned his glance away from me. I felt a little disappointed.

Bella, stop being infuriated with this 'flirter' here, he will never like you!

Then why the hell did he smile at me and introduce himself?

Are you stupid? Didn't you see him doing that to ALL the girls including those geeks?

With my crazy discussion in my brain, I knew I was right. I turned away and continued reading my book and bumped into a girl. I looked up and saw the girl help me to pick up my books. I have a feeling that we will be best friends one day.

She stuck out her hand and introduced herself, "Hi, my name's Angela."

"Isabella, please call me Bella," she smiled and handed me my books. I thanked her and made my way for my class. The teacher in my class started making us to introduce ourselves to our partners that sat next to us and the beautiful blonde girl beside me introduced herself as Rosalie Hale.

We smiled at each other and as today was the first day of school, the teacher let us chat a while before starting class.

"Hi, Bella, so, what's your hobby?" Rosalie asked.

"Reading and going to concerts to watch Ballerina dance." I replied, I simple love watching ballet performances. They are so gentle and consist of so many emotions that anyone could possibly imagine.

"Really? I like watching ballet performances too! But I also like helping girls to makeover." She frowned and pointed to my glasses disapprovingly.

I shrugged and replied, "Then you are surely going to love Alice Swan!"

"You mean the famous fashion designer? Oh my gosh! You know her?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course I do, she's my sister!" I told her proudly.

"I love her designs," she smiled.

"Okay, class, chatting time over, take out your books and we are starting class!" the teacher, Miss Chi, said.

A number of groans and moans could be heard throughout the class.

Finally, break time! I met Angela and we had lunch together.

"Hey, Bella, did you notice the Cullen boys? They are like, so gorgeous!" Angela gushed. I shook my head and said, "They are gorgeous but I think Edward," gesturing at the seat at the Cullens' table although he seems that he have not arrived, "is such a flirter, argg," I traced my finger down my throat and acted like I wanted to puke.

"Oh really?" I heard a familiar voice asked behind me. It's Edward! I could see Angela blushing furiously while I kept my calm. I was used to jerks like this in my old school at Phoenix. (A/N: No offence for boys in Phoenix…)

I could see he was trying to flirt with me. I huffed when he placed a finger on my chin and pulled me up gently. I frowned and took his finger and pushed it back to him before warning him, "Don't touch me, I hate jerks and flirters who think they can get every girl in the Universe!"

He backed away, obviously not used to rejections and I stomped away. My day was ruined, thanks to him!

Edward's POV:

Wow! Is that even possible? A bookworm just turned me down! Well, I will just ignore her, I don't like her anyway. I was just flirting. I shrugged and sat at my table with Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale and Rosalie Hale. They shook their heads and Rosalie said, "I know that girl, she's in my class and I like her. Obviously, she doesn't like you! First time, eh?" she giggled and Emmett guffawed.

"Who cares? I don't like her anyway, but I have an image what will happen to her after school and tomorrow after what she did to me." I said proudly, gesturing to all the girls throwing daggers at her except the girl sitting with her for lunch, with a worried expression on her face before chasing after Bella.

I waited at my car after school to see what happened to her. All the girls, well, practically all, were waiting for her to come into the car park to jump on her.

She walked in calmly and she seemed to expect this attack as many girls shouted bad words at her. She just shrugged them off until one girl slapped her in the face. Who's that? Oh, Jessica!

She caught her hand and flipped her over before sitting back into her car with a cool expression.

A/N: Okay, guys, I got this idea but don't think that Edward is someone snobby in my story. He's just used to the fact that every girl is drooling on him. =) And he will change little by little as he will be more attracted to Bella. Please review!